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Chapter 1269: 1269

Chapter 1269: Wind Rising, Clouds Churning

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In less than a day, all the upper echelons of the peak factions of the Kunlun Realm received the news .

This kind of news also kicked up a massive wave in the circle of Martial Emperors . Nearly every Martial Emperor discussed this news without any prior arrangement when they met .

Martial Emperors had always been aloof beings . No matter how strong cultivators under Martial Emperor were, they would be just like ants before Martial Emperors .

Such a situation had been the status quo for many years already .

However, now, a Consummation quasi-Emperor wanted to challenge a person who had been a Martial Emperor for many years . This was a startling piece of news . If an ordinary person had done so, everyone would just treat it as a joke, not paying it any attention .

However, the challenger was the Azure Dragon King Xiao Chen, a youth who had already created many miracles . Before he advanced to Martial Emperor, everyone in the circle of Martial Emperors already knew about him .

The weight of this challenge was too heavy . These Martial Emperors had to pay some attention to it . The reason was none other than the name of the challenger .


At a mountain manor in Heavenly Dragon City, the few Martial Emperors that had prepared to slay a demon that day had gathered .

“Old Bai, this time, your challenge kicked up a storm in the entirety of our Martial Emperors’ circle . How confident are you?” an old man from the Western Sea Divine Dragon Palace asked .

Right now, the Western Sea Divine Dragon Palace had the greatest conflict with Xiao Chen . Naturally, they also paid the most attention to this battle . As long as Xiao Chen died, the will of the people of Heavenly Star Island would, naturally, die as well .

Smiling, the Five Poison Sect’s Old Bai replied, “I do not dare to say that I’m fully confident, but I am still ninety-nine percent confident . I have already been a Martial Emperor for five hundred years . All I need to do is drag it out for two hours, and he will not stand a chance . I will use the Cultivation Techniques and Martial Techniques of my Five Poison Sect to make him want to die but be unable to do so . ”

“However, that Sharp Spirit Finger of Xiao Chen is indeed rather horrifying . Old Bai, you’d best be more careful,” an old man from an ancient Noble Clan said coldly .

A trace of fear flashed in Old Bai’s eyes . “That is natural . However, now that the trump card is known, it is no longer a trump card . His Sharp Spirit Finger is not well practiced yet . As long as I’m careful, I will be able to deal with it . Furthermore, it is not as though I have not made any preparations at all . ”

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“What preparations?” someone asked out of curiosity . The might of the Sharp Spirit Finger was boundlessly ferocious . Could Old Bai have already found a counter for that?

Old Bai smiled mysteriously . “There is still one more day . You will know when the time comes . I can only say that a major character of the Kunlun Continent’s Deity Race sent down his will clone last night and spoke to me in private . ”

“The Heaven Abandoning Deity Sovereign!”

With a sharp intake of breath, the others revealed shocked expressions . The Heaven Abandoning Deity Sovereign was a major character second only to the Thunder Sovereign . Unexpectedly, such an individual personally came to give some attention to this battle .

Old Bai did not deny or acknowledge their assumption . He said coldly, “In summary, tomorrow, that brat will definitely die . The resources that I will exchange for his head will definitely allow me to clear my lightning tribulation to advance to Second Heaven . ”

The other Martial Emperors showed envious expressions . Xiao Chen’s head was really valuable .

Normally, no one would dare to touch Xiao Chen . However, this time, he was the one who issued the challenge for a fight to the death . Even if they killed him, they would not need to fear the Thunder Sovereign’s revenge . He asked for it himself .

The few Martial Emperors started celebrating in advance . The Azure Emperor’s descendant was an eyesore to many people . If he died, it would not be just the Western Sea Divine Dragon Palace laughing in joy without being able to stop but also the many Holy Masters of the Heavenly Starry Ocean .

Old Bai smiled widely, his eyes filled with satisfaction . He was just waiting for the moment when he could kill Xiao Chen to arrive .


At the summit of a desolate mountain, heavy clouds churned in the sky for one kilometer around with Xiao Chen as the center . Thunder rumbled loudly and continuously in the clouds .

The thunder could be heard, but no lightning was visible .

Within this radius of one kilometer, all the light seemed to concentrate on one person .

That was a white figure . This person did not look imposing, nor did his delicate face appear domineering .

However, this person was very eye-catching as he stood at the summit . Without doing anything, he could attract the gaze of anyone around .

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Be it the tall mountain underfoot, the clouds in the sky, or the rumbling thunder, when one stepped into this one-kilometer radius, everything would vanish . All one would see would be this faintly discernible white figure that all the “light” in the world focused on .

Xiao Chen took in all this with satisfaction . His lips curled up slightly in a faint, contented smile .

For three days, Lan Chaofeng had taken time to teach Xiao Chen . Now, Xiao Chen understood what moving from outward power to subtlety was .

Simply put, moving from outward power to subtlety meant taking the originally vast power on display and hiding it in the entire space, in every single detail without others being aware .

Unfortunately, three days was too short . Xiao Chen simply could not comprehend that much and could not reach the same level as Lan Chaofeng’s silent rain, where Lan Chaofeng could merge into the surroundings, showing no openings and attacking from any direction .

If Xiao Chen could progress further, he could even hide the thunder, causing the heavy clouds to disappear .

With a thought, the area within one kilometer would be his domain . Lightning would flash with just a thought, the entire space replete with saber intent .

However, what Xiao Chen had at the moment was sufficient . For him to improve so much in three days already satisfied him .

Suddenly, he narrowed his eyes, and killing intent spewed out of them . He moved one kilometer with one step and hacked out with his saber using the momentum .

One would discover that the thunderclouds in the sky also silently moved one kilometer with this step, maintaining Xiao Chen as the center as if nothing changed at all .

The only change was the hidden saber intent . With this one saber strike, the desolate mountain, shattered rocks, withered grass, and tree branches all erupted with a shocking saber intent .

The entire place filled with saber intent everywhere, giving the impression that there was no place to hide within this one kilometer . It was like everything around became an enemy, the whole world going against one .

All this happened because of only one reason: Xiao Chen had drawn his saber .

When Xiao Chen withdrew his saber and sheathed it, the saber intent that filled the air instantly vanished, turning into nothing . It felt like what happened was just an illusion, something that never happened .

“Not bad . You managed to complete the initial steps to move from outward power to subtlety . The area within one kilometer is your world . No matter what kind of domain it is—Saber Domain, Sword Domain, Water Domain, or Fire Domain—the emphasis is on the domain . ”

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Xiao Chen canceled the Saber Domain, and the thunderclouds vanished . He said humbly, “It is still not enough . Compared to Senior’s, it still falls far short . ”

Lan Chaofeng smiled and said, “You are rather self-aware . However, there is nothing much left for me to teach you . You already have the foundation . Just continue comprehending slowly . ”

“Senior, I have a question . ”

“Ask away!” Lan Chaofeng prompted straightforwardly .

Xiao Chen said after some thought, “I would like to know how to find the weak points of an opponent with a domain as well . For example, how should I break Senior’s water Saber Domain?”

When Lan Chaofeng heard this, he laughed loudly, “Little fellow, you are really bold, daring to ask anything . Have you heard of the saying ‘After teaching a disciple, the master will starve’? Now, you not only intend for me to starve but are also clearly trying to kill me . ”

Xiao Chen smiled and did not say anything . At this point, he more or less understood Lan Chaofeng’s temper . This old man’s temper was rather eccentric, but he was definitely not the kind of person who was narrow-minded and nitpicked everything .

Just as expected, Lan Chaofeng replied after laughing, “Don’t overthink this . There are no tricks or techniques to this . You find my water Saber Domain hard to deal with, but I also find your lightning Saber Domain hard to deal with . Whoever is further along in comprehension will have an advantage in battle .

“Are you satisfied with such an answer?”

Xiao Chen mulled over this reply for a while, then commented, “It is not very satisfactory . However, one day, I will find the weakness of domains . Nothing in this world has no weakness . ”

Lan Chaofeng glared at Xiao Chen and said, “You really dare to boast about anything . In the entire Kunlun Realm, even the Prime Thunder Sovereign does not dare to speak such words . ”

Xiao Chen smiled faintly and did not make a rebuttal . He had said this mainly because of his own Flawless saber Dao . He had never believed that anything in the world was truly perfect and flawless .

If he did not even have the spirit to doubt this, then his Dao would instantly crumble . The thing that he relied on as a bladesman would collapse, and he would lose himself .

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

The sound of wind came from below the mountain . Someone was rushing towards this place at extreme speed, creating sonic booms .

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Xiao Chen and Lan Chaofeng did not even turn their heads, using their senses to determine that it was Lan Shaobai coming .

“Shaobai is here . Your battle with that old man should be taking place soon . The Five Poison Sect is famous for their poisons . However, once one reaches Martial Emperor and attains the Golden Emperor Body, it is very hard to find poisons that can threaten a Martial Emperor . You do not have the Golden Emperor Body yet; hence, you need to end this battle quickly . It would be best to dispose of your opponent within an hour . ”

Lan Chaofeng was still very concerned for Xiao Chen, so he explained some aspects of the upcoming battle in detail, telling Xiao Chen things to pay attention to .

“As long as you end the battle in one hour, even if you are inflicted with poison, it will not cause any lasting problems . ”

Xiao Chen took all the advice to heart . Then, he performed a cupped-fist salute and said, “Many thanks, Senior . ”

Lan Chaofeng waved his hand, and his figure slowly vanished . “I’ll not see Shaobai, then . That fellow is now very crafty . I suffered even more losses at his hands than with Tianqi the last time . ”

Lan Chaofeng just left, and Lan Shaobai arrived with the wind . He asked suspiciously, “Where is Master? I seemed to have seen him earlier . ”

Xiao Chen smiled and replied, “He has something on . Have you chosen the time?”

“I’ve chosen it already . It will be on the twenty-eighth of this month . ”

Xiao Chen did some rough calculations . Today was the thirteenth . Which was to say, the ceremony to hold the Dragon’s Gate’s reestablishment would happen half a month later .

“For the reestablishment ceremony, I drew on some ancient sects’ reestablishment ceremonies for reference . After that, I made alterations for Heavenly Dragon City’s situation . As you said the last time, the most important segment would be paying respects to the ancestors . ”

Lan Shaobai continued, “During the initial phase of Heavenly Dragon City’s construction, Mo Chen used the bodies of those Dragon’s Gate’s War Venerates to construct an Azure Dragon Tomb in the north of the city . We shall hold the paying respects to the ancestors there . ”

Xiao Chen nodded his head and did not object . Those Dragon’s Gate’s War Venerates turned into puppets after they died, to guard the Dragon’s Gate’s Treasure Trove . Even in death, they had not rested . They were worthy of Xiao Chen paying his respects .

Those seniors might not be directly related to the Dragon’s Gate’s Xiao Clan . However, their loyalty did not disappear, even after death .

“Let’s go . Come with me to meet that Five Poison Sect old man . The announcement to the world of the reestablishment of the Dragon’s Gate will require some people to come and offer a sacrifice . ”

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