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Chapter 40

Chapter 40: Six-Tailed Spirit Fox

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Tang Yuan felt dissatisfied in his heart, but he did not dare to disobey the wishes of the First Elder . This mission had gotten to this point all because of his huge mistake .

Originally, this mission was supposed to be very easy and relaxed . After he finished this mission, he would be able to leave a good impression on his father . At the same time, he would be able to pull the First Elder and Second Elder towards his side . This way, he would be able to suppress his second brother . From the looks of things, all of his plans had now gone awry .

He now only hoped that he would be able to successfully bring back the little Spirit Fox . To see if he could use this merit to cover up for his mistake, to reduce his punishment to a minimum .

The blue-clothed person looked strangely at the departing group of people, as though he knew long ago that Tang Feng would make such a decision . Sheathing his sword, he smiled, “First Elder, come with me and go back the way we came from!”

“Senior Leng, Did… did I hear that correctly? Go back the way we came from?” Tang Feng said in shock .

The blue-clothed man added coldly: “That Six-Tailed Spirit Fox is just a spent force; after a short period of time, it would lose all of its fighting capabilities . I do not wish to let the Xiao Clan benefit from this . ”

Tang Feng’s brain seemed to have stopped working for that moment, unable to understand what the blue-clothed person sought to pull off, “If that is so, then why did you get Tang Yuan and the rest to leave?”

The blue-clothed man smiled, “A group of Martial Masters would not be able to make an impact . Instead, if the Xiao Clan discovers them, it would cause additional problems . They might as well take the opportunity to leave first . ”

In truth, the blue-clothed man had never had any intentions of letting that group of people leave alive . Carrying the infant Spirit Fox, they would very soon be apprehended by the Six-Tailed Spirit Fox . When that happened, they would have no chance of survival .

This group of people was only good for one thing—luring away the Six-Tailed Spirit Fox, to not let the berserk Six-Tailed Spirit-Fox come looking for the blue-clothed man himself . The berserk Six-Tailed Spirit Fox’s strength was equal to that of a Martial King . The blue-clothed man did not want to be in the center of its attention . The longer that group was able to lure it away for, the better it would be for him .

At this point in time, the sound of the cries of Spirit Beasts came from behind them . When the blue-clothed man took a look at the pursuers behind him, he saw that were five Rank 4 Spirit Beasts, all Purple Arm Apes .

“Earth Dragon Pulse!”

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The blue-clothed man snorted coldly . Suddenly, a ripple appeared on the ground . What looked like a long snake swimming slowly in a spiral could be seen on the ground .


A huge Earth Dragon burst out of the ground with a surging force . It caused the rocks on the ground to be smashed to pieces as it roared furiously and headed towards the five Purple Arm Apes .

The Five Purple Arm Apes were not able to evade in time, inadvertently struck by the technique . The forced contained in the tailed of the dragon instantly knocked them down . Following that, the head of the dragon smashed down like a whip against them, ensuring they would never get up again .

“Let’s go!” Looking at the dumbstruck Tang Feng, the blue-clothed man said indifferently .

The two of them proceeded to leave silently . But little did they know, Xiao Chen’s Spiritual Sense had caught all of this . The change in his method of using Spiritual Sense had allowed him to virtually double his range . By coincidence, his focused sense had been pointed towards this group of people .

Withdrawing his Spiritual Sense, Xiao Chen felt fear lurch in his heart . The strength of a Martial Saint was terrifying . He was able to instantly defeat five Rank 4 Spirit Beasts .

After saying his goodbyes to Xiao Yulan, Xiao Chen had immediately left the encampment . He had furthermore headed towards the direction of Tang Yuan and the others and chased after them . Considering their strongest was only a Martial Master and that the majority of them had already incurred injuries, he felt safe in doing so .

What Xiao Chen wanted to do now was to snatch away the infant of the Six-Tailed Spirit Fox . The descendants of the Six-Tailed Spirit Fox would be born as a Rank 6 Spirit Beast . After it grew older, there was no need for it to evolve in order for it to have six tails .

There was a set of cultivation techniques for Demonic Beasts in the Compendium of Cultivation . It should be suitable for Spirit Beasts to cultivate as well . A naturally born Rank 6 Spirit Beast, in addition to the assistance from the Compendium of Cultivation, would inevitably be able to become Xiao Chen’s strongest support .

This is why Xiao Chen had decided on snatching away the infant Spirit Fox . Furthermore, he had the Spirit Blood Jade at his disposal . After he snatched it away, he could instantly seal it using the Spirit Blood Jade and hide the aura of the infant . He would then no longer be afraid of the Six-Tailed Spirit Fox’s desire for vengeance .

After Xiao Chen left the encampment, he immediately used the Gravity Spell and slowly flew up . He did not dare to fly too high as there were many flying Spirit Beasts within Seven Horn Mountain .

Gravity Spell, its practicality in battle would minuscule due to the fact that it took too much time to activate, but it was useful for traveling swiftly across distances . Xiao Chen locked his Spiritual Sense onto Tang Yuan and his group as he slowly caught up .

Through his Spiritual Sense, Xiao Chen was able to see that Tang Yuan and his group of people were caught up in battle with a group of Rank 4 Spirit Beasts . He could also feel a very strong aura in the distance rushing madly over . This should be the already berserk Six-Tailed Spirit Fox .

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After a few more minutes, the figures of Tang Yuan and his group finally appeared within Xiao Chen’s vision . Xiao Chen, who was floating in the air, landed on a tree branch, observing the group of people below him .

There were seven people . Aside from Tang Yuan, who was a Superior Grade Martial Disciple, the rest of them were Middle Grade or Inferior Grade Martial Masters . Surrounding them was a group of three Rank 4 Blood Wolves, each one possessing the strength of a Martial Grand Master .

It was only a matter of time before these seven people would fall . Even if they could defeat this group of Blood Wolves . With the speed of the Six-Tailed Spirit Fox, it would be able to rush over soon . By then, their death would be even more miserable .

Xiao Chen only had to patiently wait for an opportunity . He did not have to put himself in too much danger .

“First Young Master, you should go first . We can block them with just us . ” One of the seven men said .

Tang Yuan had been waiting for someone to say this all along . He immediately left quickly with the infant Spirit Fox in his embrace .

His opportunity was here! Xiao Chen smiled as his body moved gently through the air, quietly following him .

Tang Yuan did his best to quickly run down the mountain . Looking at the infant Spirit Fox in his arms, he felt helpless and dissatisfied . If it were not for that strange person appearing out of the blue, he would not have fallen to such straits .


In that dark night, a flash of lightning suddenly streaked in front of his eyes . Tang Yuan was startled and tried to retreat as he thought, Could it be that he is here?

After that flash of light, Xiao Chen’s figure slowly took shape in the dark . He looked at Tang Yuan with a spurious smile, “Young Master Tang, it has been a while . ”

After clearly seeing Xiao Chen’s appearance, Tang Yuan was in disbelief as he said in astonishment: “It’s . . . you, Xiao Chen . How could it be…”

“Hand over the infant of the Six-Tailed Spirit Fox . ” Xiao Chen ignored Tang Yuan’s astonishment as he coldly said .

Tang Yuan stared blankly for a while before suddenly laughing out loud, “You have hidden yourself well . All of us have failed to see through you . However, the people I hate the most are the ones who hide their strength . Like you . ”

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“You want this infant Spirit Fox? I will kill it right now and none of us will be able to get it . ”

Tang Yuan seemed to be remembering a painful memory as he maniacally raised the infant Spirit Fox high up and ruthlessly smashed it towards the ground .


A string of purple flames erupted from Xiao Chen’s finger and spiraled for a few rounds before being fired at Tang Yuan . The purple flames instantly reached Tang Yuan’s body .

Tang Yuan was shocked as he pulled his hands back, placing the Spirit Fox back in his arms . He then extended his right palm and used his Essence to create a small shield .


The flames easily pierced through the Essence shield in Tang Yuan’s hands like a nail piercing through wood . After that, it made contact with his arm . Tang Yuan cried out miserably as his right hand quickly turned to ashes, forcing him to drop the Spirit Fox in his embrace .

Xiao Chen shouted lightly and stomped his foot on the ground, thrusting himself forward . With a kick, he quickly knocked Tang Yuan flying and grabbed the Spirit Fox with his hand .

“Don’t kill me, don’t kill… me…”

Lying on the ground, Tang Yuan saw Xiao Chen’s fierce expression . He immediately begged for mercy, immediately losing all the backbone he had earlier . Keeping this kind of person around would just cause trouble . Naturally, Xiao Chen would not let him off .

With a flick of his finger, he fired out the Purple Thunder True Fire . In the next moment, Tang Yuan was completely surrounded by the fire . Before he could even cry out, he was already burnt to ashes .

After looking at the pile of ash on the ground, Xiao Chen looked away and then looked at the infant Six-Tailed Spirit Fox in his arms .

Its snow-white fur was not blemished by any dirt or dust . Its eyes were currently closed, just like a serene kitten . It looked extremely cute . However, this little guy was not aware that its mother had already turned berserk because of it .

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Feeling sorry for it, Xiao Chen took out the Spirit Blood Jade . He bit his finger and dripped a drop of blood onto the jade . As the blood came in contact with the jade, Xiao Chen immediately felt as though a small part of his soul left his body and entered into the Spirit Blood Jade .

He felt slightly astonished in his heart . Nature was truly a great craftsman . Such a miraculous object could actually be naturally formed . Withdrawing his thoughts, he followed the method that Xiao Yulan taught him and cut a small wound on the infant Spirit Fox’s body . Then he also dripped a drop of the Spirit Fox’s blood on the Spirit Blood Jade .


After feeling some pain, it woke up and struggled out of Xiao Chen’s embrace . Before it managed to reach the ground, a strong suction force came from the Spirit Blood Jade and sucked the little Spirit Fox in .

Xiao Chen sent a thread of Spiritual Sense into the Spirit Blood Jade . After he entered, a boundless space appeared before his eyes . A little Spirit Fox stood in that empty space, and the small cut he had made on it had already healed as it looked curiously in every direction .

Withdrawing his Spiritual Sense, before he could do anything, he felt a strong aura . In the dark night, a bright light shone on Xiao Chen, causing his aura to be suppressed . He did not dare to make any movements .


The light descended onto the ground and a ten-meter tall Six-Tailed Spirit Fox appeared in front of Xiao Chen . It had six tails that were twenty meters long, pointing towards the sky . Its eyes were bloodshot, staring intently at Xiao Chen .

A baleful aura that filled the sky came from its body . Under this pressure, Xiao Chen found it hard to breathe . His forehead was filled with sweat as his hands continuously trembled .

How was it able to come here so fast? Xiao Chen looked at the Six-Tailed Spirit Fox, his heart filled with astonishment . The arrival of this Six-Tailed Spirit Fox was very untimely .


In this critical moment, the Azure Dragon within Xiao Chen’s body released a loud and long roar . The might of a Holy Beast broke out from his body, blocking the baleful aura that had essentially clogged their immediate atmosphere . Xiao Chen finally managed to regain his ability to move his body .

Just as Xiao Chen was preparing to flee, the huge Six-Tailed Spirit Fox suddenly fell over . With a loud ‘boom’, it caused countless trees to be broken, sending copious amounts of dust flying into the air .

“Haha, this beast has finally ran out of energy . Elder Tang, you should go and deal with that kid from the Xiao Clan . Take revenge for the Young Master of your clan . I will deal with the Six-Tailed Spirit Fox . ” He laughed loudly .   The blue-clothed man had follow the aura of the Six-Tailed Spirit Fox earlier and managed to chase after them .

Tang Feng snorted coldly; he did not say anything as he stared at Xiao Chen . He and the blue-clothed man had just arrived when he saw Tang Yuan dying at his hands . If it was not for the blue-clothed man holding him back, he would have immediately rushed over .

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