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Chapter 1507: 1507

Chapter 1507 (Raw 1487): Doubts and Suspicions Suddenly Appearing

After clearing the final stage of this road of trials, Xiao Chen would pass the test . Of course, whether he could obtain a Dragon Emperor’s inheritance or not had yet to be seen .

When he opened the stone doors, the sight that welcomed him surpassed his expectations .

There was a large mirror in front with a person that looked exactly like him in it . This person also wore white and held a Lunar Shadow Saber in his hand .

Before Xiao Chen could react, the person in the mirror smiled faintly and walked out . At the same time, the surface of the mirror shattered .

A voice resounded in the large, empty hall, announcing the start of the trial .

“For the last trial, you have to defeat yourself . The time limit is two hours . This clone is made according to your strength, replicating it exactly . He also has a thorough grasp of all your combat habits and experiences . ”

Defeat myself?

Before Xiao Chen could think of a countermeasure, the clone before him suddenly vanished .

“Flawless Saber Technique, Void Breaking Stance!”

It was the first move of Xiao Chen’s Flawless Saber Technique . There was no more time to think, so Xiao Chen made his move and responded with the Flawless Saber Technique as well .


An intense light flashed in the air as the sabers collided, giving off a clangor .

Xiao Chen and his clone were equal, both of them taking one hundred steps back .

As Xiao Chen held up his saber, he frowned slightly . The other party was truly exactly as strong as him, not even a little bit off .

This was somewhat problematic . Given this, no matter how he fought, it would end in a draw . Victory would be extremely hard to obtain .

Furthermore, this trial demanded that Xiao Chen win within a time frame .

A battle began in the large hall, not pausing even for a moment . Two figures that looked exactly the same executed the same Martial Technique . From the very beginning, every clash resulted in a draw .

Neither could seize the upper hand . Furthermore, time passed, second by second, minute by minute . Soon, half the time given to Xiao Chen was gone . However, he still could not come up with any countermeasures .

As Xiao Chen looked at this person that looked exactly like him, executing the exact same actions, he felt like he was facing a mirror .

Such a battle was very boring and depressing .

The other party’s Martial Techniques were all Martial Techniques that Xiao Chen was familiar with . Furthermore, the other party also grasped all his combat habits and experiences .

After fighting until now, Xiao Chen even wondered whether he was in the mirror or outside it .

Xiao Chen already executed the Flawless Saber Technique, the Taiji Saber Domain, Dharmic World, and all the other killing moves he could use . Without exception, none could defeat the other party .

As for the Divine Lightning Eye, Xiao Chen simply did not dare to use it . Once used, both sides would be severely injured and defeated—still a draw .

As the time limit approached, Xiao Chen started to turn increasingly frustrated and anxious .


Suddenly, the clone’s saber twisted about and struck Xiao Chen with the Instant of Glory . The painting that materialized sealed space and directly froze him, not even allowing him to struggle free .

“Our strengths are equal . If you are distracted, you will definitely lose!” the clone said coldly as he looked at Xiao Chen, who was within the painting . Then, he clenched his fist .

“Crack! Crack!”

The painting shattered and space along with it . Xiao Chen vomited a mouthful of blood as he moved far away .

The shattered pieces of space covered Xiao Chen’s body, tearing wounds open . He wiped the blood away from his lips and smiled bitterly . “You are truly a reflection of me . The moment a small opening appeared, you immediately caught it .

“You really do not have any weakness?” Xiao Chen asked in dissatisfaction as he stood up, seeing that he was about to lose .

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The clone held up the saber and stood upright . Then, he pointed the tip of the saber at Xiao Chen . “I am you, and you are me . Are you asking me now or yourself?”

That’s right . This clone was made based on me, a me that came out of the mirror .

I see him as a mirror . In that case, he also sees me as a mirror .

What is my weakness?

However, so what if I know that? Everything I can think of, the other party can as well . Our weaknesses are shared .

Damn it! This trial appeared simple, yet it gave Xiao Chen a sense of futility .


Xiao Chen repeated this in his mind for a while before getting struck by inspiration . Then, he revealed a smile . “I have not been able to defeat you because I have been fighting a mirror . How can I obtain victory by fighting a person in a mirror?”

Then, he took out a strip of cloth and blindfolded himself, turning his vision completely dark . He could only rely on his other senses and Spiritual Sense to fight the other party .  

When the clone saw this, he revealed a mocking smile . “Our strengths are the same, and yet you blindfold yourself? This is just suicide . ”

Under the astonished gaze of the clone, the blindfolded Xiao Chen revealed a confident expression and charged over .

“Dang! Dang! Dang!”

An intense battle began once more . However, this time, although they were clearly using the same Martial Techniques, the clone seemed slightly inferior, unable to defeat Xiao Chen .

It was obviously the same Flawless Saber Technique, but Xiao Chen’s Flawless Saber Technique was more flexible and nimble .

As for the clone’s Flawless Saber Technique, while it looked exactly the same, something invisible seemed to bind it .

In merely one hundred moves, Xiao Chen seized the upper hand by slowly accumulating his advantages .

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When the last second of this trial approached, Xiao Chen swung his saber and hacked the clone, making the latter fall over and vomit a copious volume of blood, unable to stand up any more .

The victor was decided .

“Why?” The clone was completely confused, in incredible pain .

Xiao Chen removed the strip of cloth and opened his eyes . “I’ve already broken out of the mirror, but you are still fighting against a mirror . How could you not get defeated?”

“Clap! Clap! Clap!”

Applause resounded, and the proctor of the final trial walked out from the darkness . After he heard what Xiao Chen said earlier, he laughed and said, “What a way to break out of the mirror and defeat yourself! Over millions of years, numerous cultivators have passed this trial, but the number of people who could pass it the way you did can be described with the phrase ‘countable on the fingers . ’

“Xiao Chen, congratulations . You have already passed all the trials of the road of trials . You are now qualified to obtain the Divine Dragon’s bloodline and truly become a member of the Dragon Race!”

Laughter resounded . The old Dragon Horse led the others over, clearly in a good mood .

Xiao Chen revealed a smile on his face . Along the way, he had surmounted all sorts of difficulties and could be considered rather fortunate .

This was especially so for the third and fourth stages, which he had cleared with much difficulty . He nearly gave up many times .

The black-clad old man was also happy for Xiao Chen . He went forward and said, “Xiao Chen, Big Brother Dragon thinks very highly of you . After obtaining an inheritance and reestablishing the prestige of the Azure Dragon, you will definitely be able to revive the Azure Dragon’s bloodline . ”

“Brother Xiao, congratulations . From today on, you are now one of us . ” The others came forward to offer their felicitations; even that girl in her prime, who previously did not show much expression, revealed a smile .

Xiao Chen performed cupped-fist salutes in response . Then, he asked the old Dragon Horse to help him refine the Azure Dragon Martial Spirit into his blood .


The Dragon Horse turned back into a huge dragon . Then, it hovered a dragon claw above Xiao Chen’s head . Scarlet light came from the dragon claw and entered Xiao Chen’s head, then the Azure Dragon Martial Spirit .

Xiao Chen immediately fell into a deep sleep, unaware of what was happening outside .


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The old Dragon Horse revealed a doubtful expression, feeling confused .

The others were astonished to see this and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“The Azure Dragon Martial Spirit in his body seems to have undergone some special cultivation and gained spirituality . Furthermore, it also possesses a faintly discernible Immortal Qi from the Immortal Epoch . ”

The black-clad old man frowned and prompted, “What does that mean? Big Brother Dragon, please explain . ”

“He seems to have cultivated a strange Cultivation Technique, causing his Azure Dragon Martial Spirit to mutate . Let me see what the Cultivation Technique is . To think that it is so tyrannical, even able to alter the Martial Spirit of my Azure Dragon bloodline!”

The old Dragon Horse started checking Xiao Chen’s body and soon found the presence of the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation . Then, it activated the Primordial Energy in Xiao Chen’s body, circulating the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation .

“How can it be?!”

After the old Dragon Horse saw the pathway the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation took, it was stunned . “Whoosh!” The dragon claw quickly left Xiao Chen’s head .

“To think that there is actually such a Cultivation Technique! Who in the world created it?”

The old Dragon Horse was extremely shocked . Such a strange Cultivation Technique like the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation was too incredible .

Hong Xue asked, “Big Brother Dragon, what Cultivation Technique is it exactly, for you to lose yourself like this?”

“In the outer realm, this Cultivation Technique cannot be considered a peak Cultivation Technique; in fact, it is far from it . However, it allows one to dual-cultivate Immortal Cultivation and Martial Cultivation at the same time .

“This is a Cultivation Technique that alters and improves the nature of the body . It is not truly a Cultivation Technique of Martial Cultivation . I really cannot imagine who created it . ”

This person even managed to shock the old Dragon Horse . This person’s origins had to be extraordinary .

“It looks like he possesses a rather complicated identity . I do not know what kind of scheme the person who created such a Cultivation Technique has . ” The old Dragon Horse started to hesitate, questioning whether it should help Xiao Chen refine his Azure Dragon Martial Spirit .