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Published at 25th of June 2018 09:38:55 PM

Chapter 520

Chapter 520: Noble Imperial Fragrance Pill

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Three days later, Xiao Chen, who was lying on the ground, finally woke up .

“Cough…! Cough…!”

Xiao Chen opened his eyes weakly and coughed heavily . He struggled to sit up from the ground .

When Xiao Chen checked his body with his consciousness, he could not help a bitter smile on his pale face .

Although he had released the huge Spiritual Energy through his twenty-four acupoints, the vast remnant Spiritual Energy still caused a lot of damage in his body .

Xiao Chen’s heart, liver, spleen, kidney, large colon, small colon, stomach, and gallbladder…all his internal organs were severely damaged . Every single movement caused him intense pain .

Fortunately, Xiao Chen’s meridians were not severely injured . They had been tempered twice before, by the Dragon and Tiger Body Sculpting Art and the Firmament Body Tempering Art .

Xiao Chen’s meridians were already as resilient as Frost Iron, as hard as Heavenly Mountain Stones, and at the same time, as gentle as autumn water, and very flexible . This combination meant that it was hard for them to receive any true damage .

However, the most disappointing thing was that the Essence in Xiao Chen’s body dried up completely . It had completely drained with nothing remaining . He could not even circulate some Essence to ease the pain .

No matter how intense a battle was, cultivators would always reserve some Essence . This was because they could only cultivate if there was Essence . They needed it to complete the cycles in the meridians to quickly replenish the Essence .

If a cultivator’s Essence ran dry completely, it would be very difficult to recover . Even the most incredible Medicinal Pill would be useless . They could only wait for the dantian to naturally generate a strand of Essence before anything could work .

This time, Xiao Chen had ruined himself . He sighed silently to himself . In the end, he could not be too reckless when cultivating .

Xiao Chen glanced at Leng Yue at the side . She was currently watching the sky calmly, as if she had not noticed Xiao Chen waking up .

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“Is the sky nice to look at? I am awake already and you don’t even bother to look at me . ”

Leng Yue withdrew her gaze and smiled charmingly, “How could it be? I just did not notice . ”

After that, Leng Yue ran over to help Xiao Chen up . He could not stand up by himself; she could clearly feel this when she supported him . She could also see the pained expression on his face .

“Now that you are so severely injured, this experiential training will probably come to an end . ”

Xiao Chen smiled when he heard this . He let go of Leng Yue’s hand and said, “End? You underestimate me . I can still afford the expenditure for this small bit of internal injuries . Don’t bother thinking of any tricks . ”

Leng Yue grumbled in her heart . She was only showing concern for Xiao Chen, but he did not understand anything .

After half a day, Xiao Chen recovered his basic ability to move about . Then, Leng Yue finally understood what Xiao Chen meant by being able to afford the expenditure .

Xiao Chen spent 300,000 Medial Grade Spirit Stones to buy a bottle of Rank 9 treatment medication—the Noble Imperial Fragrance Pill . It dealt specially with internal injuries and had the best effect for his condition .

The shop was operated by the Divine Dragon Palace’s subordinate merchant association . Cultivators were bound to get injured during experiential training . Hence, their business was booming and they had all sorts of herbs and medicines .

Buying the treatment medication was insufficient . Xiao Chen spent another 400,000 Medial Grade Spirit Stones to buy a two-thousand-year-old Life Blood Mushroom for replenishing blood essence .

That day, Xiao Chen had vomited several mouthfuls of blood . Furthermore, it was not ordinary blood he vomited but blood essence .

When blood essence flourished, a person would be strong and energetic . They would also be in high spirits and feel like they could do anything . When blood essence was insufficient, their aura would be weak, their skin would be yellow, and they would become dispirited and feel lethargic .

Thus, Xiao Chen had to replenish his blood essence . Furthermore, he had to replenish a lot of it; he had to replenish it all within a short period of time . So, he was willing to spend the Spirit Stones .

After the Life Blood Mushroom, Xiao Chen spent another 300,000 Medial Grade Spirit Stones to buy a few more two-thousand-year-old Spirit Herbs with similar effects .

Even so, Xiao Chen felt his supplies were still insufficient . So he bought a few thousand-year-old Sea Cucumbers . This was a special produce of the Boundless Sea that worked very well for supporting the recovery of internal injuries . It would also enhance the effect of the Noble Imperial Fragrance Pill when consumed together .

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When Xiao Chen left the shop, the owner of the shop escorted him out with smiles on his face . He looked very excited .

The owner could not help his excitement . Xiao Chen spent a total of one million Medial Grade Spirit Stones in one go . That was equal to one month’s worth of sales .

Originally, with Xiao Chen’s strong physical body, he would only need some supplemental Spirit Herbs . Although his injuries were severe, he would be able to recover in a month .

However, Xiao Chen lacked time . One month meant thirty days; he could not afford to waste that time . Furthermore, he had the feeling that something big was going to happen in a few days .

Thus, Xiao Chen had to heal all his injuries in three days . So, he could only use Spirit Stones to buy time . No matter how great the price was, he had to spend it .

Leng Yue, who was beside him, wore a pink dress and a loose black-and-white robe, which hid her tail, as well as a face veil .

This way, no one would be able to figure out her identity as an Eros Demon . This was an idea Leng Yue thought of in the past few days . This meant that she would not need to hide in the Spirit Blood Jade .

When the two returned to a newly rented courtyard, Leng Yue clicked her tongue as she said, “Young Master Xiao, I could not tell that you were this rich . No wonder you said that this was a little injury . Though I wonder, how many times can you do this? The Spirit Gathering Pearl is not that easy to absorb . ”

Xiao Chen’s expression changed a little when he looked at Leng Yue . “You seem to have more to say . ”

Leng Yue smiled embarrassedly and nodded . “That’s right . I know a way that will allow you to absorb the Spirit Gathering Pearls in a normal manner . However, you have to agree to a few of my conditions . ”

Xiao Chen shook his head slightly and did not say anything . Then, he walked towards his room .

Xiao Chen did not intend to use the Spirit Gathering Pearl for the moment . Like the white-haired old man had said, that thing could only be used when making breakthroughs while he was a Martial King .

Xiao Chen had oversimplified the problem . It was not about whether the dantian could contain the Spiritual Energy . Instead, it was about whether the dantian could withstand the surging force that would suddenly gush in .

The dantian’s endurance was at its best when one was about to make a breakthrough . At that moment, the dantian required a strong force to help break the bottleneck .

A so-called bottleneck referred to when a cultivator could not make a breakthrough no matter how much force he used .

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Only at this special moment could the dantian endure the rush of spiritual liquid from the Spirit Gathering Pearl . The stronger the force, the better .

However, this moment was very dangerous as well . If one failed, there was a ninety percent chance of death . Not many people would dare use the Spirit Gathering Pearl this way . The price of failure was too high .

Xiao Chen did not believe that Leng Yue had the means to use something so dangerous . Furthermore, the Demons were very cunning . How could he believe her completely? He did not want to experience the ordeal again .

When Leng Yue saw Xiao Chen leaving without looking back, she thought that it was because he felt that there were too many conditions . She quickly said, “There is no need for a few conditions; three would do .

“Alright, two! Just two conditions!

“Don’t go! Fine! One! Just one! That should be fine now, right? I will tell you have to use the Spirit Gathering Pearl; you just have to fulfill one of my conditions . ”

Leng Yue chased after Xiao Chen quickly, panting as she ran . Her face blushed under her face veil .

Xiao Chen turned back and looked at Leng Yue suspiciously . “You really know how to use the Spirit Gathering Pearl correctly?”

Seeing that Xiao Chen was underestimating her, Leng Yue was unhappy as she replied, “Of course I know it . I also know how to deal with the Corpse Demon Fish and Witch Fiends . I was about to tell you at that time but you refused to let me out .

“Had you asked me about it in advance, you would not have become so miserable this time . ” Then, she thought to herself, I even chased away a huge spot of trouble for you .

Xiao Chen nodded and said, “Alright, I’ll believe you . Tell me your condition . ”

Condition…condition…what should I ask for? Leng Yue thought anxiously .  The condition cannot be too easy, or else he will know that I am helping him on purpose .

It cannot be too difficult, either . If he cannot do it, he will definitely reject it .

Damn it! Why is this fellow so straightforward? It is so difficult for me to think of a condition .

Xiao Chen watched Leng Yue and found her demeanor strange . She had her head lowered and her fist clenched . He could not tell what she was thinking .

After a while, Leng Yue looked up and said in a depressed manner, “I have not thought of it yet . What should I do?”

Xiao Chen was slightly stunned but he did not mind . He just treated it as Leng Yue trying to maximize her benefits . “There is no rush . You can think for three days . That is how long it would take me to heal from my wounds . ”

When Xiao Chen reached his room, he took out the Spirit Herbs and Medicinal Pills he bought from the shop and laid them on the table .

Then, he sorted them into two categories . One was for replenishing blood essence and the other for treating internal injuries . He could not take both at the same time . He had to follow a certain order: first, treat his internal injuries; then, deal with his blood essence .

Otherwise, if Xiao Chen tried to forcibly replenish his blood essence while severely injured, his body would not be able to withstand the flourishing aura and it would suffer further injuries .

When Xiao Chen looked at the table covered with Spirit Herbs and Medicinal Pills, he felt an headache . One million Medial Grade Spirit Stones were not easy to earn .

Now, Xiao Chen had only 1,700,000 Medial Grade Spirit Stones left . He needed to reserve at least 700,000 for his cultivation . So all he had left to spend was a million Medial Grade Spirit Stones .

Xiao Chen took a deep breath and picked up the Noble Imperial Fragrance Pill . He opened the bottle and a dragon-shaped cloud of fragrance came out .

Xiao Chen sniffed it and the dragon-shaped fragrance split into two and entered his nostrils . Then, it moved about in his chest, turning into a liquid that permeated his internal organs . His pain immediately eased .

“It truly lives up to its name as a Rank 9 Medicinal Pill . Just the fragrance alone has therapeutic effects . It is worthy of the title Holy Medicine . ”

Xiao Chen revealed a joyful smile . At first, he had many doubts about these Medicinal Pills . He had been very worried that he would not recover within three days . From the looks of things, that no longer seemed to be a problem .

Without further hesitation, Xiao Chen took out the contents of the bottle and ate them together with the thousand-year-old Sea Cucumber . He instantly felt very sleepy and drifted off .

During the night, the Medicinal Pill seeped into Xiao Chen’s internal organs, quickly healing the injuries as he slept soundly .

The next day, Xiao Chen opened his eyes and stretched himself . He was surprised to discover that he was already mostly recovered .

“Spending one million Medial Grade Spirit Stones is worth it!” Xiao Chen felt very happy, his dispirited and depressed mood instantly vanishing .

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