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Chapter 553: Chapter 553

Chapter 553: Waging War on the Black-Robed Man

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Mo Fan said sullenly, “I have investigated this Sacred Heavenly Church in detail . Their origin is very mysterious . I also have some guesses about it, but I’m not sure about them . I’ll just tell you what I’m sure about .

“There are six cities in Qizi County, each of which has a figurehead supported by the Sacred Heavenly Church . At some point, they had gained control over all the underground powers in the entire Qizi County .

“I spent some time visiting a few other counties . I discovered that the Sacred Heavenly Church has branches in those counties . Likewise, they used the same method to control the figureheads there .

“It seems like the entire Great Qin Nation has branches of the Sacred Heavenly Church . However, they are active only at a county level, so they do not attract much attention at the prefectural level . ”

Xiao Chen thought about it, but he did not read too much into it . This Sacred Heavenly Church seemed to be just a small player . In the end, what a sect needed to do was display their own martial might in order to truly rule .

If such a small power actually angered a strong sect, the problem would be easily settled: the sect would just send a Martial Monarch .

Now that Xiao Chen had a rough idea, he said, “Tell me where the headquarters of the Sacred Heavenly Church is . I will make a trip there personally . ”

It would be simple to destroy the Zhang Clan . However, the other party could easily raise another power like the Zhang Clan . So the one that needed to be dealt with was the Sacred Heavenly Church, not the Zhang Clan .

“Let’s not speak about this anymore . Let me pass you something . ” After obtaining an answer, Xiao Chen changed the topic . He took out that thousand-year-old lightning-attributed Rank 9 Demonic Core and said, “Aside from the previous matter, I want to ask you for a favor . ”

Mo Fan took the Demonic Core and examined it . His expression changed as he exclaimed, “This is the core of a Rank 9 Demonic Beast! Brat, where did you get it from? Exactly how strong are you now?”

Xiao Chen smiled faintly and pointed out, “A thousand-year-old Demonic Beast is already equivalent to a Martial Sage . That is something that I definitely cannot kill . This was given to me by a friend . I want you to help me infuse this Rank 9 lightning-attributed Demonic Core into the Lunar Shadow Saber . Can you do it?”

Grinning, Mo Fan said, “Leave it to me . Although I am still limping after using the Alchemic Recipe you gave me, the meridians there are healed . I did not stagnate over the past four years . ”

Mo Fan agreed without hesitation . He took the Lunar Shadow Saber and the Demonic Core before going to his forge, refusing the help of Xiao Chen .

“Sacred Heavenly Church…I hope that would not be too much trouble,” Xiao Chen muttered to himself after Mo Fan left .

No matter what, the Xiao Clan was Xiao Chen’s roots in this world . It was impossible for him to stand by when he saw the Xiao Clan in trouble .

That way, Xiao Chen would not be at peace when he left . With so much worry, he would not be able to calm down .

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Mo Fan would probably need some time to reforge the Lunar Shadow Saber . Xiao Chen did not wish to waste time . So, he took two Superior Grade Spirit Stones, then sat cross-legged in the courtyard and entered a state of cultivation .

Four hours later, Xiao Chen felt a strong aura . Someone was probing him with their perception .

He opened his eyes and immediately extended his Spiritual Sense . He saw a strange black-robed man standing on the roof of a house a kilometer away from the smithy . That person was looking with unfriendly eyes in Xiao Chen’s direction .

The black-robed man withdrew his perception and said in a low voice, “White robes, delicate facial features, no older than twenty-two years old . It should be this person . However, he does not seem to be easy to deal with . ”

“You looking for me?”

A voice suddenly rang out behind the black-robed man . When he heard this, his expression changed, and he quickly looked back . At some point in time, Xiao Chen had appeared behind him, looking at him with an expressionless face .

“Acting all mysterious, die!”

The black-robed man’s reaction was very fast; the instant he turned around, he sent out a palm strike .

A fiery-red light appeared on the black-robed man’s palm . The image of a golden Heavenly Roc manifested behind him and the fiery-red light became more resplendent and dazzling .

“Berserk Dragon!”

Xiao Chen remained expressionless . He clenched his right fist and the Vital Qi in his body surged . An azure dragon head appeared and cried out, giving voice to a resonant dragon roar .

The Heavenly Roc spread its wings and its cry echoed everywhere . Winds blew and clouds churned . However, when the Berserk Dragon roared, its voice resonated throughout the world . The winds and clouds would break!


When the azure dragon head clashed with the fiery-red light, the light shattered and vanished . The black-robed man vomited blood and the golden Heavenly Roc behind him broke .

The black-robed man fell down, crashing through the roof and creating a big hole . After that came a loud explosion . A shock wave spread out and the house immediately collapsed, burying the black-robed man .

This was the result of a gap in power . The black-robed man was not even a Superior Grade Martial King . How could he be a match for Xiao Chen, a half-step Martial Monarch?

Xiao Chen remained high in the sky as he coldly watched the black-robed man . Murderous intent gleamed in his eyes .

A piercing bird cry came from the rubble below . Countless fragments shot out from the rubble, floating in the air .

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The black-robed man soared up and the golden Heavenly Roc reformed, appearing stronger this time .

“Berserk Dragon Claw!”

Xiao Chen’s figure flickered . He was so fast that the black-robed man could not react . Then, he swung the dragon claw on his left hand .

Five bloody wounds appeared on the black-robed man . The golden roc behind him cried out miserably . Its feathers scattered and it turned into a golden light .

“You are an intolerable bully!”

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The black-robed man roared ferociously . The golden roc reformed once again and rushed at Xiao Chen . The fiery-red light looked very solid, dazzling, and piercing .

“You are not strong enough . Berserk Dragon Break!”

Xiao Chen shook his head . With a thought, a dragon head appeared on his right hand and a dragon tail appeared on his left . The head and the tail connected to each other, forming a complete dragon .

The dragon gave a resonant roar as it soared into the sky . The realistic Azure Dragon bared fangs and claws as it roared .

The black-robed man’s clothes were tattered . He vomited mouthfuls of blood before falling to the ground, unable to climb back up .


Xiao Chen’s figure flickered and arrived before the black-robed man . He lifted up the black-robed man like an eagle grabbing a chick . Then, he said coldly, “Why are you coming after me?”

The black-robed man was very pale . He laughed strangely and spat blood at Xiao Chen .


A purple flame spewed out from Xiao Chen’s right eye and immediately burned the blood into a mist . It was so hot that the black-robed man cried out in pain .

Xiao Chen remained calm as he said in a cold voice, “I will ask one more time…one last time . Who are you and why are you coming after me?”

The black-robed man smiled fearlessly . He said, “If you have the guts, then kill me . I am just a minor character in the Sacred Heavenly Church . It would be useless even if you killed me . You are Xiao Chen, right? Just wait for the Xiao Clan to be destroyed . ”

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In the black-robed man’s opinion, Xiao Chen had to worry about the Xiao Clan, so Xiao Chen would not dare to kill him .


Xiao Chen lifted the black-robed man higher, and then he tossed him up . The black-robed man felt an irrepressible fear .

Just as the black-robed man was about to speak, he cried out in pain, then stopped breathing . Xiao Chen had shot out from his eye a purple flame arrow, which pierced through the black-robed man’s forehead .

In that instant, regret flashed in the black-robed man’s heart . However, there was no more chance for regrets anymore .

Xiao Chen looked at that black-robed man’s corpse as it landed on the ground . He said calmly, “It is just an insignificant Sacred Heavenly Church . I don’t really care about them . So, you can go and die . ”

Xiao Chen picked up the black-robed man’s corpse and returned to the smithy before more people came .

Four hours later, Mo Fan emerged from his underground forge, looking very tired . He held a brand-new Lunar Shadow Saber snug in its scabbard as he came out .

When Mo Fan saw the black-robed man’s corpse on the ground, he was stunned . He said, “This is the Sacred Heavenly Church’s emissary to Mohe City . You killed him?”

Xiao Chen nodded and said, “Yes . He is just a minor character . There is no need to care about him . Let me see the saber . ”


When Xiao Chen held the saber’s hilt, he felt its surging energy . He drew the Lunar Shadow Saber slightly and the pitch-black saber immediately released a purple light .

The saber fired out arcs of dazzling electricity that leaped around nonstop in the backyard .

“Ka ca!”

Xiao Chen took one step forward and completely drew the saber from its scabbard . Instantly, a dazzling purple electricity lit up the entire backyard . He had not used his energy at all; it came purely from the Lunar Shadow Saber .

Mo Fan smiled and said, “Now, the Lunar Shadow Saber is truly a Superior Grade Heaven Ranked Spirit Weapon . It overflowed with light, giving off a bright radiance . It is now twenty percent mightier . ”

Xiao Chen revealed an excited smile as he said, “I knew you could do it . Thank you . ”

He sheathed the saber and took out a thousand-year-old Spirit Herb—the Black Profound Ginseng—which handed to Mo Fan without letting him refuse .

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Smiling, Xiao Chen insisted, “Stop rejecting it . You have taken care of the Xiao Clan for so long . You also helped me by forging the Lunar Shadow Saber twice . As far as logic and emotions go, I owe you . ”

A thousand-year-old Black Profound Ginseng could increase Mo Fan’s cultivation by twenty years . It was very tempting for him .

“Ha ha! I shall humbly accept, then . What do you plan to do next?” Mo Fan asked .

Xiao Chen grasped the Lunar Shadow Saber tightly with his right hand . Then, he said calmly, “Very simple . Solve the problem at its roots: kill them all . ”

Since they are a threat, I shall just remove them all .  Xiao Chen could not be bothered to consider other methods . There were only a few months to the Five Nation Youth Competition .

All the genius cultivators were cultivating very hard, waiting for that moment . Xiao Chen did not have too much time to think .

Mo Fan asked, “Do you not have any intention of going to the Xiao Clan? You have done so much . If your father knew what you’ve done, he might reconsider . ”

The suggestion stunned Xiao Chen slightly . Then, he revealed a bitter smile and shook his head . “There is no need . Since he chased me away, he probably has his own reasons . I’ll just take a look from afar .

“I’m leaving!”

Xiao Chen smiled faintly and waved his hand, taking his leave of Mo Fan .


The Heavenly Jade Mountain was the largest mountain range in Qizi County . Even the Seven Horn Mountain outside Mohe City was not even half its size .

However, the Heavenly Jade Mountain was not even worth half of Seven Horn Mountain . This was because there was no Spirit Vein there, no Spirit Herbs, no Spirit Beasts . This was a desolate mountain .

However, on this desolate mountain of no interest to anyone, a vast castle had appeared on its summit at some point in time .

Although the castle was large, it was very low profile . It was hidden in the green forest . Unless one flew in the sky, it would not be discovered .

There were cultivators holding bows every few meters along the castle walls . They were alertly looking around everywhere . The castle seemed to have an impregnable defense .

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