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Chapter 1508: 1508

Chapter 1508 (Raw 1488): Mysterious Inheritance

Everyone sank into deep thought at the old Dragon Horse’s words . No one had imagined that there was someone so mysterious behind Xiao Chen .

They started to hesitate over the decision to help Xiao Chen refine the Azure Dragon Martial Spirit in his body .

“Big Brother Dragon, he is now the last one left of the Azure Dragon bloodline . Unless he has children, there might not be another chance to build a true Azure Dragon Totem,” Hong Xue said .

The middle-aged man said, “I feel that Little Brother Xiao Chen is trustworthy . No matter who is behind him, his intent has always been sincere . He is definitely not someone who turns his back on loyalty . He is worth trusting . ”

“That’s right . Big Brother Dragon, just look at the trials he cleared . Every time, he always chose a reward that could immediately increase his strength . He is thinking of rescuing his friends after he goes out,” the azure-clad man advised at a suitable moment .

Clearly, even though Xiao Chen’s Azure Dragon Martial Spirit had already mutated and there appeared to be a mysterious person behind him, his character was still trustworthy . They all felt that they should continue to help him refine the Azure Dragon Martial Spirit .

After all, Xiao Chen was the last of the Azure Dragon’s descendants . If they gave up, the Azure Dragon bloodline might truly be finished .

They would end up like the many branches of the Dragon Race in history .

“I hope we are not making a mistake . ”

The old Dragon Horse sighed . Its dragon claw encased Xiao Chen, and a spiritual scarlet light entered him again .

“Bang!” The spiritual light caused the Azure Dragon Martial Spirit to explode and quickly merge into his blood .


Xiao Chen’s body immediately gave off a five-colored light, which looked like an Immortal fog with overwhelming Spiritual Energy and many colors .

Amid the Immortal fog, the indistinct silhouette of an Azure Dragon appeared .

That mysterious Azure Dragon silhouette exuded a puissant Dragon Might . The old Dragon Horse aside, the black-clad old man, Hong Xue, and that azure-clad man all felt intense pressure .

They had to bring out their own Dragon Might to block with all their might .

Most of these people were of the Azure Dragon bloodline, bona fide descendants of the Seven Colored Divine Dragons . However, at this moment, that Azure Dragon silhouette behind Xiao Chen put enormous pressure on them .

This was simply too incredible, even unbelievable .

Time went by, and the Immortal fog thickened . The Azure Dragon Martial Spirit advanced another step in merging with Xiao Chen’s blood . The vast Dragon Might intensified; some of them felt like they could no longer endure .


The old Dragon Horse ferociously spread its claw, and the Immortal fog dispersed . A complete Azure Dragon image appeared behind Xiao Chen, glaring at the group .

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” The group collapsed, vomiting a mouthful of blood and flying straight back . It was like something heavy ruthlessly struck the group, inflicting incredible pain .

The dragon image vanished, and Xiao Chen opened his eyes . A golden glow flashed in their depths, turning them resplendent with golden light .

Xiao Chen did not notice anything strange . When he saw the black-clad old man and the others hurtling back in the air and vomiting blood, he felt confused . He asked, “Seniors, what’s wrong?”

The azure-clad man smiled bitterly and asked, “If I said that you did all this, would you believe me?”

“I did this?”

The old Dragon Horse said, “Alright, Xiao Chen, please scatter the Great Desolate Divine Light in your eyes first . ”

Great Desolate Divine Light? What is that?

Xiao Chen only noticed the strange condition of his eyes after a while . After giving it a try, he quickly scattered the golden light in them .

“This Great Desolate Divine Light is really resplendent . No wonder the Dragon Might is so intense . ”

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“With so strong a Great Desolate Divine Light, the grade of his bloodline should be extremely high!”

Looking at Xiao Chen, the group discussed in soft voices . However, these words only confused Xiao Chen . “Seniors, what is the Great Desolate Divine Light?”

The old Dragon Horse said, “I’ll explain it . The Great Desolate Eon came after the Mythological Eon . Hence, it is also known as the Post Mythological Eon .

“Our Great Desolate Hundred Races were like gods among the ten thousand races during the Great Desolate Eon . The bloodline characteristic unique to the Great Desolate Hundred Races is the divine golden light in our eyes . This divine light is not just a sign of one’s status but also has many miraculous uses . You will learn more about it in the future .

“Now, let me test out your Azure Dragon bloodline to see what grade it is . ”

The explanation quickly allowed Xiao Chen to understand what the Great Desolate Divine Light was . However, new doubts also appeared . “There are differences in grades among the Azure Dragon bloodlines?”

“That is natural . Even with the same Divine Dragon bloodline, the difference in bloodline grade can result in a world of difference in one’s future accomplishments . ”

The old Dragon Horse led Xiao Chen to a spiritual pool . Then, it had him drip blood into the spiritual pool .

Shortly after, the clear spiritual pool started to show color . First, it became azure . Then, it quickly turned red .

Azure, red, black, white, silver, golden, blue . There was a total of seven colors before the spiritual pool stopped .

The black-clad old man smiled and said, “The quality of the bloodline is categorized into seven grades . The more colors, the higher the quality . Xiao Chen, your Divine Dragon bloodline is a peak Divine Dragon bloodline . ”

The azure-clad man also smiled and said, “Indeed, it is as expected . With a Divine Dragon bloodline of such quality, there is hope for the resurrection of the Azure Dragon bloodline after you obtain the inheritance . ”

The group was not surprised at the quality of Xiao Chen’s bloodline . After all, the Dragon Might and the Great Desolate Divine Light from earlier already hinted at it .

However, just at this moment, something strange happened—the spiritual pool suddenly churned and turned completely purple .

Including the earlier seven colors, Xiao Chen’s bloodline showed a total of eight colors . Furthermore, the last one was purple, a color that was unheard-of .

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“What’s going on? Of the Seven Colored Divine Dragons, I have never heard of a Purple Dragon . ” The azure-clad man was greatly startled, appearing confused and even suspicious .

The others were stunned by this scene as well, so they all looked at the old Dragon Horse .

The old Dragon Horse said, “It should be due to his Cultivation Technique causing his Dragon Race bloodline to mutate . ”

After saying that, the old Dragon Horse’s expression suddenly turned extremely grave . It looked at Xiao Chen and warned, “Xiao Chen, do not ever tell anyone about this . Otherwise, all the Great Desolate Hundred Races will turn hostile towards you . ”

Xiao Chen wanted to ask something, but the old Dragon Horse interrupted him, unwilling to pursue the matter, saying, “Go to the inheritance hall . See if you can obtain an inheritance . ”

Since the other party did not want to say anything more, Xiao Chen could not force it . He could only suppress the doubts in his heart and follow the old Dragon Horse to the inheritance hall .

The moment Xiao Chen entered the inheritance hall, he discovered that the ground below him was the void, and when he looked up, he saw stars dotting a boundless universe .

This is the inheritance hall? Is this right?

The old Dragon Horse and the others all showed grave and respectful expressions .

“The many Dragon Emperors above of my Azure Dragon bloodline, today, the new master of the Azure Dragon Palace, Xiao Chen, is here to greet the ancestors . Ancestors, please do look over him!” the old Dragon Horse said respectfully to that boundless universe with an incredibly serious expression .


Right after the Dragon Horse said that, many pairs of cold dragon eyes appeared in the distant universe, covering up the light of the stars .

Many ancient auras spread out . The many pairs of dragon eyes fixed on Xiao Chen .

Xiao Chen instantly felt like he could not move . A mighty, invisible force locked down on him .

The black-clad old man and the others did not even dare to breathe loudly as they waited with incredible anxiety . If Xiao Chen could not obtain an inheritance, no matter how excellent he was, he might end up like the Azure Emperor .

While everyone waited on tenterhooks, time seemed to slow to a crawl . Every minute—every second—felt like forever .

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Suddenly, amid the many dragon eyes in the distant universe, one pair suddenly turned golden .

The golden eyes looked like two golden flames burning in the universe, completely eclipsing the starlight .


The old Dragon Horse and the others showed joy on their faces . This meant an ancestor Dragon Emperor thought highly of Xiao Chen and was willing to send out his inheritance .

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

In the next moment, many pairs of dragon eyes lit up with bright lights, becoming the most resplendent stars in the universe .

Lights flickered endlessly . The many pairs of dragon eyes seemed to be competing with each other, all of them wanting to pass on their inheritance to Xiao Chen .

“The ancestors are actually fighting over Xiao Chen . This is something that happened only once before, during the most flourishing period of the Azure Dragon bloodline . ”

The old Dragon Horse’s voice quavered; it was so excited that it lost itself somewhat . This scene was simply too shocking .

As the old Dragon Horse had guarded the Azure Dragon Palace from the ancient times until now, it had personally witnessed the Azure Dragon bloodline’s rise to glory and decline . Now that it saw such a scene today, it felt deeply moved .

Just at this moment, something strange happened .

In an even more distant part of the universe, a pair of golden eyes with scarlet flames suddenly flickered .

The moment this pair of dragon eyes appeared, the other dragon eyes competing with each other all vanished . It was as if they saw a king and withdrew .

The boundless universe suddenly turned pitch-dark, leaving only that pair of golden eyes with scarlet flames surrounding it glistening brightly .