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Chapter 1224: 1224

Chapter 1124: Azure Dragon Palace, Heavenly Flame’s Origin Flame

“Unfortunately, with your current strength, you still cannot force me to speak . Perhaps in your eyes, I appear very mysterious . However, in my eyes, you are equally mysterious . ”

Chu Chaoyun’s words seemed to contain some hidden meaning . After pausing, he continued, “There are many things that you want to know . Actually, so do I . However, we both chose different paths . ”

Now that Xiao Chen knew that it would be impossible to use force to make the other party speak, he tried approaching things from a different angle . So he suggested, “Then, how about we both speak honestly to each other, share the things we know to avoid misunderstandings?”

Chu Chaoyun shook his head and said, “There are no misunderstandings between us . There will be a battle between you and me one day . As for speaking to each other honestly, I can tell you a little bit . The person who wants you to die the most would definitely be me . However, I, Chu Chaoyun, am also the person who is in the most rush for you to advance to Martial Emperor . ”

A thought flashed in Xiao Chen’s mind as he recalled something . “The Heavenly Flame’s Origin Flame in the Azure Dragon Palace!”

Chu Chaoyun smiled and said, “Hence, don’t die before reaching Martial Emperor . Otherwise, there would be no one to open the Azure Dragon Palace for me . If that is the case, I will never be able to take away the Heavenly Flame’s Origin Flame . ”

So that is what’s going on . No wonder he rushed all the way over to help me to block the assassination from the Demonic World after he obtained the news .

However, how do I explain that Chu Chaoyun is the one who wants me dead the most?

Is it because of the identities we each inherited? The Azure Emperor’s descendant and the Tianwu Emperor’s descendant? As their descendants, do we have to end the grudges from ten thousand years ago?

Or was it because of the matter that Immortal Epoch expert once mentioned, that the entire Kunlun Realm is an abandoned land?

“Right and wrong, order and disorder, there is actually no need to think too much . When you stand on the peak, you will realize that both our goals are the same, and you will find that you will be the one that wants me dead the most .

“However, you will only understand all this when you stand at the peak . Do your best, and don’t look down on that group of outstanding talents in the Astral Battlefield or the King Grade geniuses of the Deep Abyss Demonic World . You are still far from being undefeatable within the same generation . ”

After saying that, Chu Chaoyun withdrew the black and white lights back into his body, and all the light vanished from his body . Then, he turned to leave .

The instant the light vanished and Chu Chaoyun turned, Xiao Chen’s eyes narrowed . Xiao Chen noticed an unremarkable symbol on Chu Chaoyun’s chest—the Dark Church’s symbol .


Chu Chaoyun joined the Dark Church!

Xiao Chen thought, Is this the path that Chu Chaoyun took?

For the sake of strength, he joined the Dark Church that once helped destroy the Tianwu Dynasty? What was he thinking?

Xiao Chen, do you think that this Chu Chaoyun is a good person or a bad person? Ao Jiao voiced her doubts from the Immortal Spirit Ring .

Xiao Chen thought for a while, then replied, “There is no such thing as a purely good or purely bad person in the world . As he said, it is just that we took different paths . He also has his own doubts and difficulties . In the end, he is actually not much different from most of the cultivators in this world . ”

Actually, sometimes, when one thought about something too hard, one would turn something simple into something complicated . In the end, after knowing the results, one would realize that it was not that complicated after all .

Although the two did not speak much in this meeting, it helped ease one of Xiao Chen’s preoccupations .

Xiao Chen would no longer fixate on Chu Chaoyun’s secrets . Someday, everything would be revealed . There was no need to dwell on them .

As for the Heavenly Flame’s Origin Flame, he did not care too much about that matter .

Many people targeted the Azure Dragon Palace . When Xiao Chen advanced to Martial Emperor and went to open it up, it would be hard to say how many Martial Emperor experts would charge over .

If Chu Chaoyun was willing to appear and make the situation even more chaotic, it would align with Xiao Chen’s intent . He would help reduce the attention on Xiao Chen .


High in the Starry Heavens, the true body of the Deity Race’s Heaven Abandoning Deity Sovereign landed on a desolate planet .

Soon, another two figures descended on this unremarkable planet in the Starry Heavens .

These were the Ghost Race’s East Mountain Ghost Monarch and the Corpse Race’s Heaven Punishing Corpse God . Not long after, another three masked people arrived on this planet .

Actually, the identities of these three people were no secret . They were the three Holy Masters of the human race’s Three Holy Lands .

With the three of these Holy Masters working together, they could hold their own against a Prime—which qualified these three to speak equally with the three Primes and not be at a disadvantage .

“The Luck of the Azure Emperor’s descendant is really horrifying . He managed to make it through such a situation even without the Thunder Sovereign making a move . ” The Heaven Punishing Corpse God started off the conversation .

“There were too many variables . Who could have expected such an unremarkable figure like Dugo Ao to erupt like that? Who could have thought that the people that a Demon Monarch sent would be stopped by others?” The East Mountain Ghost Monarch’s tone contained some self-mockery .

The East Mountain Ghost Monarch added, “However, it is still fine . He condensed the Heart of an Emperor . I’m not sure how strong his Great Tribulation of wind and fire will be . However, it is nearly impossible for him to make proper preparations to clear this Great Tribulation of wind and fire within three years . ”

“Before the Thunder Sovereign dies, anything is possible!” the masked Phoenix’s Passion Palace’s Palace Master suddenly said in a sullen tone .

This words instantly silenced the Primes .

In their hearts, the Thunder Sovereign was the barrier that they could not surmount . If not for the Thunder Sovereign’s existence, why would these people need to display so much fear and caution? With one thought, they would be able to kill Xiao Chen .

“How much longer can the Thunder Sovereign hold on? Do you three Holy Masters know anything at all?”

“At the least, one year . At the most, ten years . He will definitely die within this period,” the Phoenix’s Passion Palace’s Palace Master replied .

Light flashed in the Heaven Abandoning Deity Sovereign’s eyes . “Ten years is still too long . I’ll try to obtain the support from those three in the Heavenly Starry Ocean . The Great Tribulation is when his Luck will be at its lowest . That would be the best time to make a move . We will do our best to deny him any chances whatsoever . ”

“That is difficult . Although the Lunar Palace’s Palace Master does not like the Azure Emperor’s descendant, she is old friends with the Thunder Sovereign . The Myriad-Law Fiend Master is old friends with the Spirit Fox King . These two people will definitely choose to be neutral . The only one we can try winning support from is the Cyclic Astral Palace’s Palace Master . ”

“That is pretty good already . As long as we can pull in one more person, that would be enough to break the balance between their strength and ours . ”

If others were here, they would not expect that a group of people who stood at the peak of the Kunlun Realm would gather to discuss countermeasures for one Consummation quasi-Emperor .

This conversation did not last for very long . About seven to eight minutes later, these Primes and the Holy Masters dispersed .

The desolate planet returned to silence as if no one had been here at all .


At this moment, Xiao Chen did not know that some people already started plotting for his Great Tribulation of wind and fire . Currently, he was rushing back to Heavenly Star Island . While doing so, he anxiously familiarized himself with the many miraculous uses of the Heart of an Emperor .

No wonder people said that after advancing to Martial Emperor, one would experience an earth-shattering change . Xiao Chen finally understood some of the reasons .

He now managed to open a crack into the mysterious world of Martial Emperor, a great eye-opener for him .

Xiao Chen sat cross-legged in the flood dragon war chariot with his hands one on top of the other .

In his dantian was a small clump of light half the size of a finger that looked like a resplendent crystal . This was the Heart of an Emperor .

Many purple strands of energy surrounded the Heart of the Emperor, looking like tiny dragons darting around it .

These were Xiao Chen’s vast Heavenly Laws . He now had twenty thousand of them, sufficient for him to look down on all other existences under Martial Emperor .

With a thought, Xiao Chen quickly activated his Heart of an Emperor . It felt like a mysterious door of space and time opened above his head .

Drawn by the Heart of an Emperor, incredible energy perfused his body from the world beyond the door . His entire being felt like he sank into a wondrous state .

This was an energy that Xiao Chen had never felt before . It was not Quintessence or the power of the world that his Heavenly Laws drove .

This energy was even purer and stronger, like it came from another world .

At first, Xiao Chen did not know what energy this was . He only understood after Ao Jiao told him .

No one in the Kunlun Realm could clearly explain the world behind the door, the origin of this mysterious energy . Only Martial Emperors, who had condensed the Heart of an Emperor, could come in contact with this energy .

This energy was known by the Martial Emperors of the Kunlun Realm as Primordial Energy .

According to the legends from the Immortal Epoch, before the world existed, the world was just a clump of primal chaos, also termed as primordial .

The Kunlun Realm’s Martial Emperors revered this mysterious energy behind the door . Although they did not know whether it was truly the energy from primordial times, they still called it Primordial Energy .

As to whether it was truly energy from primordial times or not, the answer would only be found if those powerful beings of the Immortal Epoch came back to life .

The Heart of an Emperor greedily absorbed the Primordial Energy . The strands of Primordial Energy turned into pure white energy and entered his body through an acupoint on his head, then sank quickly and flowed into the Heart of an Emperor .

Instantly, Xiao Chen felt his entire body fill with explosive power . He felt like he could do anything . His strength abruptly increased by ten percent .

Xiao Chen somewhat understood why people under Martial Emperor could not come in contact with this energy .

Aside from the absence of a Heart of an Emperor, the dantian of a cultivator could not contain or endure this Primordial Energy . Even a moment of contact could instantly trigger the explosion of one’s body, killing the cultivator .

After Xiao Chen absorbed barely ten strands of Primordial Energy, the mysterious door of space and time above his head slammed shut .

This closure immediately jerked him out of that wondrous state . He was disappointed for a brief spell after that feeling of omnipotence disappeared .

It was like falling from the clouds and landing on the ground, returning to reality .

However, Xiao Chen did not find this strange . Ao Jiao had mentioned that Martial Emperors could open that door for only a limited time . The amount of Primordial Energy they could obtain was even less . For him to be able to absorb ten strands of Primordial Energy was already very good .

He sank his consciousness into the Heart of an Emperor, where he saw the ten white strands revolving in a huge whirlpool .

The surroundings of the whirlpool resembled the cosmos . As the whirlpool spun, all sorts of mysterious phenomena appeared . Thunder roared, lightning flashed, and winds blew . The void in the Heart of an Emperor looked like a storm .

Xiao Chen probed carefully . He got a distinct impression that he just needed to take out one strand of these ten strands of Primordial Energy and he would be able to cause damage hundreds or even thousands of times what his Law Energy could .