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Published at 30th of May 2018 10:25:07 PM

Chapter 578: Chapter 578

Chapter 578: Completely Unleashing the State of Thunder

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However, this is not enough; it is far from being enough . You have the peak state of wind and thunder, allowing the thunder to use the might of wind and create a boundless momentum to suppress people .

Nevertheless, I also have the state of thunder . Furthermore, mine is stronger than yours, more ferocious than yours . I am not afraid of your boundless momentum and suppression .

Xiao Chen had gained comprehension from the Thunder Emperor’s immortal will of thunder at Thunder Emperor Valley .

At this moment, Xiao Chen completely unleashed his state of thunder . It was now a peak Consummation state of thunder containing a trace of immortality . It was also mixed with a peak state of massacre .

A horrifying scarlet bolt of lightning formed on the slender, long saber . The crystal Qi whirlpool spun very quickly in Xiao Chen’s body, making the scarlet lightning even more terrifying .


In the instant the two’s clones and afterimages merged, the staff and saber collided .

A heaven-shaking sound blasted out . The crowd, which had just been tortured by the sound waves earlier, completely lost their hearing with this thunderous sound . Only some of the stronger cultivators were spared .

“Roar! Roar! Roar!”

Cracks spread on the Wind Cloud Arena that they were standing on . Even more Dragon Qi leaked out and the dragon roars resounded without end . The thick clouds in the sky could not help but churn .

“Ceng! Ceng! Ceng!”

The two quickly retreated quickly . Blood trickled out from the corners of their lips . Clearly, they had suffered from some internal injuries .

Xiao Chen retreated by ten steps before he stabilized himself; however, Gong Yangyu took a total of fifteen steps . Gong Yangyu’s expression was even more unsightly than Xiao Chen’s .

One did not cultivate the physical body and the other had a strong physical body . It was clear who could endure a harder hit .

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Gong Yangyu wiped the blood off the corner of his mouth . He revealed a faint smile and said, “Since I practiced the Everlasting Staff Technique to Great Perfection, no one within the same generation has managed to overwhelm me in offensive power . You are the first . ”

Xiao Chen brandished his Lunar Shadow Saber and smiled lightly . “Same for me . After combining my Purple Thunder Divine Incantation’s sixth layer with my state of thunder and state of massacre, you are the only person who can still stand and speak after my attack . ”

The dragon roars resounded and a great storm brewed . They sympathized with each other as they faced each other . They did not care about victory or defeat; they both remained tranquil and calm .

This battle was just a duel .


Gong Yangyu gently twirled his staff, and thunder roared . A strong wind blew as he pushed off the ground heavily . He quickly gathered a strong momentum as he shouted, “Again!”

“Everlasting Mirages!”

The heavy staff moved all over the place and from where Gong Yangyu stood, he materialized three afterimages . Each afterimage had a different aura .

One was like a flood dragon roaring ferociously, ruling everything under the sky; one was like a soaring golden snake, flying like lightning; one was like a majestic eagle, breaking through the clouds .

The afterimages moved in arcs as they quickly headed for Xiao Chen . At the instant they got close to him, they merged together, the three auras combining and chopping down .

Xiao Chen held his saber up and pressed his left hand on the side of the saber blade, sliding along it quickly . A Wukui flower bud bloomed underfoot . When his fingers reached the blade’s tip, the scarlet Wukui flower closed up again .


When the staff struck the flowerbud, cracks spread on the floor . However, there were no changes to the scarlet flowerbud .

This move was Xiao Chen’s strongest defensive move . The might of this Saber Move increased together with the state of thunder and state of massacre . As it was today, it could block the attacks of any cultivator within the same generation .

“Wukui Blossoms!”

Within the flowerbud, Xiao Chen finished forming his hand seals . The scarlet flowerbud immediately blossomed, generating a strong explosion that blasted away Gong Yangyu, who was preparing to attack a second time .

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Countless petals filled the air as Xiao Chen leaped out of the flowerbud . He chased Gong Yangyu, his speed having increased with the mysterious energy from the flower petals .

Gong Yangyu was astonished at Xiao Chen’s speed, which was now faster by twenty percent .

Not bothering to compete with Xiao Chen in speed, Gong Yangyu stood in the middle of the petal-filled area and kept brandishing his staff . He used the Everlasting Mirages to materialize all sorts of auras, blocking all of Xiao Chen’s attacks .

However, his defense would fail over time . Xiao Chen had the advantage of speed within the flower petals . Furthermore, the state of massacre and the state of thunder were merged into it . It was impossible to keep blocking forever .

Naturally, Gong Yangyu understood this principle . His face sank as he decided to risk everything and settle this duel in one move .

Gong Yangyu smiled bitterly to himself . Although he had expected the White Robed Bladesman before him to be a formidable opponent, he had not expected this person to be this difficult to deal with . Unexpectedly, Xiao Chen was able to block his nearly heaven-defying offensive power . The advantage of the different auras he materialized by means of the Everlasting Mirages was also negated by the speed from the strange flower petals .

Now, Xiao Chen had forced Gong Yangyu to use the trump card that he had prepared for the eight Noble Clans’ scions .

“Tossing Heaven and Earth!” Suddenly, Gong Yangyu shouted ferociously and spun his long staff . The aura of his entire body increased explosively . An irresistibly strong wind started blowing and all the petals instantly fell .

Heaven as the Sky, Earth as the Ground . Using the power of the ground and the momentum of the sky . Tossing Heaven and Earth!

As the staff spun around, Gong Yangyu’s momentum rose continuously . When his momentum reached its peak, the staff moved on its own and headed for Xiao Chen as it left his hands .

The instant the staff left Gong Yangyu’s hands, he paled . He had put a lot of effort into this move . If he still failed to defeat Xiao Chen, he could only admit defeat .

Tossing Heaven and Earth, this was a move that took all the power of a giant-level expert like Gong Yangyu; it was incredibly strong .

Not everyone was bold enough to use the sky as momentum and the ground for power .

“Chi! Chi!”

All the energy gathered at the tip of the staff . As the wooden staff moved quickly, faint spatial ripples appeared .

Eventually, like a black dot appearing on a white piece of paper, a small tear appeared in space .

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The wooden staff entered into the void . Unexpectedly, this staff ruptured space . Although it was just a small tear, it had indeed torn a hole into the void .

All the cultivators in the spectator stands had their jaws drop in astonishment . Even Lin Fei was shaken .

In the spectator stand for the seeded participants, a strange look appeared in Sima Lingxuan’s eyes . He muttered, “Tossing Heaven and Earth…not bad . Just by relying on this move, Gong Yangyu can advance a few ranks in this Five Nation Youth Competition . ”

“Even space was ruptured . This is something only a Martial Monarch can do . How did Gong Yangyu achieve this?”

“That is Tossing Heaven and Earth, the inherited secret technique of the Supreme Yi Palace . Its offensive power is strangely incomparable . Unexpectedly, Gong Yangyu managed to execute it . However, he can’t use it as he pleases yet . ”

“Xiao Chen is going to be defeated . This move can rupture space . It is shadowless and traceless; it cannot be dodged . Xiao Chen definitely cannot avoid it . ”

Several cultivators in the spectator stands felt it was unfortunate . At first, it looked like a newcomer was going to succeed in defeating a giant . Who knew, Gong Yangyu suddenly revealed this move .

Tossing Heaven and Earth…even among Inferior Grade Martial Monarchs who comprehended Quintessence, many would not be able to block it . As a Small Perfection half-step Martial Monarch, how could Xiao Chen defend against it?

Xiao Chen’s expression was grave as he hovered in the air . However, he did not panic like the crowd expected .

If he were just a regular half-step Martial Monarch, even if he cultivated a Heaven Ranked Cultivation Technique, he would be severely injured if he managed to forcibly block this . This match could only end in a draw at best .

However, Xiao Chen was no ordinary half-step Martial Monarch . Aside from his vast cultivation, he also had a strong physical body . With the aid of the Firmament Body Tempering Art, his physical body was no weaker than those of cultivators who cultivated the body like Bai Lixi .

Just using his physical body, Xiao Chen’s punch achieved six hundred tons of force . If he used his Essence and Vital Qi together, his punch could achieve one thousand tons of force—something Bai Lixi was incapable of .

“Ka ca!”

The instant the staff broke into the void, Xiao Chen sheathed the Lunar Shadow Saber and tossed it high into the air .

“What is he trying to do? Is he seeking death?” all the cultivators in the spectator stands wondered, feeling doubt .

Xiao Chen circulated all the Vital Qi in his body . The Firmament Body Tempering Art and Purple Thunder Divine Incantation circulated at the same time; Essence and Vital Qi instantly merged, forming an intense energy .

This energy moved all over Xiao Chen’s body; crackling, like the sound of frying beans, came from his body .


One meter from Xiao Chen, a small hole opened in space . The black staff with a heavy aura emerged halfway as it smashed towards his head .

The staff contained too much energy . The moment it appeared, a strong wind blew at Xiao Chen . When the force in the wind struck him, it was like a knife slashing at him .

Small tears immediately appeared in the Clear Wind Robes, shredding it . However, when the knifelike wind struck Xiao Chen’s skin, it gave off clanging sounds, as if it struck metal .

“Berserk Dragon! Go back!” Xiao Chen shouted and clenched his right hand into a fist . The vast surging energy in his body instantly poured out .

When Xiao Chen punched, there was a resounding and piercing dragon roar . It instantly suppressed the roars of the Dragon Qi under the arena .

An azure dragon head appeared over Xiao Chen’s fist . He did not feel any fear as he struck the tip of the staff .


There was a horrifying sound and another crack appeared in the Wind Cloud Arena . Countless Dragon Qi came out and roared unendingly in the strong wind .

Xiao Chen vomited a mouthful of blood as he took ten steps back in the air . To the surprise of the crowd, the wooden staff containing the power of heaven and earth moved back a little .

“How can it be? Unexpectedly, the Tossing Heaven and Earth was pushed back!”

When the crowd in the spectator stands saw this scene, several of them could not help but stand up .

However, Sima Lingxuan said indifferently, “The power of heaven and earth is extensive and distant; it is not that easy to push it back . ”

Indeed, after the the heavy staff moved back a little, it resumed thrusting forward with an even stronger power of heaven and earth . It emerged from the void completely and smashed towards Xiao Chen .

A bright light flashed in Xiao Chen’s eyes . He said seriously, “So that is why . Again!”

Xiao Chen did not hesitate to face the staff flying at him . He circulated all the energy in his body and sent out another Berserk Dragon Fist . The power of heaven and earth poured out like a river from the tip of the staff, surging towards him .

He vomited a mouthful of blood . However, he was not in the least bit concerned . The instant he clenched his left fist, he sent out another punch .

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