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Chapter 359

Chapter 359: Unrivaled Throughout the World

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Yan Chixue looked at the calm Xiao Chen . Then, he said, “I will seek justice for my Second Brother! Dragon Seizing Hand!”

Yan Chixue stretched out his arm, and a huge black hand appeared in the sky . This was the exclusive Martial Technique of the Yan Clan’s inherited Martial Spirit .  

The huge hand was a hundred meters wide . The lines on the palm were clearly visible . While in the air, it felt like it covered the sky .


A bolt of lightning flashed in the sky . Xiao Chen leaped into the air, and the snow-white Lunar Shadow Saber flickered with electric light . A saber light appeared on his saber .

“Chop!” Xiao Chen shouted and brandished his saber . The huge black hand was instantly chopped in half, split right down the middle .

Yan Chixue’s expression did not change . He waved his hand, and the huge black hand reformed in the air .

Then, Yan Chixue clenched his fist . The huge black hand retaliated and tried to grab Xiao Chen . Xiao Chen dodged quickly and moved a hundred meters to the side before landing on the ground .


The huge black hand that just landed turned into a fist and chased him .

The huge black hand was very strong; if Xiao Chen faced it head-on, he would exhaust himself . Furthermore, it was merely an appetizer . Exhausting himself now would not benefit him in later battles .

I shall dodge, for now, Xiao Chen thought . Then, his figure flickered around . The huge black hand smashed around the arena, continuously moving .  

However, it could not catch Xiao Chen . Instead, Yan Chixue’s Essence was being exhausted very quickly . Not long later, his Essence started to dry up .

Now! Xiao Chen grabbed hold of this opportunity as he felt that the speed of the huge black hand had decreased significantly .

Xiao Chen quickly sheathed his Lunar Shadow Saber and punched the air with his right hand . A similar huge black hand appeared and used its two fingers as a sword . Soon, it pierced Yan Chixue’s hand .

Isn’t this the exclusive Martial Technique of my Yan Clan? He does not have our inherited Martial Spirit; even if he has the secret manual, it is impossible for him to learn it!

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When Yan Chixue saw the huge black hand, he was immediately stunned . Xiao Chen’s expression turned grave . He did not give Yan Chixue any time to hesitate .

The huge black hand turned into a fist and smashed Yan Chixue’s body .

“Pu chi!”

Yan Chixue immediately turned pale and vomited a mouthful of blood . Even after he was smashed to the ground, he did not understand what had happened .

Xiao Chen gently waved his hand, and the huge black hand smacked Yan Chixue out of the arena with a massive force .

“He only used one move to defeat Yan Chixue . Furthermore, he used the exclusive Martial Technique of the Yan Clan . This Xiao Chen is too shocking . ”

“They used the same exclusive Martial Technique, and yet Yan Chixue lost to an outsider . How embarrassing . ”

The cultivators in the spectator stands all commented on the fight . They did not hold much hope for Yan Chixue and Xiao Chen’s fight . Hence, they were not overly astonished .

However, they did not expect Yan Chixue to not even last ten moves and lose so quickly .

“Look; the Guiyi Marquis is stepping up . This time, the victor is unclear from the start . ” The cultivators in the spectator stands all perked up .

The Guiyi Marquis wore golden Battle Armor . He held the two-meter-long Holy Weapon in his hand, the Sky Splitting Sword . He looked at Xiao Chen and said, “You have fought continuously and exhausted a good deal of Essence . I will give you a three-move handicap . You can make three moves first . I will only attack after you have made your three moves . ”

Xiao Chen smiled faintly, “There is no need for you to give me a handicap . Speak after you survive three moves . ”

“Rushing Thunder Roars, Ten Thousand Horses Galloping!”

The Guiyi Marquis was not Yan Chixue . His strength was significantly stronger than the latter . Xiao Chen did not have any thoughts of trying to probe his opponent’s strength .

Xiao Chen was prepared to end this quickly . He did not want this fight to drag out . That would not be good for him . Hence, he unleashed a big move from the very start .

Thunderclouds churned in the sky . A huge whirlpool of electricity appeared from nowhere . The clear sky was instantly gloomy . As the electric whirlpool spun, electricity flickered . The lightning-attributed Spiritual Energy in the heaven and earth gathered .

“Rumble…!” The sound of horses and soldiers came from the electric whirlpool . It resounded throughout the entire drill ground, ringing in the ears of all the cultivators .

“What Martial Technique is this? Why is its Mysterious Phenomenon so shocking?” When the cultivators in the spectator stands felt the horrifying energy in the electric whirlpool, their expressions changed .

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The Guiyi Marquis’ expression turned grave . He stuck the Sky Splitting Sword in the ground in front of him with a ‘dang’ sound .

“Zi zi!”

Ripples appeared in the space around the Guiyi Marquis as if the surrounding space were water . It made his figure appear blurry .

Xiao Chen felt like his opponent was now thousands of kilometers away . Furthermore, his figure moved around; his position was not fixed .

The Guiyi Marquis used the might of the Holy Weapon, changing the natural laws within the arena . This made the five sense turn chaotic .

“In the end, you merely use the Holy Weapon to change the natural laws . It is not your own power . In the face of absolute power, it is useless!”

Xiao Chen issued a warcry, and all the electric knights in the electric whirlpool merged . Then, a knight flickering with golden electricity emerged .

The golden knight roared ferociously, and he pierced the air that obstructed him with his spear, heading toward the Guiyi Marquis with lightning speed .

When the golden knight arrived within a hundred meters of the Guiyi Marquis, it turned blurry as well . It’s lightning-fast speed immediately slowed . Everyone could see its movements clearly .

“Hu hu!”

It was like the golden knight had traveled for more than ten thousand meters, moving for a long period . The knight flickering with golden lightning seemed like it could not reach the Guiyi Marquis . It remained a hundred meters from the Guiyi Marquis .

However, this situation did not last for long . The rippling space started to crack . Soon, the small realm shattered .

There was a limit to using the Holy Weapon to change the natural laws . It could not last for an infinite amount of time .

The spear of the electric knight that traveled for several ten thousand meters had dimmed slightly . However, it was still resplendent and dazzling .


The Guiyi Marquis used the sword to block . The broad blade stopped the spear tip . The spear carried a huge force; it forced the Guiyi Marquis back relentlessly .

The Guiyi Marquis’ feet sank deep into the ground as he was pushed back . After a while, two deep pits manifested . The knight had forced the Guiyi Marquis to the edge of the arena . His heels hung off the edge .

There was nowhere for the Guiyi Marquis to retreat . He roared and tossed his body backward . He held the Sky Splitting Sword with both hands and swung .

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Just as the spear tip was about to pierce the Guiyi Marquis, the sword violent struck the electric knight’s body . Xiao Chen had already learned of the horrifying strength the Guiyi Marquis possessed in the Ink Forest .

The electric knight had already traveled for more several ten thousand meters and exhausted a large amount of its energy . The result was easy to imagine .

There was a loud explosion, and the force carried by the sword blasted the knight into strands of purple electricity, scattering them into the air .

“Wukui Shakes the Heavens!”

Everything was within Xiao Chen’s control . He had already stored up energy for the Wukui Saber Technique’s killing move .

The ancient, divine Wukui Tree appeared from nowhere . Branches and leaves filled the tree . It looked like it could hold up the sky as it blocked out the sun . It flickered with a purple light .

The Wukui Tree carried a huge amount of electrical energy like a mountain made completely of electricity . It headed for the Guiyi Marquis and pressed down violently .

The Guiyi Marquis, who had lost the initiative in this fight, still had not recovered his wits from the first killing move . In that instant, he could only use his left hand and press it against the sword blade, hoping to block this Wukui Tree .


The Guiyi Marquis had no means to resist . The absolute force shattered a corner of the arena into rubble in an instant .

The Guiyi Marquis slipped, and his body fell with the rubble, tumbling below the arena .

The electric energy on the divine tree did not show any signs of fading . It blasted apart the Guiyi Marquis’ defense and struck his chest heavily .

“Pu ci!”

The huge force slammed into the Guiyi Marquis . His internal organs were all shaken . He could not help but vomit a mouthful of blood .

Xiao Chen’s figure flashed . He stood in the arena and looked at the fallen Guiyi Marquis . He asked indifferently, “Do you still want to compete?”

The Guiyi Marquis felt utter dissatisfaction in his heart . His still had not used his killing move yet . If he had used it from the beginning, how could he have been forced into a passive position? He could not even defend against the two moves .

However, it was too late . The Guiyi Marquis had purposely tried to show off against Xiao Chen . From that moment, his fate was sealed .

“Unfortunately, the Guiyi Marquis’ loss was undeserved . He showed off to much and gave Xiao Chen the chance to use his killing move with full force . Otherwise, he would not have lost so quickly and thrown from the arena in two moves . ”

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“He used one move to defeat Yan Chixue, two moves to defeat the Guiyi Marquis; adding the earlier battles, he also defeated the Holy Land’s people . What exactly are the limits of this Xiao Chen? Could it be that the noble clans cannot defeat him one-on-one?”

Consecutive battles and consecutive wins, Xiao Chen had displayed a shocking strength .

Xiao Chen gave the crowd one surprise after another . At this moment, the crowd suspected he would become famous after this, his name resounding through the world, trampling on the geniuses of the noble clans and climbing to the peak where he belonged .

“That is impossible . He must have already exhausted a large amount of Essence executing those two big killing moves . In the end, he is only a peak Medial Grade Martial Saint . At best, he only has half his Essence left . The remaining people are the noble clan heirs with powerful Martial Spirits . ”

“Each opponent is stronger than the last . Xiao Chen’s Essence will only lessen . I assume that he will fall during the next fight . Don’t forget; an unfathomable Mu Chengxue waits at the side . ”

The moment someone said something positive, people would argue immediately . Most thought that Xiao Chen would certainly meet his defeat today .

Xiao Chen ignored the lively discussion outside the arena . He did not care about fame or humiliation . Others’ words would not have any impact on him .

“Hua Yunfei is stepping up . I heard that he has awakened that ancient Evil Spirit . This is the true battle . ”

When Hua Yunfei looked at the arena in shambles, he frowned slightly . He said, “Let’s change the location . ”

The two leaped into the air and landed firmly in a brand new arena . Then, Hua Yunfei quickly drew his scarlet sword .

Hua Yunfei revealed a sinister smile on his handsome face, “Although I have only comprehended the state of massacre to Small Perfection, it is more than enough to deal with you . ”

“Pu ci!”

“Hua Yunfei did not even give Xiao Chen the chance to respond . He quickly sent out a scarlet sword Qi with his blade . Then, he followed after the sword Qi, rushing forward .

It was clear that Hua Yunfei did not want to make the same mistake as the Guiyi Marquis .

“Glittering Wukui!”

Xiao Chen swung the Lunar Shadow Saber, sending out dense purple saber Qi . This was the first move of the Wukui Saber Technique infused with the state of thunder .

Hua Yunfei smiled faintly, “The state of massacre is a higher level than all of the energy states . No matter how powerful your state of thunder is, it will be useless . ”

“Pu ci!”

A ferocious state of massacre was contained in the scarlet sword Qi . It broke the purple saber Qi Xiao Chen had sent out like snapping dead branches on a tree, shattering them into nothing .

“Bloody Death Below Heaven, Shadowless Passing Sword!”

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