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Published at 13th of August 2019 03:45:05 PM

Chapter 1324: 1324

Chapter 1324: Buddhist Lamp Refining Divine Flame

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Unlike the Divine Dragon Palaces of the four seas, however, the Immortal Holy Lands would be rather hard to deal with .

Tian Youxi thought to herself, Of these Immortal Holy Lands, the Lunar Palace holds the most prestige . It would influence most of the Holy Lands .

Perhaps I should take some time out to meet with the Holy Daughter Yue Bingyun, who is famous throughout the entire Heavenly Starry Ocean . As long as I can convince her, the other Immortal Holy Lands will be easy .

When the Deity Dao Union is formally established, overwhelming Luck will descend . After that, the Divine Son, Di Wuque, will be equal to Xiao Chen in Luck .


Above the small island, Elder Qin, whose Golden Emperor Body had completed the reforging process, softly drifted down, radiating light all over his body . His previous frail aura, which indicated that he was past his prime, had been swept away . Now, he was energetic and full of vigor as if reborn .

“Many thanks! Many thanks! Many thanks!”

Elder Qin landed on the ground and first thanked Lan Chaofeng and Shui Lingling . Then, he turned to Xiao Chen and bowed three times in respect . “This Qin really does not know how to thank you . Little Friend Xiao Chen, you paid too high a price for me . ”

Xiao Chen smiled and said, “Elder Qin, there is no need to be so polite with me . Now, you are one of the Dragon’s Gate’s people . Furthermore, you showed me, Xiao Chen, great kindness in the past . For both reason and emotion, this is something that I should do . ”

“That’s right . What happened at the last moment? I ended up pushing open the Emperor’s Door while in a muddle-headed state,” Elder Qin asked, feeling confused .

Lan Chaofeng smiled mysteriously and did not say anything about that . “Old Qin, check yourself . See if there is Fire Dragon Energy in your body!”

Elder Qin closed his eyes and carefully examined himself . When he opened his eyes, there was a Fire Dragon swimming in both of his eyes .

The fire dragons in his eyes coiled up and turned into great blazing flames .

Elder Qin shouted and raised his hand, smashing it at the distant sea . The sky there instantly filled with flaming clouds and formed a fire dragon that radiated overwhelming Dragon’s Might as it charged down .

“Zi! Zi!”

Steam surged up . A huge hole appeared in the vast sea . After a while, it turned into a whirlpool and kicked up a huge wave .

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“This…” Elder Qin said in a daze, feeling somewhat incredulous .

Lan Chaofeng guffawed, “If one does not die in a great calamity, there will be a corresponding reward . Old Qin, you originally should have been an ordinary Martial Emperor . However, you cleared the Fire Dragon Tribulation and gained Fire Dragon Energy . Within just one month, you will be as strong as an ordinary Third Heaven Martial Emperor . ”

“Congratulations!” Xiao Chen and Shui Lingling said, smiling .

Elder Qin felt extremely joyful . A broad grin filled his face . Anyone who obtained such an unexpected joyous benefit would find it hard to contain themselves .

Lan Chaofeng sighed and said, “Now that Old Qin has cleared his tribulation and obtained such strength, the younger generations of the Dragon’s Gate will be more likely to succeed in their tribulation . We can look forward to the Dragon’s Gate’s glory in the future . ”

“Congratulations to Brother Qin on advancing to Martial Emperor!”

Figures flew over in the sky . They were the Martial Emperors whom Xiao Chen chased away earlier . They came to offer their congratulations . Naturally, at this moment, Xiao Chen would no longer chase them away .

“You are too polite, you are all too polite!”

Elder Qin guffawed and returned the greetings with cupped-fist salutes, feeling very contented . A smile filled his face . He had climbed to the heavens in one step, becoming a Martial Emperor, his lifespan increasing to two thousand years, and gained Fire Dragon Energy .

How could Elder Qin not be happy?

The crowd ballooned in size as time went by, with some Martial Sages in Heavenly Dragon City rushing over . After offering their congratulations, they all raced to snatch the Auspicious Signs in the air .

The extraordinarily bustling scene celebrating Elder Qin’s advancement to Martial Emperor increased his joy .

“This Elder Qin is truly fortunate . Although there are many trying to advance to Martial Emperor now, many die in hatred . ”

“It is really not easy . Earlier, I saw the Deity Race’s warship fly over . Unexpectedly, the Azure Dragon King Xiao Chen still managed to shoulder the pressure and not let the other party spoil the tribulation . ”

“The Azure Dragon King is truly incredible . If I had such a Sect Master who would serve as a protector for me, I would have been able to advance to Martial Emperor back then . ”

“That’s not just it . The Azure Dragon King truly values friendship . Many Holy Masters wouldn’t do something like this . ”

All sorts of discussions rang out . Xiao Chen’s delicate face revealed a smile as he withdrew to an inconspicuous corner .

Xiao Chen did not try to snatch Elder Qin’s limelight . This was Elder Qin’s moment . All the envy and admiration should be Elder Qin’s to receive .

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Life should be full of joy without any need to worry . One should just laugh out loud .

At a bulging mound on the island, Xiao Chen smiled as he looked at the many people coming from afar to greet and congratulate Elder Qin .

Figures flashed in the sky . The cultivators who managed to snatch Auspicious Signs were incredibly joyful . Auspicious Signs were not just good omens; they were things that could directly increase a cultivator’s cultivation .

Once one advanced to Martial Emperor, the place would bustle with noise and excitement .

Xiao Chen took out the Thousand Year Flame that Mo Chen brewed . Then, he swished the purple crystalline cup about and took a sip, letting that fiery wine spread heat in his chest .

The lively scene before Xiao Chen made him think about himself .

In the future, would he be as fortunate as Elder Qin, successfully walking up the Emperor’s Road? What if he ran into something like the Fire Dragon Tribulation? Elder Qin had Little Three’s help, but Xiao Chen definitely could not let Little Three help him . He could only carry this burden himself .

By watching Elder Qin’s tribulation, Xiao Chen gained much with regard to the Great Tribulation of wind and fire .

The most direct gain was an objective understanding of the Great Tribulation of wind and fire . Now, he knew what the Emperor’s Road, Emperor’s Door, the wind tribulation, and fire tribulation looked like .

Although Elder Qin’s Great Tribulation of wind and fire would definitely not be able to compare with Xiao Chen’s, it was still useful as a reference .

“Haha! Elder Qin succeeded in his tribulation . Why are you here alone drowning your sorrows?”

Mo Chen had arrived at some point in time . She gently drifted down and landed beside Xiao Chen, then sat down after that .

Xiao Chen took out another cup and handed it over with a smile . “I am drinking but not to drown sorrows . Don’t you feel that drinking the Thousand Year Flame is especially appropriate now?”

Mo Chen looked at the extraordinarily bustling scene in front and smiled after a while . “Indeed . The state of the Thousand Year Flame lies in inextinguishable hot-bloodedness . The flame in one’s heart burns for a thousand years . It is a kind of pursuit, a persistence, just like the Emperor’s Road of cultivators . ”

Xiao Chen laughed softly and said, “Well spoken as someone who brews wine . You understand much more than me . Although I know these principles, I am unable to express it . ”

After some idle chatter, Mo Chen said, “Let’s not speak about this for now . I’m here to give you something . You will definitely like it . ”

Mo Chen knew that Xiao Chen was not as jubilant as he appeared . Elder Qin’s ascension to Martial Emperor did make him happy, but it also could not avoid stirring up some worry .

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Her intent was to change the topic and distract Xiao Chen .

However, how could Xiao Chen not know what Mo Chen was doing? He smiled, appearing interested . “What is it?”


Mo Chen took out an ancient Buddhist lamp, the shape of which resembled a lotus flower . It looked plain and simple, emanating a lingering sense of peace . It was very tasteful .

Xiao Chen looked for a moment; then, his eyes lit up suddenly as he recalled something . “This is a Buddhist lamp that can nourish flames?”

Under the veil, Mo Chen smiled faintly as she nodded .

“You made it?”

“Hehe! You give me too much credit . How could I make one for you so quickly? Perhaps it’s due to your good luck, but when I sent people to the Azure Dragon Auction House to get them to keep a lookout, they actually managed to find this . ” Mo Chen smiled happily before continuing, “After the lamp oil is refined, you will be able to nourish the Heavenly Snow Divine Flame . However, this Buddhist lamp is not high-ranked and can nourish the flame only to Rank 3 . ”

Xiao Chen held the Buddhist lamp with a joyful smile . Right now, the Heavenly Snow Divine Flame was not very strong . It was somewhat of a disappointment as a primal-chaos-level flame .

However, after its rank increased, it would be a completely different story . Rank 3 was already enough .

“Mo Chen, you put in a lot of effort . Thank you . ”

Mo Chen giggled and said, “Don’t be so happy yet . The ten-thousand-year-old Frost Water required for refining the lamp oil is not easy to find . ”

Xiao Chen thought for a while and then took out some of the frost dewdrops he collected in the Sky Dome Immortal Realm . He asked, “Will this do? This is a result of the Heavenly Snow Divine Flame slowly dispersing . ”

Mo Chen took it and observed it carefully . Then, she said excitedly, “This is top-quality among ten-thousand-year-old Frost Water . This definitely will do . Give me three days, and I’ll help you to refine the lamp oil for the Buddhist lamp .

“No, there is no time to waste . I’ll go and prepare now . ”

Mo Chen grabbed the jade bottle containing the frost dewdrops and rushed off, not even saying goodbye to Xiao Chen .

Xiao Chen watched as the lovely figure disappeared into the distance and smiled faintly . Mo Chen was even more anxious than him about this .

The bustling crowd slowly quieted down and dispersed . Lan Chaofeng and Elder Qin returned to the city to host a banquet and entertain the other cultivators . Due to some reasons, Xiao Chen rejected the invitation and did not accompany them .

After everyone left, the small island fell silent .

Xiao Chen looked up and discovered that his first senior sister had not left . She slowly walked over with the miniature Profound Sun Bird perched on her shoulder .

“What’s wrong? Are you not going with them?” Xiao Chen asked .

Shui Lingling shook her head and smiled . “I’m going . Why not? I’m not like you, someone who enjoys silence . However, before I go, I want to ask you for your help . Master instructed me to do so . ”

This reply stunned Xiao Chen when he heard it . Then, he put away the wine cups .

As a Prime, Big Brother Ying rarely seeks help from others . However, now he got Shui Lingling to come and ask me for help . It’s likely that things are much more serious than I thought .

“What is it? Just tell me . I will do all that I can,” Xiao Chen said seriously . The Supreme Sky Prime was a major character that stood out and supported him from the very onset, giving him a lot of help .

Shui Lingling organized her words and said, “Previously, the Supreme Sky Sect and the Three Holy Lands were in a stalemate . However, the Three Holy Lands could no longer wait and recently joined the Deity Dao Union that the Heaven Abandoning Deity Sovereign started . Hence, the Supreme Sky Sect’s situation immediately turned dangerous . ”

“Deity Dao Union?”

Xiao Chen had never heard of this organization before Tian Youxi mentioned it earlier and still did not understand it .

After Shui Lingling explained, Xiao Chen’s expression changed . The vastness of this Deity Dao Union faction was truly unimaginable .

“Master wants to get you to look for some helpers in the oceanic world . In the future, if the Deity Dao Union surrounds and attacks the Supreme Sky Sect, they could come and provide reinforcement,” Shui Lingling said, keeping things as simple as she could .

Xiao Chen nodded and said, “I am duty-bound to do this . I will depart after three days . However, I do not know how many people I can convince . I can only do my best . ”

The Supreme Sky Sect shared glory and disaster with him . If the Three Holy Lands grasped full control of the Martial God Palace, they would not let Xiao Chen live .

Even without this request, when Xiao Chen found out about the situation, he would definitely do something about it and would not sit by idly .

Shui Lingling smiled and said, “Don’t worry . Master said that as long as you are willing to make a personal appearance, there will surely be some responses . A great crisis is approaching . Hope can be found only in you . Others can see this hope as well . ”

The arduous Emperor’s Road, the threat from the Deity Dao Union, and the Demonic Calamity that would sweep through the entire Kunlun Realm—under this heavy pressure, the word “hope” was rather heavy to Xiao Chen . He could give hope to Elder Qin and the Kunlun Realm, but who could give him hope?

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