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Chapter 423

Chapter 423: Assaulting the Villains?

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The Trial of the Ancient Desolate Tower is about to begin? Does that have something to do with Jiang Zimo and Xia Xiyan? Xiao Chen opened his eyes .

Interest flashed in Xiao Chen’s eyes . He intended to ask more about it but… 

“Young Hero, it is your turn . ”

At this moment, a pretty young girl came over and spoke to him softly .

It looks like I can only let it go for now . However, I now have a clue of the Ancient Desolate Tower . It should be easy to learn more later .  Xiao Chen got up and followed the servant girl into the room ahead .

When the cultivator in green saw Xiao Chen get up, he was deep in thoughts as he watched his back . Earlier, he had not noticed Xiao Chen .

However, now that the cultivator in green garments saw Xiao Chen’s backs, he started thinking .

He is wearing white robes and is an Inferior Grade Martial King . He looks to be younger than twenty . Unfortunately, I did not see him carrying a saber . He must have it in his spatial ring .

The cultivator in green muttered to himself . “I should follow him closely . If he is a bladesman, chances are is that he is that person . ”


Within the appraisal hall, an old man took a sip of tea . When he saw Xiao Chen enter, he smiled and said, “My humble self is the Flowing Wind Pavilion’s Old Ma . If Young Hero intends to sell something, please take them out to show me . ”

Xiao Chen nodded but said nothing . He pointed his Universe Ring in an empty space in the hall and a large pile of objects tumbled out .

When the sound stopped, a one-meter-high pile of miscellaneous items appeared in the middle of the hall . Old Ma nearly spat the tea he was drinking .

Old Ma managed to stop himself from spilling the tea as he said with a somewhat unsightly expression, “Little Brother, are you here to mess around? Do you know what kind of place my Flowing Wind Pavilion is? How dare you show me a pile of trash?”

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Clearly, the other party did not think that all of these items were valuable . He felt that Xiao Chen was here to make a fool of him .

Xiao Chen sat down calmly and said, “You will know if it is really a pile of trash or not when you take a look for yourself . ”

When Old Ma saw Xiao Chen’s confident manner, he hesitated . He squatted down in half disbelief and casually picked up a bottle of Medicinal Pills .

Old Ma opened the bottle, and a fragrance wafted out . He sniffed it, and his expression changed . He said, “This is a Rank 6 Medicinal Pill . If a Martial Saint uses one, it can increase their cultivation greatly . It is worth ten thousand Inferior Grade Spirit Stones . ”

Right after Old Ma spoke, he quickly picked up a yellowing secret manual . This was an Inferior Grade Earth Ranked Cultivation Technique . It could be used up to the Martial King realm . It was worth a hundred thousand Inferior Grade Spirit Stones .

“There are ten Inferior Grade Earth Ranked Spirit Weapons here! This is a three-hundred-year-old Snow Ginseng! Here is a Battle Armor, and this is a Superior Grade Earth Ranked Martial Technique . There is an Inferior Grade Secret Treasure here as well!”

With each sentence Old Ma uttered, his expression changed further . How was this a pile of trash? He had judge these items wrong .

Although each individual item was not extremely valuable and could not stir any interest in him, with the number of items here, their total value would be astonishing . There were at least a thousand items .

For so many miscellaneous items to appear on one person, he had to have either robbed a strong clan or killed many high ranked cultivators .

Old Ma felt astonished . Xiao Chen seemed no older than twenty . Regardless which was the case, the strength of his youth was unfathomable . He was not as simple as he looked .

Old Ma no longer dared slight Xiao Chen as he had before . He stood up and cupped his hands, “I am sorry for the previous offense . This old man judged too hastily . I hope that Little Brother will forgive me . ”

Xiao Chen said indifferently, “Never mind; just help me appraise these quickly . I am only interested in business and nothing else . ”

Of course, it was not realistic to rely on only Old Ma to appraise everything .

Old Ma called over a servant girl and gave her some instructions . After an hour, ten young appraisers emerged from the back door of the appraisal hall .

Old Ma explained, “I have summoned them from the other branches . Don’t look down on them for being young . They should have no problems appraising your items . ”

Xiao Chen nodded and did not object .

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After two hours and the arduous effects of the eleven appraisers, all of the miscellaneous items had been appraised .

The ten appraisers from the branches took their leave, and soon, only Old Ma and Xiao Chen occupied the hall .

Old Ma handed over a list and said to Xiao Chen with a fatigued expression, “Little Brother, take a look . The total value is three million Inferior Grade Spirit Stones . If you change them to Medial Grade Spirit Stones, it would be 25,000 . You understand the reasons already, I believe . ”

Xiao Chen looked through the list and expressed no objection . Xiao Chen was indeed aware . Naturally, he would not say anything .

Old Ma smiled gently and said, “That is good . Take out your Ancient Desolate Pass, and we will sign the contract . After that, we can give you the Spirit Stones immediately .

Xiao Chen was stunned . He did not expect to need the Ancient Desolate Pass when making such a transaction . He could not help but feel a little depressed, “I do not have an Ancient Desolate Pass yet . Can we still complete the transaction?”

Old Ma frowned slightly . Clearly, he was somewhat astonished .  Unexpectedly, this youth is new to the Ancient Desolate Land . He has not even made an Ancient Desolate Pass .

“This makes things slightly difficult . It is not that this old man wants to make things difficult for you, but without an Ancient Desolate Pass, the tax you have to pay for such a large transaction is quite substantial,” Old Ma explained gently .

Since it was a problem of money, it was easy to deal with . Xiao Chen said, “How about this? Follow the list and write it as 25,000 Medial Grade Spirit Stones . However, I will only take twenty thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stones . ”

This transaction of miscellaneous items was an unexpected income for Xiao Chen . It did not matter if he earned more or less . If he had to make an Ancient Desolate Pass, that would make things problematic .

Old Ma immediately understood . He understood Xiao Chen’s generosity . Thinking about it, he had probably obtained these goods by killing others and was in a rush to get rid of them .

However, Old Ma reminded, “Think about it carefully . It does not take much time to make an Ancient Desolate Pass . You will save five thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stones by doing so . ”

Xiao Chen shook his head and said, “There is no need . I have made up my mind . ”

After the two signed the contract, Old Ma revealed boxes of Spirit Stones and gave them to Xiao Chen to count . With a casual sweep of his Spiritual Sense, he sensed that the number was correct . So, he tossed them into his Universe Ring .

Xiao Chen’s Universe Ring had far more available space now . The number of Medial Grade Spirit Stones now reached at least 150,000 . Furthermore, he had millions of Inferior Grade Spirit Stones and a hundred extremely valuable Superior Grade Spirit Stones .

Xiao Chen walked out of the appraisal hall and looked around . He noticed that the cultivator in green had not left yet . Furthermore, when that cultivator saw him, his eyelids twitched .

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That’s weird . Normally, most people only take fifteen minutes to conclude their transactions . Logically, he should have left long ago .

Xiao Chen noticed that the other cultivators who chatted earlier were all gone, replaced by cultivators he had not met .

He knows about the matters on Boulder Island . He must be suspicious of me, Xiao Chen paid attention to him and headed downstairs without any change in his expression .

Not long after Xiao Chen left, his Spiritual Sense picked up on a figure following him stealthily . It was the cultivator in green .

This person is a Superior Grade Martial King . If he makes a sneak-attack, it will be some threat to me . However, there is no need to worry since I have already noticed him .

Coincidentally, he knows about the Ancient Desolate Tower . If he has ill intentions against me, I can capture and question him .

Thinking of this, the corners of Xiao Chen’s lips curled up . He walked forward unhurriedly, pretending he knew nothing .  

Soon, Xiao Chen found a rather desolate alley . When he noticed the sparse number of people and desolate environment, he nodded .  I’ll do it here .


Just at this moment, two Tiger Fiend cultivators suddenly jumped out from both sides . They were tall and stout . Soon, they surrounded Xiao Chen .

These Fiends were over two meters tall . They blocked the sunlight and cast a large shadow . They were the Tiger Fiends Xiao Chen had offended earlier .

The Tiger Fiend who Jiang Zimo had chased away earlier emitted killing Qi from his entire body . He walked over to Xiao Chen and smiled coldly, “Brat, I told you to hand over a thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stones, but you refused . Now, I will cripple your legs and force regret down your throat . ”

“Is that so? Unfortunately, you are not capable of such a thing . ”

Xiao Chen smiled faintly, Jiang Zimo had guessed correctly . With the flip of his hand, the Lunar Shadow Saber in his Universe Ring instantly appeared in his grasp .

The four Tiger Fiends were Medial Grade Martial Kings . When working together, they were quite strong .

Unfortunately, with one glance, Xiao Chen could tell that they were not the core cultivators of the Fiends . They did not have strong Cultivation Techniques or Martial Techniques . If Xiao Chen used his full power, they did not stand a chance .

After fifteen minutes, the four Tiger Fiends lay on the ground, mourning pitifully . Wounds of various sizes covered their bodies, occasionally flickering with electricity .

In compliance with Jiang Zimo’s request, Xiao Chen was not too heavy-handed . The injuries looked horrifying, but they were not severe . He only taught them a lesson .

“Scram! I will only comply with Jiang Zimo’s request once . Don’t let me see you again . ”

Xiao Chen returned the Lunar Shadow Saber to its sheath as he snorted coldly .

The few Tiger Fiends felt relieved of a huge burden . They knew they had kicked an iron board . They scurried up and fled .

“Not bad . Excellent Saber Techniques . You fought one against four and still held an overwhelming advantage . ”

The cultivator in green stood on the alley wall . Xiao Chen had not noticed his arrival . The sunlight shone from behind him, obscuring his appearance .

Xiao Chen smiled faintly, “After following me for so long, you finally could not resist . ”

The cultivator in green shrugged his shoulder non-committedly . He was not surprised that Xiao Chen had noticed him . He asked, “Were you on Boulder Island a week ago?”

Xiao Chen did not reply . He simply took out the peak high-rank Blood Demon’s Demon Core and said, “You must be looking for this!”

The cultivator in green smiled and said, “Very good; you can die now . I will hand your head over to the Holy Fire Manor for a reward . That would be the best way to maximize your value . ”

After the cultivator spoke, he leaped down from the wall . Then he sent out two sharp fist winds at Xiao Chen as he dropped .

Xiao Chen drew his Lunar Shadow Saber again, and electric light flickered on the snow-white blade . Xiao Chen hacked the fist winds apart with his saber .

“Giant Whale Palm!”

The cultivator shouted, and faint mist filled the ally . The ground turned soft and waved like water .

Xiao Chen became unsteady and started moving with the water .

What a powerful state of water . This person is no ordinary Superior Grade Martial King . No wonder he is so confident .

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