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Chapter 1273: 1273

Chapter 1273: Doubts in the Abandoned Land

When Xiao Chen returned to his peak, he continued to work on comprehending the Saber Domain, feeling that it contained many mysteries . Even Senior Lan Chaofeng did not fully comprehend them . Quite a lot of things remained obscure .

“Ao Jiao, do you feel that Senior Lan Chaofeng’s understanding of the Saber Domain is not really that incredible?”

Senior Lan believed that the focus of a Saber Domain was on the word “domain . ” The direction was right, but Xiao Chen felt that aside from the domain, the saber was equally important or possibly even more important .

Another person definitely would not dare to doubt their predecessors . However, Xiao Chen was different . He was not the kind of person who only followed the paths that others had taken .

Ao Jiao had traveled with the Thunder Emperor Sang Mu, who had condensed an Innate Thunder Crystal . Naturally, he comprehended a Sword Domain as well . Hence, Ao Jiao understood some of this .

Xiao Chen, actually, if you think about it, if you count the entire Kunlun Realm—including the vast oceanic world, the Kunlun Continent, and those ancient races staying on other stars—how many Martial Emperors do you think there are?

Xiao Chen had never considered this question before . It was not easy to advance to Martial Emperor . However, once one did, one would be able to live for at least two thousand years .

How long was two thousand years? During this period, there would be a significant number of new Martial Emperors . Furthermore, they could still advance to Greater Heavenly Martial Emperor or Sovereign Martial Emperor, extending their lifespan; it would not be strange for them to live five thousand years .

Adding all these factors together, the number of Martial Emperors in the Kunlun Realm should be far more than Xiao Chen expected . After all, just considering the five major races of the Kunlun Continent—the Corpse Race and Ghost Race aside—each of the races numbered in the hundreds of billions .

However, no matter how many people there were, the final number of Martial Emperors would not be that high . After all, there was still the threshold of the Great Tribulation of wind and fire .

Even when including those old monsters who lived for several thousands of years, Xiao Chen estimated that there were no more than three thousand Martial Emperors in the Kunlun Realm .

The number might even be less than two thousand, perhaps just a little more than a thousand . Of course, all this was just a guess . Xiao Chen would know the answer only after advancing to Martial Emperor .

Out of the hundreds of billions of people, there were no more than three thousand Martial Emperors . With such a comparison, it was clear to see why Martial Emperors were remote existences .

Ao Jiao continued, Let’s go with your largest estimate—three thousand Martial Emperors . Of this number, how many can comprehend a domain?


Xiao Chen frowned before answering, “Probably just one hundred or so . ”

Right after Xiao Chen said that, he suddenly understood . With so few people, how could the many mysteries of the domain all be figured out?

Perhaps he could find the answer he sought only after leaving this abandoned land .

Right now, although Xiao Chen had not advanced to Martial Emperor yet, not having reached the same level as the Supreme Sky Prime or even the Flame Rock Sovereign, for the first time, he felt the restrictions of the Kunlun Realm and somewhat hated the helplessness that came with the awareness of the sky being too low .


As Xiao Chen spent his time comprehending on his peak, a storm brewed outside .

At the Western Sea Divine Dragon Palace, the Western Sea Dragon King, a Sovereign Martial Emperor, obtained news of Xiao Chen’s intention to reestablish the Dragon’s Gate ahead of all the Holy Lands .

“Reestablishing the Dragon’s Gate in my Western Sea, swallowing up my territory—he finally revealed his wild ambition!”


Overwhelming waves surged up in the sea region surrounding the Western Sea Divine Dragon Palace . An indistinct red dragon image appeared in the sky, letting out ferocious roars .

“The Dragon King is angry!”

The people on all the satellite islands of the island where the Western Sea Divine Dragon Palace was located revealed horrified expressions when they saw this mysterious phenomenon .

The Western Sea Dragon King had already been retired for many years . Now, the three Vice Palace Masters managed all major and minor matters of the Western Sea Divine Dragon Palace . Most people had not seen the Western Sea Divine Dragon King for a long time already .

In the most magnificent palace of the Divine Dragon Palace, the Western Sea Dragon King, Ao Lang, sat on the throne in the middle, showing a scarily sullen expression .

In the palace, the three Vice Palace Masters and about ten Martial Emperor elders all sat upright and still, not even daring to breathe heavily .

The old Dragon King rarely raged in recent memory . This time, he was truly angry .

An old man bent over in the vast palace hall was saying something in a soft voice . This person was the old man that Xiao Chen forced back that day, the person the Western Sea Divine Dragon Palace planted in Heavenly Dragon City .

This old man’s family name was Zong . Currently, he had his head lowered, not daring to look at the Western Sea Dragon King at all .

“Continue speaking . What else did he say? That snot-nosed brat thinks he can ascend to the heavens after just a small accomplishment,” Ao Lang said with a sullen expression .

After thinking for a while, Old Zong added, “That brat said that when the time comes, he will welcome the Dragon Kings and the various Holy Masters to attend the Dragon’s Gate’s reestablishment ceremony and will show us the highest honor . ”

“Humph!” Ao Lang slammed his hand on the armrest . Unable to contain his rage, he stood up and said, “Treatment of the highest honor? I will go and test this brat . Let’s see what kind of treatment he will give me . ”

Normally, Ao Lang was not in the Divine Dragon Palace . Instead, he adventured in the Starry Heavens, seeking opportunities to make a breakthrough . This time, the three Vice Palace Masters sent out urgent notices before he rushed back reluctantly .

He had initially thought that the problem would not be any major matter . Unexpectedly, a Heavenly Dragon City had overtaken his Western Sea Divine Dragon Palace, and a Martial Emperor elder from his sect had gotten slapped silly by that youth .

The even more ridiculous thing was yet to be said . This snot-nosed brat was actually bold enough to declare the reestablishment of the Dragon’s Gate . This was truly enraging .

The three Greater Heavenly Martial Emperor Vice Palace Masters quickly stood up and advised at the same time, “Big Brother, you can’t, you absolutely can’t!”

This big brother of theirs was famous for his fiery temper . All three of them knew that when he did things, he rarely considered the consequences .

Indeed, the moment Ao Lang heard the news of Xiao Chen reestablishing the Dragon’s Gate, he immediately had the impulse to kill his way over personally .

What could that do? If it were really that simple, the various Holy Masters would not be helpless against Xiao Chen already .

They did not forget that the Thunder Sovereign stood behind Xiao Chen . Aside from the Thunder Sovereign, there was also the Supreme Sky Prime . If the Western Sea Dragon King went over, then before he could teach Xiao Chen a lesson, the Thunder Sovereign would teach the Western Sea Dragon King a lesson first .

The three Vice Palace Masters immediately spoke up about the consequences, advising the rash Western Sea Dragon King to stop .

Ao Lang waved his hands and said, “Don’t worry . I know my limits . I am even clearer on the horror of the Thunder Sovereign than you all . I just want to see what this Azure Emperor’s descendant, who has set the place abuzz, is like . ”

With these words, the three Vice Palace Masters heaved a sigh of relief .

When they thought about it, Ao Lang was still an overlord-class character . No matter how angry he got, he would not act that rashly .

“The three of you, split up and go to the Southern Sea Divine Dragon Palace, the Northern Sea Divine Dragon Palace, and the Eastern Sea Divine Dragon Palace . This time, not only do I want to gather all the old guards of the Sea Monarch, but I also want to gather all the Holy Lands and suppress him with force . ”

When the others heard this, their expressions changed slightly . “Big Brother, that’s not good . When the various Holy Lands get wind of the news, they will not be able to sit still . However, no matter who it is, no one will be willing to take the lead . After all, the bird that pokes its head out gets shot .

“If the Thunder Sovereign comes and settles scores after, we will be the first to fall . ”

A light flashed in Ao Lang’s eyes . He said sullenly, “Do you think that I do not understand such a simple principle? However, given how things are now, do you think we have any other choice? If this fellow was not in the Western Sea, I also would not want to take the lead in this .

“Cut the crap and just do as I commanded . Quickly, go!”


As the many Martial Emperors planted in Heavenly Dragon City returned one after another, all the Immortal Holy Lands and ancient Noble Clans caught wind of the news that Xiao Chen was going to reestablish the Dragon’s Gate .

The upper echelons of the Lunar Palace, the Cyclic Astral Palace, the Heavenly Province Academy, the Yinyang Paradise, the Myriad Fiend Island, and Five Poison Sect gathered together . Their faces were all grim .

The upper echelons of the Holy Lands like the Cyclic Astral Palace and the Heavenly Province Academy, both of which had a grudge with Xiao Chen in the first place, raged .

The various Holy Lands all had sealed records describing the Dragon’s Gate’s might back then . No matter which Holy Land it was, none of them was willing to see the Dragon’s Gate resurface .

The thing that made all of them worry was the possibility of Xiao Chen becoming a second Azure Emperor . Ten thousand years ago, with just a word from the Azure Emperor, the Minor Leiyin Temple, an Immortal Holy Land, was immediately destroyed, all its inheritance cut off .

None of the Holy Lands was willing to suffer such a tragedy .

However, as for how to stop this from happening, none of the Holy Lands’ upper echelons could come up with a good idea; all of them felt a headache .

One day later, the news of the Azure Dragon King reestablishing the Dragon’s Gate spread throughout the entire Heavenly Starry Ocean . This immediately triggered discussions among the many cultivators .

Anyone knowledgeable would understand the risk behind this and know that it would definitely incite the rage of the Holy Lands’ upper echelons .

Along with this news came another rumor: the Azure Dragon King Xiao Chen personally killed a Five Poison Sect Martial Emperor elder in front of tens of thousands of cultivators .

Since the Four Seas Hero Gathering, there had been little word of Xiao Chen in the Heavenly Starry Ocean . Now, he suddenly became the focus of everyone’s discussions again .

When the various outstanding talents who were waiting for Xiao Chen to become a meteor heard this news, their complexions all turned ashen, their expressions saddened .

By being able to kill a bona fide Martial Emperor before advancing to Martial Emperor, even if Xiao Chen turned into a meteor, he would still be the most resplendent meteor in the history of the whole Kunlun Realm .

Another day later, this news spread throughout the entire oceanic world . All the major factions of the various sea regions—the Black Sea, the Human-Demon Sea, the Dragon Grave Sea, the Storm Sea, the Ice Sea—heard this news .

When the Lunar Palace’s Holy Daughter, Yue Bingyun, who was in the Ice Sea searching for the ten-thousand-year-old Ice Lotus, heard the news, it completely stunned her .

“He is too rash . How could he make such a decision to reestablish the Dragon’s Gate at this time?”

Without hesitating, Yue Bingyun immediately put down what she was doing and rushed to the Lunar Palace . All she wanted was to return quickly and see if she could influence the Lunar Palace’s stance .

Given Yue Bingyun’s status as the next Palace Master of the Lunar Palace, she should more or less have a voice in this .

If Xiao Chen failed in reestablishing the Dragon’s Gate, his Luck would be greatly impacted . The thought of it made her worry .

By the third day, the news spread to the Kunlun Continent . All the peak factions of the five major domains were set abuzz . Compared to the factions of the Heavenly Starry Ocean, the factions of the Kunlun Continent were comparatively calmer . After all, Heavenly Dragon City was simply too far from them .

Only the Three Holy Lands of the Kunlun Continent—the Phoenix’s Passion Palace, the White Emperor City, and the Divine Martial Gate—met up once again . The reason would cause one to enter deep thought .

Since ancient times, probably only Xiao Chen could set off undercurrents across the entire Kunlun Realm with just one sentence .

A huge storm slowly brewed . Everyone knew that there would be a great commotion on the day of the Dragon’s Gate’s reestablishment ceremony .