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Published at 11th of September 2017 02:27:02 PM

Chapter 118

Chapter 118: Fighting the Guiyi Marquis

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Xiao Chen was astonished; no wonder the six ice pillars reformed themselves so quickly . These six people worked together as one . They had the same Martial Spirit attribute, and even the same Martial Spirit . When they worked together, their might was sufficient to cause trouble for a Martial King .


Duanmu Qing suddenly shouted lightly . A huge ice pillar suddenly appeared . The blue-clothed Martial Saint was instantly frozen inside the ice pillar; the ice pillar did not explode and break after .


A yellow ancient book was thrown into the crowd . The instant before the blue-clothed Martial Saint was sealed in ice, he threw out the ancient Martial Technique manual .

The crowd immediately became disorderly, and many of the cultivators started fighting for the manual . The scene turned chaotic .

Duanmu Qing frowned and said in a cold voice, “Kill them all!”

After she spoke, her fine black hair turned white . A slender sword appeared in her hand, and there was not a shred of human emotion in her eyes . It was as though she were the grim reaper about to harvest the souls of people .

“Pu Ci!”

Miserable cries resounded in the crowd . Duanmu Qing led the six Martial Saints and ten Martial Grand Masters to charge into the crowd . They killed anyone they saw, showing no mercy .

“Run! This group of bitches has turned crazy!”

Blood and broken limbs flew everywhere . Cries of fear echoed  everywhere . Duanmu Qing’s face was completely stained with blood . The crimson blood was reminiscent of beautiful flowers, adding a strange beauty to her .


When the slender sword slashed down, there was no sound . A Martial Grand Master was sliced in half . Duanmu Qing remained expressionless as she withdrew her sword and stabbed the heart of the Martial Master before her .

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The Martial Technique was not in the least gaudy; it was very straightforward . Every move was a killing move . Duanmu Qing was like a killing machine . Her movements were very precise, yet gave of a sense of beauty reminiscent of resplendent fireworks .

Lives withered in a blink, revealing their brilliance at the moment of death; this was the art of death .

Cold air filled the place as a chill light flickered . The surroundings now resembled an ice cave . The speed of the cultivators was slowed significantly . However, the Duanmu Clan’s speed did not seem to be affected . This bitter fight was simply a one sided battle .

The fatty paled, and he said with lingering fears in his heart, “This woman is really terrifying . She showed no mercy when killinger expressions did not even change . Are human lives worth even less than ants in her eyes?”

Su Xiaoxiao was not too surprised; she sighed, “The queen of the Duanmu Clan has to cultivate the Profound Ice Incantation . The cultivator has to be able to cut off all her emotions, or else, she will never cultivate to the great perfection . When I saw Duanmu Qing in the past, it was still possible to see her smile . ”

Xiao Chen was mildly astonished in his heart, To think there is such an extreme technique in this world that the cultivator has to cut off all emotions . That is very cruel! Xiao Chen now looked at Duanmu Qing with sympathy .

“Pu Ci!”

Duanmu Qing waved her sword casually and killed the final cultivator . She slowly picked up the yellow, ancient manual on the ground .

Her gaze suddenly shifted to the group of three . She moved leisurely towards them . The three of them could feel a gust of cold wind, a cold that was able to penetrate to their hearts .

“This Martial Technique is for you; give me the Spirit Fox,” Duanmu Qing said in a frigid voice as she held out the yellow, ancient Martial Technique manual to Xiao Chen .

Xiao Chen smiled bitterly to himself .  To think that I thought she was pitiful . Is there anything hateful about his pitiful person?

Xiao Chen did not hesitate to reject, “I’m sorry, Xiao Bai is not a commodity . I will not treat it as an object and engage in a trade with it . ”

“Is it not sufficient?” Duanmu Qing’s expression turned cold . The surrounding temperature dropped significantly once again .

Jin Dabao could no longer stand to keep watching, he said, “Don’t think you are so awesome after you dyed your hair white . Use your brains a little . The Spirit Fox already signed a blood contract . It cannot be traded . ”

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Duanmu Qing kept her gaze on Xiao chen; she did not bother about the fatty at all . However, after she heard what he said, she seemed to have understood something . She revealed killing intent in her eyes; the slender sword in her hand started to hum .

“Jin Dabao, return my son to me!” Jiang Mingxun’s voice could be heard from afar .

Ji Changkong led the cultivators of the two clans over . It was obvious that the sound of fighting from earlier had attracted them over .

Ji Changkong stood proudly amidst the crowd, and his eyes were like a boundless starry sky . When looked at faintly, it caused one to be unable to measure his strength . It seemed like the three Sage Dao Comprehension Picture must have been of great help to him .

The fatty said in an angry tone, “If you want a son, then go look for his mother . Why are you looking for this Fat Lord? This Fat Lord is not able to give birth . ”

“Jin Dabao, don’t go overboard!”

Xiao Chen said indifferently, “Jiang Muheng is on my hands…  You are asking the wrong person . ”

Ji Changkong’s hair and clothes started to flutter around despite the absence of wind . He said in a casual manner, “Release my cousin and leave an arm behind . Then, I will not kill you . ”

“Pu! Pu! Pu!”

There were urgent footsteps coming for the distance again . Hua Yunfei led the six Martial Saints of the Hua Clan over . Hua Yunfei said coldly, “Xiao Chen, were the Martial Grand Masters of my clan killed by you? After killing the people of my Hua Clan, you can forget about leaving this underground palace alive . ”

Xiao Chen looked at the people of the three noble clans coldly . Duanmu Qing, Ji Changkong, Hua Yunfei, and the many cultivators behind them were all staring at him . There gazes all contained a thick killing intent .

Xiao Chen helded the Lunar Shadow Saber tightly . Arcs of electricity danced around on the blade as the might of the Rank 6 Demonic Core was completely unleashed . He smiled coldly, “Isn’t your purpose to kill me? Why are you seeking so many excuses? Who is coming first? My head is right here, let’s see who is able to obtain it . ”

The crowd was silent . They all knew about the might of Xiao Chen . In a dire situation, he would definitely use a suicidal move to kill them . Due to the fear in their heart, no one dared to make the first move .

“The Guiyi Marquis will come for your head!”

A golden long spear appeared without a warning . It struck Xiao Chen’s chest with a loud bang . The shirt in front of his chest immediately burst apart .

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A golden battle Armor was revealed . The long spear was not able to pass further into the Battle Armor . With a thought of the Guiyi Marquis, a stream of golden Essence flowed into the long spear . The huge force actually only caused Xiao Chen to be knocked back .

“Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The Guiyi Marquis shouted out lightly . His long spear pressed on Xiao Chen, causing him to retreat back continuously . About ten stone pillars in the underground palace were instantly smashed . Finally, Xiao Chen was pressed against a wall with the Sage Dao Comprehension Picture before he stopped .

Blood trickled out from the corner of Xiao Chen’s mouth . He looked at the Guiyi Marquis with curiosity and asked, “I have no grudge with you; why do you want to kill me?

It did not make sense to him .  Duanmu Qing, Hua Yunfei, and Ji Changkong had plenty of reasons to kill me . However, the Guiyi Marquis did not even speak to me before, so why would he attack me for no reason?

The Guiyi Marquis wore a golden Battle Armor, and there was a scarlet short spear behind him . His face was as smooth as jade, and he looked very handsome; as though a battle sage had descended .

He was expressionless as he said indifferently, “Orders from the ancestor . Those not of the Ying Clan who have seen the Imperial Dragon’s Qi must die!”

After he spoke, the golden spear in his hand trembled . The spear tip pressed on Xiao Chen’s armor and the golden spear light created a small indent in the Battle Armor .

The Sage Dao Comprehension Picture behind Xiao Chen cracked, canceling out the huge force .

Xiao Chen grabbed the spear handle . The Purple Thunder Divine Incantation circulated rapidly in his body, Essence flowed into his hands . A resplendent electrical energy immediately flowed from the three meter long golden spear onto the hands of the Guiyi Marquis .

The Guiyi Marquis’s hands turned slightly numb . As the electricity flowed into him, the Essence in his body instantly turned chaotic . The force on the spear instantly decreased significantly .


Xiao Chen took advantage of this opportunity to deflect the long spear . He fell rapidly from the air . He placed a Blood Replenishing Pill in his mouth, then held the Lunar Shadow Saber and rushed at the Guiyi Marquis .


The Guiyi Marquis suppressed the electricity in his body . The long spear in his hand pushed downwards . The wind roared and a brilliant spear light appeared, seeming like it had a boundless might .

“Bang!” Xiao Chen evaded to the side, the long spear landed on the ground and created a crater . Countless stone shards and dust were kicked up .

The long spear swept horizontally across, and a layer of the dust was separated out, as though it was sliced into two halves . The Guiyi Marquis’s long spear was three meters long, in addition to the spear light, he managed to clear a radius of ten meters around him .

With such a large area of attack, Xiao Chen had no way to evade to the left or right . He could only leap into the air to evade . The Guiyi Marquis revealed a sold smile, as he took a step back with his right foot and quickly withdrew his long spear .

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The Guiyi Marquis grasped the spear handle and applied force on it . The long spear that was withdrawn rushed out like a flood dragon . It roared out at Xiao Chen in the air . In an instant, hundreds of spears blossomed out .

When faced with the numerous, dazzling, golden spear images, Xiao Chen’s thoughts were in a whirl . He knew that every one of the spear images was real . They all carried a boundless killing intent . Once he was struck, a hole would appear in his body .

Since he could not see through the move, Xiao Chen might as well just close his eyes as he focused on drawing his saber . Just like how he practiced normally, the Lunar Shadow Saber flashed out continuously .

The sound of metals clashing against each other sounded out unceasingly . In an instant, the two of them exchanged hundreds of moves in the air . After Xiao Chen landed, he suddenly opened his eyes and shouted out, “Drawing the Saber!”

The Lunar Shadow Saber revealed a reserved light, and hacked at the body of the spear with a strangely fast speed . There was a loud melodious sound, and the long spear vibrated in the air . The body of the spear bent till it resembled a crescent moon before snapping back .

The huge force caused the Guiyi Marquis’s right hand to go numb . The long spear bounced out of his right hand . He recovered from his shock and held the spear firmly once again . A grave look appeared in the Guiyi Marquis’s eyes . He took a heavy step forward and swept horizontally again .

Having experienced this once before, Xiao Chen would not leap up to evade again . He arced his body backwards, and it fell towards the ground, rapidly .

[TL notes: Think matrix when Neo evaded bullets, but without the hand movements . ]


The long spear swept by right in front of Xiao Chen’s face . After the long spear passed, a few strands of hair were  immediately severed .

Just as Xiao Chen was about to make a counter attack, Hua Yunfei, who was standing behind him, suddenly made a move . He turned into a surging blood river and gushed towards Xiao Chen .

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