Published at 24th of March 2020 10:00:55 PM

Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Don't Ever Forget

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"Sen! Pai!"


Leaning on a wall, with the overhead street light illuminating her, she gets off the wall and walks towards me with an exaggerated gait . She has a foul smile on her face .


"You're late, I hope you know that . Don't say that you were just dropped by, you probably forgot didn't yo- Hey! Don't me ignore, come back here . "


She runs in front of me and sticks her arms out, not letting me escape . For fuck's sake . . .




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"So?!? You kept me waiting here for hours!"


Hanabi always has a demanding tone, she always has an attitude of wanting everyone to serve . Likewise, I always played the part of the servant, chaining myself to this single mindset .


Today is where it'll all end . It's her own fault for waiting here anyways, I'm sick and tired of Hanabi . She keeps on stalking me even after all of this . What's her reason? "I love you, so I want to get back together" . Utter bullshit .


I still remember her words, "You're completely hopeless by yourself, that why you need someone like me to help you all the time . " How ironic, as she treated me as a punching bag without fail, causing me to lose my self-dignity . Why did I let myself continue to be a servant for her every need? At this point, the only thing we can do is go our separate paths . I let out a sigh as this whole situation is so tiring to deal with .


"Get the way out of ears so you can hear me this time: We're just strangers to each other; you're being a fucking nuisance to me!"


"Tss . . . Is that so? So you really do mean it . "


While her mouth is still positioned in a smile, her eyes are glaring at me with the utmost contempt .

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"I'm glad you heard for once . "


"If I leave you, you won't be able to live anymore!"


"Ha, it's more like the reverse, isn't it? . "


"You really are pathetic, for the whole day you were resting on your laurels . You don't understand your position do you? You think just because a bunch of lowlifes start sucking up to you, that makes you Mr . Popular? Yeah right . Remember, how will you even survive without me? No one else is going to help you . Don't you see, senpai?"


Today, lots of my classmates talked me . Most of them will stop after a while . I don't blame them since I can sort of see where Hanabi is coming from . But ever since I was a kid, Hanabi has always been drilling a sense of worthlessness into me . Sometimes to nice to receive praise once in a while . Today was my first time experiencing this .


Little by little, it's possible that this could build over time and I could form proper relationships . I want to build these by myself, not having someone like Hanabi watching me like a hawk and choosing what I can and can't do .


"You're dysfunctional senpai . You need someone to guide you 24/7 . You can't read the room at all, but I'm fine with that . If you apologize now, I'll forgive you . I'm used to everything about you already . So if you sincerely apologize, everything will be fine . "


"No way in hell . No particle in my body would want forgiveness from you . "


"So that's how you want to play . . . "


"Listen to yourself . Can't you realize how controlling you are . I'm not yours at all . "


Hanabi opens her eyes to the point of straining them . Then, she mouth contort to an uncomfortable smile, her lips have a spasm of its own .


"Ahahahaha!!!! You reeeeally are ANNOYING . . . such a piece of shit, go show off for all I care . "


"Finally, that settles things . We can finally let this stupid relationship die . "


" . . . . . . . . . . "


Hanabi plays with her hair, messing it all up while scowling at me .


"And that's the end of that . "


"You're making fun of me, aren't you? I'll make sure you'll pay . Don't ever forget that senpai . "


Passing by her in the hall during lunch really was a humiliation for her . And here, I leave her again, the whole atmosphere eerily tense . I don't dare look back .


Hanabi's words flash in my mind, "Don't ever forget" . It instantly disappears from my mind . Nothing worth worrying over . As it stands now, not having Hanabi constantly hanging over me will be great . ______ Translator's Notes: Yikes, seems like Hanabi is turning a bit . . . crazy . This chapter was pretty fun to translate with all the crazy, tense dialogue . Thanks to everyone who keeps on reading, I love reading all your comments <3