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Chapter 11

Almost all of my classmates came to the Thank You party .  


The class president went around and greeted everyone on Hasuike's insistence . I'm not used to these types of social gatherings, so it's pretty new seeing the class president going around and talking to everyone . Even if he doesn't really know every one of his classmates, he still makes an effort to talk to them and not leave them alone . I'm sure that there are some people here who are pretty anti-social, but I'll entrust our class pres in making them feel welcomed .  


Even though I'm here, I don't really want to sing since I don't want to stand out . Thanks to that, I find myself sitting in a corner seat, beside Yukishiro-san who doesn't want to sing either . It's not like we don't know any songs, as sometimes we could talk about some of the songs that come up and how we like them .  


"My next song is for Ichinose and to our wonderful friendship!" 




Hearing my name all of a sudden startled me . I hear chatter like "What's this?" and "Is Hasuike coming out, holy crap?!" all around me .  


"I think everyone knows my girlfriend dumped me for another guy . " 


All the guys start shouting words like cuck and simp, drowning Hasuike in a barrage of words . Even though Hasuike brought this upon himself, tears still form in his eyes .  


"Today, Ichinose avenged me against that thief! Thank you very much, my friend!!!!" 


After Hasuike's emotional speech, his words seem to touch our classmates as they begin to raise their voices and clap .  


"Ichinose-kun, you're so cool! Not just for going all out during the relay but for sticking up for your friend too!" 


"Holy shit, even the guys are getting in on this . " 


Somehow word got out that I practiced with Yukishiro-san too and all my classmates wanted to hear about it .  


"So persistent . . . " 


I flop down onto the sofa and Yukishiro-san gives me an encouraging smile .  


"Ichinose-kun, you're pretty much a hero to the classmate, I guess it would make sense that you're the star of the show . " 


"A hero, huh . . . " 


After that, everyone got together and sang songs about friendship . We somehow ended up competing to find the best songs . And so, for the last song, the really pumped up lyrics got everyone laughing . In the karaoke room, everyone was in high spirits and the singing wouldn't stop . Their seemingly eternal chorus makes them seem superhuman in a way .  


As I got up to go to the washroom, I overheard two girls from my class in the hallway .  

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“Miniguchi-san and everyone with her really are sluts . Every time they are around Ichinose-kun, they act all weak and loose . It's disgusting, those whores . " 


"Yeah, it's weird . " 


"Whoever is the popular guy in class, they just surround him . They really gather around like bitches in heat . " 


"Yeah yeah, that's just really fucked up . " 


"It's not just Ichinose-kun, they wrap themselves around the other guys too . They act so slutty with the guys, it's such a turn off . They really want to give themselves to those brutes? The thought of that just gives me goosebumps . " 


"Yeah! I just want a nice 2D boyfriend . " 


"Hell yeah, girl! 2D men are so great!" 


I wasn't really planning on eavesdropping, but I heard my name, so I instinctively stopped . Well, Minaguchi is an amateur model, so it isn't a surprise she's like this . Though I don't really remember who these girls are that are talking right now .  


The one doing most of the talking is a little plump and has messy black hair . The one acting like a yes woman is pretty thin on the other hand . Both of them don't really seem to care about outward appearances, which is the opposite of Minagchi's group . I understand that the groups are sort of at odds .  

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Well, it's just a little of harmless gossip . Maybe there's a bit of jealousy mixed into there too . They might hate the fact that they are being ostracized, which is why they are so bitter . I decide not to listen any longer and keep moving down the hallway .  


After I returned to the karaoke room, I saw the two girls return quietly . After a while, the party ends up naturally dissolving .  


After the cashier finished taking everyone's payment, we all left the karaoke club . Before going, we all stand in front of the building and chat for a bit .  


"I think this is the first time we gathered as class, it was a lot of fun!" 


"Totally . We should do this again sometime . " 


"Hey, Ichinose-kun, you'll come next time too, yeah?" 


"The girls were hogging you today, next time, hang out with us more!" 


"Hey! Shut up you guys!" 


I give a noncommittal answer in hopes they stop surrounding me . Afterwards, I feel a chills running up my spine .  

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The hell . . . ? 


The tingling is really strong, and I can sort of feel something behind me, so I turn around . I see the gloomy alley behind me and for a split second I see some sort of shadow . Before I have a chance to register what it is, it disappears .  


Must have been my mind, I am tired of after all . . .  


"What's wrong Ichinose-kun?" 


"Ah, it's nothing . " 


If anything, it was probably a stray cat .  


"Want to walk part way together before we split paths?" 


"Yeah, of course . " 


I forget about the stray cat and smile back at Yukishiro-san as we walk together .