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Published at 19th of March 2018 05:03:17 AM

Chapter 320

Chapter 320: Perfect Secret Tunnel; A Whole New World

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Xiao Chen had never seriously looked into the use of Spirit Power in a fight . There were no introductory methods . He basically ignored it and only used Spiritual Sense .

Xiao Chen could not see any benefits to opening the sea of conscious for now . So he did not think about it . Hence, he wanted to summon the throne to examine it first .

With a thought, the scarlet throne mark between his eyebrows flashed with a red light . The throne in his sea of consciousness immediately flew out .


The scarlet throne floated in the air . Xiao Chen discovered that he already sat on it . His arms rested on the armrest as he gently leaned on the backrest of the throne .

There was a churning scarlet cloud underneath the throne . It seemed like the reason the throne could float was due to the scarlet cloud .

Xiao Chen felt this scarlet throne was like a part of his flesh . He felt an extremely intimate connection with it; it was much stronger than what he had felt with the combat puppets . There was no way to compare the two; they were simply on different levels .

As Xiao Chen sat on the scarlet throne, a trace of the uncontrollable Ruler's Might emitted into the surroundings . This Ruler's Might released unconsciously; even he did not feel it .

It was just a small trace of Ruler's Might, but the aura and strength contained within caused one to feel fear in their heart . It was like an Emperor's Qi . If regular people felt it, they would prostrate on the ground, unable to resist .


Xiao Chen looked forward and locked on a direction . The scarlet cloud carried the throne and immediately flew in that direction . In the blink of an eye, it moved a hundred meters .

Xiao Chen gently patted the armrest and muttered, "A casual movement can achieve the speed of sound . Furthermore, that was not the full extent of its abilities . If it flew at full force, it should achieve 1 . 5 times the speed of sound . It looks like I have another option of escape in the future .

Xiao Chen felt somewhat excited as he experienced the flying capabilities of the scarlet throne for the first time . He flew around the rubble for a long time before stopping .


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Xiao Chen pierced through the scarlet cloud and landed firmly on the ground . The mark between his eyebrows flashed red, and the scarlet throne turned into a beam of light and returned to the sea of consciousness .

"This scarlet throne has a lot of secrets behind it . I will slowly investigate them in the future," Xiao Chen said softly as he rubbed the mark on his forehead .

Suddenly, Xiao Chen remembered something . He took out a bronze mirror from the Universe Ring . Then, he looked at his reflection . There were no changes to his appearance aside from his skin looking whiter .

Fortunately, the effects of the Shapeshifting Spell were still active . Otherwise, if he were exposed here, he could only leave before the others .

As Xiao Chen was going to set down the mirror, his eyes' caught a glimpse of something . The scarlet throne mark on his forehead looked like a drop of fresh blood .

This caused Xiao Chen's ordinary and delicate face to have a demonic look about it . This would leave a deep impression on anyone who saw it .

That's not good; this mark is too eye-catching . It will make me stand out .  Xiao Chen put down the copper mirror . Then, he took out a strip of blue cloth to cover the mark on his forehead .

When the blue cloth covered his forehead, it made Xiao Chen's delicate face look less demonic and more refreshing .

It was not so eye-catching anymore; he now looked utterly ordinary . However, his delicate face gave off a sincere look, making one feel cozy; he had a very pleasant appearance .

After Xiao Chen prepared everything, he intended to lead the two silver-armored warriors away . However, he discovered a hole under the scarlet throne .

"It is a perfectly intact secret tunnel . " Xiao Chen looked down the hole and muttered, "A secret tunnel under the throne, there must be a whole new world inside . Let's go down to take a look . "

After Xiao Chen spoke, he ordered the two silver-armored warriors to jump down . Then, he followed after them . This way, if there were any danger, the silver-armored warriors could block it .

About ten minutes after Xiao Chen left, a stout cultivator quickly returned to the rubble . An excited look filled his face as he searched the area .

Occasionally, the stout cultivator would punch out, clearing away all the dust and rubble on the ground . This person was the top physical body cultivator of the Dongming Province—Wen Yanbin .

After searching for a long time, an anxious expression appeared on his face . He cursed, "Damn it! I was already swift . I did not go with the others to seek other Secret Treasures . Why can I not find the two silver-armored warriors?"

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Suddenly, Wen Yanbin caught a glimpse of something . The original location of the throne was empty . Hence, he quickly walked over .

When Wen Yanbin saw the hole under the previously present throne, his expression darkened . After a while, he said sullenly, "This person must have obtained the two silver-armored warriors . If I chase after him, I might not be able to defeat him .

"Never mind . I should go and take a look first . My full power strike can achieve ten thousand kilograms of force without using any Essence . It is silent and has no aura . I might stand a chance with a sneak attack . "

Thinking of this, Wen Yanbin no longer hesitated . He put on a resolute expression and jumped into the hole .

Shortly after, several batches of people returned to the hall . Their aim was the same as Wen Yanbin . Naturally, they did not find the silver-armored warriors .

Instead, they found the secret tunnel . These people did not hesitate and jumped in, one after another .

The secret tunnel under the throne was definitely not an ordinary exit . If Xiao Chen could realize that, the others could as well .


"Bang! Bang!"

There were two dull, heavy thuds as the silver-armored warriors landed on the ground . "Dang! Dang! Dang!" The instant they landed, strands of sword Qi flew from the front and struck the silver-armored warriors .

Xiao Chen quickly executed the Gravity Spell and slowed his rate of descent . When he looked down, he saw a broad tunnel .

A lit oil lamp hung every few meters along the two sides of the tunnel . This made the tunnel very bright .

Iron-armored warriors densely packed the tunnel . With a rough count, there were several dozens . Fortunately, there were the two silver-armored warriors to scout ahead . Otherwise, had Xiao Chen dropped down first, he would have had to withstand many attacks . Even he would find it difficult to manage .

The two silver-armored warriors did their best to block the multitude of iron-armored warriors . Strands of sharp sword Qi flew everywhere, creating a lot of sound .

The iron-armored warriors' sword Qi were relatively weak . When the silver-armored warriors touched them, they broke .

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However, the iron-armored warriors had rather high defenses . Although the silver-armored warriors could break their opponent's sword Qi, their sword Qi could not deal with them .

It took three strands of sword Qi before they could smash an iron-armored warrior's head .

The situation seemed somewhat concerning . Xiao Chen did not wish to waste any time . He summoned back the two silver-armored warriors with his thoughts . He decided to take action personally . After all, the iron-armored warriors only had the combat prowess of Medial Grade Martial Saints .

"Pu chi!"

Xiao Chen released the Gravity Spell and landed quickly . He drew his Lunar Shadow Saber with lightning speed and sent a purple light at an iron-armored warrior rushing forward, hacking it in half .

"Glittering Wukui!"

Xiao Chen shouted and infused the state of thunder into his Saber Technique . The purple divine Wukui Tree branch turned into strands of saber Qi flickering with electricity .

The flickering saber Qi flashed by the group of iron-armored warriors in the tunnel . "Bang! Bang! Bang!" Everywhere the saber Qi passed, iron-armored warriors split in half and fell to the ground .

"Wukui Transforms to Qi!"

Xiao Chen shouted again and brandished a saber light . An ancient divine Wukui Tree appeared from nowhere . Then, it instantly turned into countless purple saber Qi, flying chaotically through the tunnel .

Loud bangs endlessly resonated from the tunnel . The sharp saber Qi sliced through these iron-armored warriors like tofu; it easily sliced them into many pieces without much effort .

When the saber Qi scattered, the several dozen iron-armored warriors in the tunnel were all scraps of metal, shattered . If anyone else saw this, they would feel this was a waste .

Unfortunate, the combat prowess of these iron-armored warriors were insufficient for Xiao Chen . He could barely use the silver-armored warriors . What he really wanted was the gold-armored warrior, the equivalent of an Inferior Grade Martial King .

Since Xiao Chen was in a rush, he could not hold himself back . He sheathed his saber and indicated the two silver-armored warriors to scout ahead . Then, he followed after them .

As Xiao Chen traveled down the tunnel, he would meet a group of iron-armored warriors every hundred meters . When he added the Holy-Might-infused state of thunder to his Saber Technique, Xiao Chen was unstoppable .

Everywhere his saber light passed, destruction followed . Killing iron-armored warriors was as easy as killing dogs . Nothing could stop him from advancing . Sometimes, inferior goods could not be made up for with numbers . There was no point in collecting more trash .

Xiao Chen moved at this pace without rest . After he traveled about five kilometers and passed several side roads, the end of the tunnel appeared before Xiao Chen .

Xiao Chen stopped . There were two doors at the end . After he spent five minutes clearing away the guard at the doors, he immediately controlled the silver-armored warriors to open them .

After Xiao Chen saw no danger, he slowly entered . Past the door was an average-sized room filled with heavy bookshelves .

Xiao Chen rejoiced in his heart . This should be the Fire Li Sect's library . However, after a while, his expression changed . The bookshelves were empty, without a book to be seen .

Somewhat dissatisfied, Xiao Chen started his search of the library . Eventually, he found a tattered book under one bookshelf .

Although it was tattered and old, the paper was well preserved . The contents were intact .

Xiao Chen rejoiced once again . He quickly opened it and saw that the title of this book was Compendium of Ancient Secret Treasures . This book introduced the various types of Ancient Era Secret Treasures and their effects .

Seeing this, Xiao Chen's heart sank . This was different from the Secret Treasure refining manual he sought .

Indeed, it was as Xiao Chen expected . As he read, he learned that it was an introduction to the Secret Treasures of the Ancient Era, their effects, and which famed masters they possessed .

However, it did not contain the refining method of Secret Treasures . This was what Xiao Chen cared about . He shook his head and smiled bitterly, "This was a book used to prop up a bookshelf . Yet, I expected so much from it . Never mind . I can use it as reading material when I'm bored . I'll just treat it as expanding my horizons . "

"Huh, this is the scarlet throne? Scarlet throne, a Secret Treasure refined by the ancient Evil King . Secret Treasure grading: peak Superior Grade . " Suddenly, Xiao Chen saw a scarlet throne drawn on a page . He quickly and seriously read it .

However, after he flipped a page, he discovered that someone had ripped out the chapter introducing it in detail .

Xiao Chen said, somewhat depressed, "What's going on? I just reached the important parts, and it is missing . "

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