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Chapter 273

Chapter 273: Scram

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The strength of an inherited innate Martial Spirit was indeed not something an ordinary cultivator could compare to . That cyan whirlpool managed to swallow up the electric fire .

Xiao Chen thought to himself, Although this was just a casual toss of the Purple Thunder True Fire, victory lies in the hands of the faster person . It would be very difficult for an ordinary person to dodge this .

Xiao Chen's opponent was able to block this despite being injured . This proved that he was not simple .

"Why are you still standing there? Go and capture these two brats!" the Shi Clan's Fourth Elder shouted angrily as he watched his wound that did not seem to close .

The other Shi Clan cultivators immediately got off their horses and headed for Xiao Chen and Liu Suifeng with surging killing intents .

Xiao Chen gave them a quick glance and counted them . About a hundred people were surrounding them . There were fifteen Inferior Grade Martial Saints and the remainder were peak Martial Grand Masters .

Out of the lot of them, at least half of them had the inherited Martial Spirit of the Shi Clan . Even if this group of people were to go up against a Martial King, they still held a fifty percent chance of victory .

Xiao Chen grasped the saber hilt tightly and said to Liu Suifeng, "I will watch our backs . Find a chance to leave when you can!"

When Liu Suifeng heard this, he was mildly stunned . He smiled bitterly and said, "Although I am not very strong, I am still aware that you do not have much chances of victory against these people . "


Before Liu Suifeng had finished speaking, a buzz came from a saber in the sky . The sound was initially so soft that it could not be heard . Then, it slowly and slowly became louder until it was like thunder, causing everyone's eardrums to be shaken .

Liu Suifeng' face lit up with joy . He smiled and said, "It's Yun Kexin, the eldest daughter of the Yun Clan Head . The Yun Clan's influence in Xihe City is not inferior to the Shi Clan . We should be fine now .


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The Heaven Ranked Roaming Dragon Saber descended from the sky . After that, it buried itself into the ground and the street trembled .

A translucent crystalline leaf slowly drifted down before vanishing .

After that, a person in white clothes appeared, it was Yun Kexin . She pulled out the Roaming Dragon Saber and pointed it at the Shi Clan's people . The instant the saber left the ground, the earth started to tremble .

The Shi Clan's Fourth Elder finally stopped the bleeding . When he saw Yun Kexin suddenly appearing, he said loudly, "Girl from the Yun Clan . This is none of your business, please make way . "

Yun Kexin had a calm expression on her face . She said indifferently, "Elder Shi, you are going overboard . "

The Shi Clan's Fourth Elder blushed . He knew that Yun Kexin was referring to him going against the agreement to not make a move against the younger generation .

If this was said by an elder in the Yun Clan, the Shi Clan's Fourth Elder would not refute that, he would only feel ashamed . However, since it was said by Yun Kexin, he felt even angrier .

"Since when it is the turn of a lass like you to lecture me? You are not qualified . Make way now! Stop getting in the way of my Shi Clan's work!"

"Dong! Dong! Dong!"

The deadlock continued on the street until the sound of horses could be heard . The Yun Clan cultivators had finally arrived .

The one leading them was a middle-aged man . He dismounted from his horse and slowly walked over to the Shi Clan's Fourth Elder with long strides . A horrifying aura was pressing down on the Shi Clan's Fourth Elder viciously .

Xiao Chen's Spiritual Sense picked up on this aura . Xiao Chen thought to himself in astonishment, This is the aura of a Medial Grade Martial King .  He could not help but let his gaze linger on this middle-aged man's face .

This middle-aged man was no more than forty . He had an outstanding aura and a grave and stern expression . His eyes were brimming with light as he said coldly, "If my daughter is not qualified, then do I have the qualifications to lecture you?"

In front of this surging aura, the Shi Clan's Fourth Elder was finding it somewhat difficult to breathe, his pale face looked extremely unsightly .

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The Shi Clan's Fourth Elder did not expect the Yun Clan Head—Yun Youji—to come personally over this matter . In front of such absolute power, how could he dare to be angry at all?

The Shi Clan's Fourth Elder smiled embarrassedly, "Clan Head Yun, our Clan Head has personally instructed us to ensure these two people apologize to our Shi Clan . I hope…" 


Yun Youji was expressionless . Before the Shi Clan's Fourth Elder could finish, Yun Youji scolded him, "You better scram before I get angry . If Shi Yang insists on an apology, I can accompany him to see the City Lord . We can let him decide who is right and who is wrong, as well as who should be apologizing!"

The Fourth Elder's face was completely red . He did not expect the Yun Clan Head to not give him any face . He flung his hands aside and said, "Yun Youji, just watch yourself!"

After he spoke, he led the Shi Clan cultivators to leave this place quickly . This time, the Shi Clan has completely lost all face .

Earlier, Shi Feng was tossed out into the streets . Now, the Fourth Edler was scared away by a sentence from Yun Youji . It would be impossible for their reputation to not get damaged .

After Yun Youji saw that they had gone far away, he ignored them and turned around to face Xiao Chen . He walked over and said with a smile, "You must be Ye Chen . Kexin mentioned you before . You are indeed a heroic youth .

"Come, the two of you should follow me to the Yun Residence . No one will harass you there . "

Up on the third floor of Liushang Pavilion, Mu Yanxue muttered to herself when she saw Xiao Chen together with the Yun Clan, "Shi Feng…you probably still do not know who you have offended . Looks like the Night Spirit Palace will have to reconsider our cooperation with the Shi Clan . " 

"Senior Sister Mu, how strong is this person exactly? Why do I feel that we were unable to resist at all in front of him? Our cultivation realms are clearly similar, why is this so?" A Night Spirit Palace disciple asked .

Mu Yanxue thought for a while before saying, "Cultivation realm is not the only indicator of a cultivator's combat prowess . A cultivator's true combat prowess includes their cultivation realm and the grade and rank of all their Martial Techniques, Movement Techniques, as well as Cultivation Techniques .

"Furthermore, there is also the comprehension of states within their Martial Techniques . Finally, there are also some external factors like Spirit Weapon, Battle Armor, and Secret Treasures . All these added together makes up the true combat prowess of a cultivator .

"All his Martial Techniques, Cultivation Techniques, and Movement Techniques are at least Superior Grade Earth Ranked . In addition, he has a strong physical body and comprehension of states . In terms of combat prowess, even ten of you would not be a match for him . "

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That person was feeling somewhat unconvinced . "According to  your words, even First Senior Brother is not a match for him . "

Mu Yanxue smiled faintly and said, "Mu Chengxue's cultivation is higher than his, his Martial Techniques, Movement Techniques, and Cultivation Techniques are not weaker than his either . The thing he loses out in is the strength of the physical body . If the two of them fought, their odds of victory are fifty-fifty each . "

Another person said, "Senior Sister Mu, I think you are overestimating him . From what I saw earlier, he seemed to not be able to do anything to Senior Sister . He is definitely not a match for First Senior Brother . "

Mu Yanxue said gently, "Three days later, Mu Chengxue will be participating in that auction as well . If I guessed correctly, this person is also here to participate in the auction . By then, we will know who is stronger . "


In a Small Courtyard in the Yun Residence, Xihe City . Xiao Chen and Yun Kexin sat at a stone table . She placed the Roaming Dragon Saber in her hands on the stone table . Then, she looked at Xiao Chen and said, "Thank you for your Roaming Dragon Saber . It helped me obtain the status of the Yun Clan's successor . "

A Spirit Weapon can increase the attacking strength of a cultivator . However, the higher the cultivation realm, the weaker the effect of external items . A Profound Ranked Spirit Weapon can raise the attacking prowess of a Martial Grand Master by twenty percent . However, for a Martial Saint, it would not even raise it by ten percent .

Only an Earth Ranked Spirit Weapon and above would be able to raise a Martial Saint's attacking prowess by twenty percent . Furthermore, an Inferior Grade Heaven Ranked Spirit Weapon would be able to raise the attacking prowess of a Martial Saint by fifty percent .

If Yun Kexin's strength was raised by fifty percent, a regular Superior Grade Martial Saint would not be a match for her .

Yun Kexin watched as Xiao Chen placed the Roaming Dragon Saber into his Universe Ring . Then she asked in a probing manner, "I discovered that your saber is only an Inferior Grade Earth Ranked Spirit Weapon . Why are you not using this Heaven Ranked Spirit Weapon?" 

Currently, the Roaming Dragon Saber was indeed stronger than the Lunar Shadow Saber . However, Xiao Chen did not have the intention to use the Roaming Dragon Saber . This was because the Lunar Shadow Saber had much more potential than the Roaming Dragon Saber .

A future Sub-Divine Weapon versus a Heaven Ranked Spirit Weapon . Xiao Chen knew which he should pick . In addition, he had already developed some special feelings for the Lunar Shadow Saber, such feelings would be difficult to get over in this lifetime .

Xiao Chen smiled and said, "I probably got used to it . I only obtained the Roaming Dragon Saber by chance . In the end, I can't use it as smoothly as I can with the Lunar Shadow Saber .

When Yun Kexin heard this, she felt joy in her heart . She said, "If it is possible, I would like to buy this Heaven Ranked Weapon . Do you have any intentions to sell it?"

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Xiao Chen was somewhat stunned . He did not understand why  Yun Kexin wanted to buy the Roaming Dragon Saber . Although there were no new Heaven Ranked Spirit Weapons in the Tianwu Continent for several hundreds of years, there were still many Heaven Ranked Spirit Weapons . If there were no accidents, there should be no problems for a Heaven Ranked Spirit Weapon to survive for thousands of years, given their quality .  

In the end, the Roaming Dragon Saber was only an Inferior Grade Heaven Ranked Spirit Weapon . After one became a Martial King, it would not be very useful anymore . With Yun Kexin's talent, she should have no problems with advancing to Martial King . By then, it would not be worth it to purchase another Heaven Ranked Spirit Weapon .

Xiao Chen felt suspicious so he asked, "Are you sure you want to purchase this Heaven Ranked Spirit Weapon?"

Yun Kexin nodded seriously, "Yes, you can make an offer . As the successor of the Yun Clan, the amount of resources at my disposal is now much more than before . I will not let you suffer any disadvantages . "

Yun Kexin's attitude was very resolute, it even made Xiao Chen hesitate . Xiao Chen could not really use this Roaming Dragon Saber, he could only keep it as a backup weapon .

If the price was right, there were no problems with selling it . However, this seemed very out of the ordinary, making it hard for Xiao Chen to make a decision . Could there be some secret within the Roaming Dragon Saber that he did not know about?

When Yun Kexin saw Xiao Chen hesitate, she continued, "Brother Ye, do you know what item holds the most attraction in this auction?"

Xiao Chen said, "In the once-a-decade auction of Linlang Pavilion, they would take out some precious manuals, high-ranked Battle Armor, Spirit Weapons, or some natural treasures, right? Could there be something else apart from these?"

Yun Kexin said calmly, "These are only the basic items . The biggest highlight of this auction is a Secret Treasure . "

Xiao Chen felt it was suspicious, "Did you say Secret Treasure? Every auction seems to have those though . There were just less of them . "

Ye Kexin explained, "It is different this time . When the Demon Battlefield in the desolate lands opened up, some people found many complete Secret Treasures there . Every auction this time would have at least one complete Secret Treasure in every round . "

Complete Secret Treasure? Xiao Chen thought . He continued pondering, The production methods of the Secret Treasures from the Ancient Era have been lost already .

Although there were many Secret Treasures that were passed down, many of them were not complete . Most of them had some amount of damages to the formation markings in them .

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