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Chapter 544: Chapter 544

Chapter 544: Saber Intent Pushing Back the Elders

The mob that rushed forward with blazing auras stopped . They had shocked expressions as they did their best to hold on to their sabers, which were struggling to escape their grips .

Half a move, Xiao Chen used only half a move . This group was originally very confident, spurred on by the promised reward . However, they were forced into a state where they could neither advance nor retreat . They could only miserably resist the saber intent .

Within the half-step Martial Monarch realm, Xiao Chen was almost unrivaled . The person with the highest cultivation in this group was an Inferior Grade Martial King . Xiao Chen was already showing them a lot of respect by using half a move .

This respect was on account of their being from the same sect and their use of sabers as well . Otherwise, he would not even have drawn his saber at all .


Xiao Chen moved his hand forward, pulling the pitch-black Lunar Shadow Saber completely out of the scabbard . A dazzling, resplendent purple light appeared as a boundless saber intent spread out .

“Sou! Sou! Sou!”

The whole group lost their grips on their sabers entirely . Their sabers soared into the air and circled above them .

“Saber intent! This is saber intent!” the Biyun Peak disciples exclaimed in quivering voices, obvious fear on their faces, as they quickly retreated .

Xiao Chen maintained a calm expression . Turning to face the fleeing Song Qianhe in the distance, he pointed his saber . Then, an overwhelming killing intent poured out from his eyes, and the air seemed to solidify .

The killing intent was bone-chilling . Locked down by Xiao Chen’s state of massacre, Song Qianhe felt like his legs were filled with lead, like they weighed a ton and he could not move a step .


That killing intent poured into Song Qianhe’s chest and pervaded his whole body . His chest felt extremely uncomfortable and his legs trembled . His eyes filled with horror .

After a while, Song Qianhe could no longer endure, plopping down to his knees . Doing his best to resist the pressure in his mind, he supported himself with one hand to ensure that he did not end up prostrate .

When Song Qianhe looked at Xiao Chen, hate was evident in his eyes . He said through clenched teeth, “Xiao Chen, don’t think you can do what you want because you are a peak Superior Grade Martial King . Since you entered the Heavenly Saber Pavilion, you will definitely die for sure!”

“Superior Grade Martial King? I surpassed that long ago,” Xiao Chen said with a calm tone . A surging crystal saber Qi soared out from his saber .

The saber Qi immediately opened a horrifying wound on the kneeling Song Qianhe’s chest . The wound was about seven centimeters deep and blood gushed out of it; even his internal organs could be seen .

The impact knocked Song Qianhe back, his expression appearing extremely pained .

Currently, Xiao Chen was on a major road in the Heavenly Saber Pavilion . This was a road that disciples of every Peak would have to take if they wanted to go down the mountain . So there was a lot of traffic here at all times .

Xiao Chen and Song Qianhe’s fight had already attracted the attention of many passing disciples . Several of them were feeling curious and suspicious about Xiao Chen’s identity .

When the crowd heard what Song Qianhe said, they were finally convinced of Xiao Chen’s identity . They looked at Xiao Chen in shock, shaken .

“Damn, it really is him . After not seeing him for two years, he is unexpectedly much stronger than he was before . ”

“I suspected it was him long ago . The White Robed Bladesman, Xiao Chen, killed a Heavenly Saber Pavilion Peak Master in the past . Unexpectedly, he still dares to come back so openly . ”

“He even comprehended saber intent . I believe there has not been anyone from our Heavenly Saber Pavilion who has comprehended saber intent for at least a thousand years . Without saber intent, we are just incomplete bladesmen . ”

“I wonder if Song Qianhe is lucky or unlucky? He ran into Xiao Chen the moment the latter arrived . ”

The surrounding cultivators discussed what just happened . To them, it felt like the legendary battle of the White Robed Bladesman at the Heaven Ascending Platform from two years ago was happening right before them .

Previously, there were people who doubted Xiao Chen’s strengths . However, after seeing his performance now, no one would deny it .

This was the beginning of a legend, an epic legend that belonged to the White Robed Bladesman!

Xiao Chen sheathed his saber and ignored the heavily injured Song Qianhe . He faced the crowd’s words of astonishment and praise calmly, appearing neither proud nor arrogant .

“Xiao Chen, you killed my father and humiliated me time after time . I, Song Qianhe, will make you suffer a life worse than death sooner or later . ”

When Song Qianhe, who was on the ground, saw that Xiao Chen did not care about him at all, treating him like an ant, he felt humiliated . Hence, he roared out angrily like a maniac .

Xiao Chen’s calm face completely sank . Who was the one who came to him seeking trouble repeatedly, trying to kill him?

Who was the one that kept eyeing Qingyun Peak in the Heavenly Saber Pavilion? Who was the Martial King who bullied him, an insignificant Martial Grand Master?

Who was it who took advantage of his departure to send assassins after him? Who was it who made matters worse for Xiao Chen during a critical moment?

Who was it who did not care about propriety and honor, sneak-attacking Xiao Chen before everyone, and almost killed Liu Ruyue, instead?

It was Song Que, Song Qianhe’s father . Dying a thousand times was too good for such a degenerate .

However, when Song Qianhe spoke, he made it sound like Xiao Chen was the unreasonable one, like Xiao Chen had bullied him . He twisted words and forced logic shamelessly .

How could there be such logic in this world? How could Song Qianhe distort the truth like that, speaking such nonsense?

“Bang!” Xiao Chen’s figure flickered and he kicked Song Qianhe’s chest . Song Qianhe flew up into the air and landed heavily on the ground .

“Don’t ever mention your trash father in front of me . Don’t think that I do not dare to kill you . Back then, I killed your father in front everybody; I can do the same to you today!” Xiao Chen said coldly, stepping on Song Qianhe . He was expressionless and his voice was bone-chilling .

The heavily injured Song Qianhe was frightened into trembling, not daring to speak another word .

“Xiu! Xiu! Xiu!”

Just at this moment, five elders of Biyun Peak flew over from the distance after seeing Song Qianhe’s signal .

Immediately, a glimmer of hope lit up in the desperate Song Qianhe’s eyes . The people he was waiting for finally arrived .

“Oh no! The five elders of Biyun Peak are here . These five people had become Superior Grade Martial Kings many years ago . ”

“This is bad for Xiao Chen . This father-and-son pair are really evil . First, they forced our Heavenly Saber Pavilion’s genius away . Now, they want to kill him . ”

“Indeed . If he can represent the Heavenly Saber Pavilion in the Five Nation Youth Competition, we would be able to bask in the glory of the position he gained . ”

“With Xiao Chen’s strength now, there would not be any problems in entering the top fifty . By then, the Heavenly Saber Pavilion would gain Luck and by extension we would as well . ”

“Unfortunately, that bastard Song Que ruined the geniuses we were given . What an ass! This father and son are both good-for-nothings . ”

All the young cultivators felt it was a pity . One had to know that the Heavenly Saber Pavilion had not had a genius like Xiao Chen for a long time already . Back then, although Murong Chong was very powerful, he was far from comparable to Xiao Chen .

That battle at the Heaven Ascending Platform had made Xiao Chen’s name, rocketing him to fame in an instant .

It also resulted in young Heavenly Saber Pavilion disciples basking in fame as well . When they went out on experiential training, people would frequently ask if they were of the same sect as Xiao Chen . When they received a positive answer, they would give these young disciples envious looks .

One had to know that the Heavenly Saber Pavilion had been declining for many years . Before the decline, the Heavenly Saber Pavilion’s disciples had never been treated like this . The sect had been suppressed by the Misty Sword Sect and Night Spirit Palace since then .

This fame resulted in the younger generations of disciples revering and respecting Xiao Chen and not having a good impression of Song Qianhe and Song Que .

Who had not admired their heroes when they were young? Who did not want to become legends, respected by thousands?

However, reality was cruel . They slowly came to understand their situation better, and they ended up laughing at their dreams .

However, when they discovered that such a legend was right beside them, their hot blood surged .

When they saw Xiao Chen having difficulties, they all became nervous .

In contrast to them, Song Qianhe, who was being stepped on by Xiao Chen, was laughing . He was laughing very happily and without restraint .

This was because Song Qinghe knew that the White Robed Bladesman stepping on him would be stepped on, instead . His humiliation would be revenged and his hatred would be resolved .

Five old men wearing Biyun Peak uniforms floated high in the sky . When they saw the rescue signal exclusive to Biyun Peak, they immediately rushed over .

Unexpectedly, these old men were still too late . When they looked at the situation on the ground, they immediately understood what happened .

“Martial Uncles, he is Xiao Chen . He is the one who killed my father . He is only a peak Superior Grade Martial King . You have to help me take revenge!” Song Qianhe cried out loudly . He did not care that Xiao Chen was stepping on him .

The five old men were all at least eighty years old and extremely rich in combat experience . After they gave Xiao Chen a quick glance, they all started cursing in their hearts .

While Song Qianhe was not aware what cultivation realm Xiao Chen was at, they could tell at one glance .

How is he a peak Superior Grade Martial King? He is clearly a half-step Martial Monarch expert . Furthermore, his aura is so strong and drawn out . He is not one of those trashy half-step Martial Monarchs with lousy Cultivation Techniques .

This little bastard Song Qianhe was simply asking them to die by sending them forward .

While the gap between peak Superior Grade Martial King and half-step Martial Monarch was not as big as the one between Martial King and Martial Monarch, it was still a big gap .

These five old men had already lived a long time; they were very astute . They knew that they would not even be able to delay Xiao Chen, even if they worked together . Furthermore, they would end up offending a genius cultivator with great potential .

The five old man did not say anything . They only exchanged glances and flew away, returning to where they came from .

“Why are the five Martial Kings leaving? How strange! Were they frightened away?” The many disciples who were originally worried for Xiao Chen were full of questions .

Song Qianhe gaped; his mouth was opened so wide that it could easily accommodate a large egg . The carefree smile on his face had not even faded yet .

“Why did they leave without even saying anything? These Martial Uncles normally dote on me . Why did this happen? Why?”

The contrast to his expectations was too big . Song Qianhe felt dizzy, as if his brain had short-circuited .

At first, Song Qianhe had hit rock bottom in despair . However, that was not the worst thing . The worst thing was that after he fell into despair, he had thought he had the chance to turn things around, giving him hope . Then, he was knocked back down .

Song Qianhe finally gave in to his despair . When his hopes were dashed, on top of his severe wounds, he fainted .

Xiao Chen was not surprised at the actions of the five Biyun Peak elders . They knew that they would not be able to defeat him . There would not be anyone so stupid to still go head-on against him .

If the five old men were half-step Martial Monarchs, with the Heavenly Saber Pavilion’s resources and their experience, they might have had a fifty percent chance of defeating him .

Unfortunately, those old men were only Superior Grade Martial Kings; they did not have any chance at all .

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