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Chapter 484: Chapter 484

Chapter 484: A Clear Heart

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It was not that Xiao Chen was benevolent, it was that he was efficient, avoiding extraneous effort .

The vice commander on the flagship suppressed the horror and panic in his heart . He said, “Don’t be frightened . He definitely received internal injuries and cannot last for much longer . Recharge the cannons and prepare to fire again!”


Xiao Chen’s expression changed slightly and he stood up from the scarlet throne . The people on the warships felt as though a tall mountain suddenly appeared and loomed over them .

Even their breathing became rushed . A huge pressure bore down on them as Spiritual Energy moved along Xiao Chen’s hands . They could not move about much .

“Reckless fools!”

Xiao Chen’s white robes fluttered as he placed his right hand on the saber hilt .

The rage in Xiao Chen’s heart surged . A might that could destroy the world instantly filled him .

All Xiao Chen had to do was draw his saber . He could destroy tens of warships in an instant without resorting to the natural laws .

The elites of the Imperial Dragon Legion in the warships would die as well . Even if they were Superior Grade Martial Kings or half-step Martial Monarchs, they would all perish with one strike of his saber .

A horrifying killing Qi instantly spread throughout the fleet . This made the cultivators loading the Ancient Demonic Energy Cannons with Superior Grade Spirit Stones freeze; their limbs refused to cooperate .

Just as Xiao Chen was about to draw his saber, he looked into the distance and saw a golden figure flying over like a meteor .

When Xiao Chen saw who it was, he released the saber hilt and sat back on his scarlet throne . Everyone in the fleet immediately heaved a sigh of relief .

The mountainous pressure looming over them vanished . Their hearts pounded loudly as chills ran down their spines .

Xiao Chen remained expressionless, his gaze cold and stern, as he said in a frosty voice, “I will say it one more time, scram!”

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The vice commander on the flagship hesitated . He did not know what to do; they had orders to prevent the intrusion of the Ten Thousand Saber Sect .

However, within a few moves, Xiao Chen had slaughtered their commander without even drawing his saber .

The thousands of Ancient Demonic Energy Cannon attacks looked very mighty, but the other party seemed to have suffered only mild injury . The pressure on them did not decrease at all .

“You can go first . Let me talk to him!”

The resplendent golden figure moving like a meteor finally arrived at the crucial moment . The cultivators on the warships immediately smiled and exclaimed joyfully, “First Princess!”

This person was from the Royal Clan of the Great Qin Nation, a rare genius that could only be seen once in a millennium—Princess Ying Yue . She was also the wargod of the Imperial Dragon Legion .

Ying Yue was dressed in golden Battle Armor and held the Grand Imperial Spear . Golden flames burned in her eyes . She was still as glorious and respectable as before, outstandingly beautiful .

When the vice commander heard Ying Yue’s words, he finally heaved a sigh of relief . He led the Imperial Dragon Legion away into the distance .

Xiao Chen watched Ying Yue from the scarlet throne . He nodded his head slightly and said, “Not bad . After not seeing you for three years, you finally broke through to Martial Sage . You live up to your reputation as a genius . Unfortunately, you are still too slow, way too slow . ”

Ying Yue looked at the scarlet throne with a grave expression . The appearance of the calm Xiao Chen had not changed at all . However, he now gave off a distant feeling, like he was a stranger .

Every time Ying Yue saw him like that, her heart could not help aching, like thousands of needles stabbing at her heart . It was unbearable .

Ying Yue suppressed her emotions as she said in a cold voice, “So what? I will still not fall to your level, plundering everywhere for the sake of cultivation, for the sake of climbing to the peak . ”

Xiao Chen’s heart was as calm as still water . He shook his head and said, “You still do not understand . This is the very nature of this world . The weak is eaten by the strong; only the strongest survives . All I am doing is what everything thinks of doing but does not dare to do .

“Now, in the era of geniuses, how can one rise without courage? This is the Dao . To reach the peak, I just need to maintain a clear heart . ”

Ying Yue could not hold back her laughter . “Maintain a clear heart? You still claim to have a heart? If you still have a heart, then why did you go after the resources of the Xiao Clan and the Feng Clan? You simply killed everyone in the two clans with one saber strike . ”

Xiao Chen’s expression remained still . He muttered, “I already repaid everything I owed them . All I need is resources . Naturally, anyone who makes way for me will live; I’ll even wish him good luck . ”

A pained expression appeared on Ying Yue’s beautiful face . Blood dripped as she bit her lip . She asked in a quivering voice, “Then if I get in your way today, will you kill me as well?!”

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A cold wind blew, making Xiao Chen’s fine black hair flutter about . There did not seem to be any change on his fair and demonically charming face .

Xiao Chen muttered to himself for a while on the throne . He said softly, “There is no need for so many words . Make your move . I will grant you a handicap of three moves!”

No need for so many words!

What a “no need for so many words . ” In his heart, even I can only make him give me a handicap of three moves .  Ying Yue smiled bitterly as she cut herself off from the emotions she felt .

“As you wish . If you want a fight, I will accompany you to the end!”

Ying Yue shouted a warcry and thrust her Grand Imperial Spear forward with her right hand . A boundless dragon roar resounded behind her—the Dragon Qi that had been passed down for ten thousand years in the Great Qin Nation .


The space seemed to turn solid as all the aura gathered at one point . She thrust the spear forward together with the compressed boundless aura .

Xiao Chen squinted slightly as he watched Ying Yue, who was a thousand meters away . He held his Lunar Shadow Saber across his chest with his left hand .

In the next instant, Ying Yue appeared before Xiao Chen . Her posture had not changed as the spear tip struck the Lunar Shadow Saber’s scabbard .

All this happened in an instant . If one was not aware of what was going on, it would look like Xiao Chen placed his saber across his chest and Ying Yue aimed for that spot on purpose .


A bright and melodious sound resonated in the sky . As this sound propagated, heaven and earth instantly changed color and became very dark .

An overwhelming energy poured out from the spear tip . The scarlet clouds below the throne churned continuously .

However, Xiao Chen continued to sit on his scarlet throne without budging at all . He pushed his left hand forward and sent Ying Yue flying back .

Xiao Chen said softly, “First move!”

Ying Yue’s expression changed . She twirled her Grand Imperial Spear to use it as a staff to smash down on Xiao Chen .

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“Roar! Roar! Roar!”

Countless golden dragons appeared behind Ying Yue . The Grand Imperial Spear seemed to have thousands of dragons circling it, giving it a supreme Dragon’s Might as it hurtled towards Xiao Chen .

When Xiao Chen saw the countless dragons, he woke the eighteen Azure Dragon tattoos on his body with a thought .

Azure Dragon Qi covered Xiao Chen’s body as the tattoos roared endlessly . They were in no way inferior to the Dragon Qi that had been passed down in the Great Qin Nation for ten thousand years .


Xiao Chen held his Lunar Shadow Saber with his left hand . The end of the scabbard knocked against the throne, and eighteen Azure Dragons launched from his body .

The Azure Dragons orbited Xiao Chen’s head, blocking Ying Yue’s spear that bore a vast Dragon’s Might .

Xiao Chen said calmly, “Second Move!”

Ying Yue clenched her teeth, and the golden flame in the depths of her eyes burned ferociously . A dragon-shaped flame rapidly coiled around the Grand Imperial Spear .

The spear trembled, spewing out golden dragon-shaped flames . This was one of the four famed Dragon Flames .

A pure Yang-attributed purple flame bloomed in Xiao Chen’s right eye . Likewise, the pale white Lunar True Flame started burning in his left eye .

The two opposite-attributed flames appeared out of nowhere along with their Origin Flames . Yin and Yang mixed together .

A taijitu formed in front of Xiao Chen . Under his exquisite control, the extreme Yang and extreme Yin flames merged together perfectly; there was no disharmony at all .

[TL note: the taijitu is the Yinyang diagram/symbol of Daoism . ]


The two flames quickly swam around like fishes in the taijitu . When the tyrannical Dragon Flame crashed into it, it did not show any signs of being affected at all .

Xiao Chen pushed his right hand forward and a bright light burst forth from the taijitu . The surging energy reduced the golden Dragon Flame to sparks .

The dark sky immediately filled with golden specks of light, like fireflies dancing in the darkness . The scene was very beautiful as the sparks faded into nothingness .

When the Dragon Flame broke, Ying Yue vomited a mouthful of blood . Her beautiful face immediately turned very pale . She looked very pretty and charming in this sparkling sky .

“Your three moves are over!” Xiao Chen said calmly . He pushed his right hand forward and the two fishes in the flaming taijitu suddenly grew larger .

“Go!” Xiao Chen shouted and the taijitu flashed in the air . As it arrived before Ying Yue, she spun her spear in front of her, creating an impenetrable light barrier .

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Against the flaming taijitu, the light barrier lasted for only a short while before it shattered into pieces .

The Battle Armor Ying Yue wore instantly broke . As she vomited a large mouthful of blood, something small dropped out of her armor, and she watched that item fall through the sky .

A look of shock flashed on her pale face . She quickly sped after that item regardless of her heavily injured body .

Xiao Chen shook his head and sighed, “How can you be so distracted in a fight? Idiot!”

Having rested for a while, Xiao Chen could use the natural laws again . Just as Ying Yue was about to reach that item, he stretched his hand out, and the formless and irresistable natural laws pulled her over .

Xiao Chen pointed at Ying Yue’s dantian and crippled the cultivation she had worked her whole life for . Finally, he sealed all her meridians, making her unable to move .

“Hu! Hu!”

The troops of the Ten Thousand Saber Sect finally arrived . When Lan Chou saw blood trickling out of Xiao Chen’s mouth, he rushed over and exclaimed, “Master, are you injured?”

Xiao Chen did not answer Lan Chou’s question . He tossed Ying Yue over to him and said, “Have someone to take care of her . The two experts of the Royal Court are already crippled . I will leave the rest of the rabble to you . I will expect your good news before nightfall . ”

Lan Chou quickly said respectfully, “I obey at the risk of my life!”

After the Ten Thousand Saber Sect’s troops were far away, Xiao Chen opened his palm and pulled over the item that Ying Yue was chasing before she was defeated .

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