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Published at 5th of June 2017 10:42:45 AM

Chapter 62

Chapter 62: The Secrets of the Azure Dragon Martial Spirit

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A huge ‘boom’ sounded as the full moon landed on the arena . . This Moon Bright Like Fire was much more powerful than Zhang He’s earlier one . The large arena was blasted into countless pieces .

Chunks fired out in all directions from the huge shockwave . Some of the closest crowd members were struck by fragments . They suffered severe injuries, their Qi and blood turning turbulent as a result . It was a truly unexpected calamity .

Due to a dense dust cloud filling the arena, people in the back of the crowd were unable to see the action . Their anxiety was palpable .

“What a strong Moon Bright Like Fire; it was more mighty than what Zhang He exhibited . ”

“There is dust everywhere! Who in the world won?”

Although the crowd was nervous to know the result, they were also afraid of possible accidents . They did not dare move closer to the arena . Those injured by the stone pieces were a living example .

After a long time, the dust cloud finally dispersed and the crowd could clearly see the situation in the arena .

That two-meter high arena, made of Heavenly Mountain Stones, no longer existed; only rubble remained . Zhang He was lying on the ground, and it was unclear whether or not he was alive . The Shadow Bearing Sword had disappeared .

The arena master at the side of the arena had an indescribably dispirited expression on his face . His arena, built up bitterly and his sole source of revenue, was gone . Although he received ten percent of the wager as a commission, it was not enough to compensate for his loss .

Everything was clear now, and everyone knew the results; Xiao Chen won this duel . As only a Medial Grade Martial Disciple, he defeated the Medial Grade Martial Master, Zhang He .

Mohe City would be shocked by this news, and it would travel far within the Qizi County . Xiao Chen actually managed to defeat Zhang He, despite a gap of an entire cultivation realm . This was an explosive news .

Xiao Chen’s reputation as Mohe City’s trash was thoroughly eliminated by this battle . Everyone now believed that a genius had appeared .

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While everyone was discussing this, there was one person standing there with a complex expression in his eyes . It was Xiao Chen’s elder brother, Xiao Jian .

There was an inner core in Xiao Jian’s hands: the inner core of a Rainbow Flame Python . Before Xiao Chen left, he threw it over to Xiao Jian .

He really wanted to throw it away because he didn’t want Xiao Chen’s pity . However, he couldn’t bear to do it .

. . .

Three days later, within the Xiao Clan Residence .

“Second Young Master, the First Elder sent someone again to request your presence .  Should I put him off like the previous times?” Bao`er said in a gentle voice as they conversed in Xiao Chen’s courtyard .

Xiao Chen recovered from his cultivation state . He smiled bitterly in his heart, There is no need to be so anxious, calling me tens of times in the past three days .

 The effects of the Cloud Swallowing Pill wore off shortly after the duel that day . The side effects of the medicinal pill immediately followed .

Xiao Chen rushed back after taking the Shadow Bearing Sword, afraid of assassination attempts . He was worried the Cloud Swallowing Pill side effects would leave him vulnerable .

He remained inside for the past three days,refining the remnants of the Cloud Swallowing Pill’s medicinal effects in his body . The duel provided him many insights .

Xiao Chen rejected all visitors, refusing interruption . He was only now able to refine the medicinal effects of the Cloud Swallowing Pill . Although he comprehended many insights from the battle, he was not yet able to fully grasp them . He must wait to manage them in the future .

The First Elder would absolutely send someone to barge in if he didn’t go now .  Thinking this, Xiao Chen said toward the door, “Bao`er, go let them know I’m coming out soon . ”

He straightened his clothes and considered what he would say to the First Elder . Xiao Chen opened the door, took a deep breath, and slowly made his way to the First Elder’s courtyard .

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Along the way, he ran into some Xiao Clan disciples . Their expressions when they saw him were completely changed . He used to hear slanderous rumors, but now he heard nothing . Everyone appeared to harbor a deep respect for him .

The attitude of these young disciples never bothered him before . He went forward with great strides, arriving at Xiao Qiang’s courtyard after a short while .

Xiao Qiang and Xiao Yulan sat on opposite sides of a stone table within the courtyard . Xiao Yulan still looked very pretty, and every time someone saw her it caused arousal .

“Cousin Xiao Chen, after becoming famous you want to start playing games with people? Even refusing to see your cousin?” when Xiao Yulan saw Xiao Chen coming over, she mocked him in a teasing manner .

Xiao Chen bowed to the First Elder first before taking a seat, “Cousin Yulan, I am sorry for that . I was recuperating from my injuries over the past few days . Thus, it was inconvenient for me to see anyone . ”

When Xiao Yulan saw Xiao Chen sincerely apologizing she hurriedly said, “I was just teasing you; everyone knows that you are recuperating . ”

Ever since Xiao Chen entered, Xiao Qiang’s gaze was fixed on Xiao Chen’s body and had not left him at all . He immediately continued with the current topic, “Second Young Master, are there any remaining problems with your body? There are some Rank 7 herbs in the Xiao Clan’s dispensary . Don’t try to shoulder everything by yourself . ”

Since the Xiao Clan had managed the Seven Horn Mountain for hundreds of years, it was not strange for them to have some Rank 7 herbs . Xiao Chen said, “There are no longer any major problems . Many thank to First Elder for the concern . ”

“In that case, I can relax . I won’t have to worry about the Trial of Gloomy Forest that happens in two days,” Xiao Qiang said and changed the topic, “Can you tell me the details of what you obtained in the Thunder Emperor’s cave?”

Most people were unable to understand why Xiao Chen was suddenly exploding with a valiant fighting strength . However, Xiao Qiang easily related it to the Cave of the Thunder Emperor .

Xiao Chen’s expression did not change; he long ago expected the First Elder to ask this question . He placed the Lunar Shadow Saber on the table and said, “This was the Thunder Wood Sword used by the Thunder Emperor . I reforged it into a Profound Ranked Spirit Weapon . I have obtained the inheritance of the Thunder Emperor from it . ”

Xiao Chen’s words were shrouded in half-truths, but there were no gaps in his story . Following that, he lied about how he acquired the Thunder Emperor’s inheritance; Xiao Qiang listened to the story and appeared to believe it .

He said to Xiao Chen cautiously, “Don’t tell anyone else about this, . or else you will drown in a sea of calamities . This matter is very significant . Who knows, maybe this will cause our Xiao Clan to begin a big undertaking . ”

The Thunder Emperor was the most famous Martial Emperor in the past thousand years . His fame in the continent was spread very wide, entering deeply into the people’s heart .

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Many people dreamt about receiving his inheritance . If they knew Xiao Chen had obtained the Thunder Emperor’s inheritance, then Xiao Chen would be chased relentlessly .

Xiao Yulan picked up the Lunar Shadow Saber on the table and observed it before saying in praise, “This saber is truly Cousin’s lucky item . Back then, it helped us escape from that pit . Now, it helped Cousin receive the Thunder Emperor’s inheritance . It’s truly a good saber . ”

Xiao Chen smiled in his heart . Although his Cousin Yulan had an innate gift for combat, her thoughts were still so simple . Such a strong Demonic Weapon, and yet twice she used the word lucky to describe it .

He suddenly thought of something . He took out the Shadow Bearing Sword from his Universe Ring and handed it to Xiao Yu Lan, “Cousin Yulan, back then, you let me take all of the Moonstones . I’m giving you this Shadow Bearing Sword as compensation for that . ”

Xiao Yulan smiled when she heard that, “I do not dare accept this sword . The clan head of the Zhang Clan has come here many times in the past few days . He wants the sword back . ”

“We absolutely cannot let them buy it back . This is something we obtained fairly; how can we just let it go just like that?” Xiao Chen said, “This Shadow Bearing Sword was forged from superior quality Frost Iron . ”

Furthermore, it contained some Righteous Qi . However, because they didn’t infuse a large amount of Moonstones into it when it was forged, its rank was lower . In actual fact, its value was quite high .

Honestly speaking, Xiao Chen felt reluctant to give it to Xiao Yulan . After he cultivated the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation to the second layer, he was considering forging a protective treasure .

However, he was unable to do it since he lacked the necessary materials . He believed he could forge a decent quality treasure if he kept the sword .

If it was sold back to the Zhang Clan, it would be a big loss for Xiao Chen .

Xiao Yulan saw Xiao Chen’s anxious look and smiled tactfully . Her face looked as pretty as flowers, and she did not have her usual icy expression . She said, “Don’t worry, your father has the same intentions as you . We won’t return the things we’ve obtained . So long as it is something you gave me, I would dare to use it . ”

Xiao Chen blushed with shame, Cousin Yulan’s personality seemed to have changed significantly . It was totally different from the cold personality that would push people thousands of li away that he saw when they first met .

She had even made jokes twice .  Unfortunately, he was unable to tell she was joking; he was not able to understand the way girls thought .  Joking with people… that would depend on who it is .

If the other disciples of the Xiao Clan saw this famous, icy beauty of the Xiao Clan chatting with Xiao Chen happily, they would be very astonished .

The three of them them chatted for a long time about Trial of Gloomy Forest matters during which Xiao Qing shared his experiences of participating in the Trial of Gloomy Forest with the two of them without hesitation .

Something unexpected happened to Xiao Chen when he left . The First Elder asked about Xiao Chen’s Martial Spirit again . Furthermore, he requested to personally inspect it .

This caused the suspicions that Xiao Chen had in his heart long ago to resurface, Could it be that the Azure Dragon Martial Spirit had some unspeakable secrets?

When Xiao Qiang’s consciousness entered into Xiao Chen’s body, Xiao Chen hid the Azure Dragon Martial Spirit in the white clouds . Then, he used his Spiritual Sense to imitate a clump of purple flame . Through this, he barely managed to hide it from Xiao Qiang .

Xiao Chen kept thinking about his suspicions; he laid on his bed pondering it . .

Why was the First Elder so mindful of his Martial Spirit? Xiao Chen’s Azure Dragon Martial Spirit had not appeared for a thousand years . It was not surprising for them to be a little cautious .

However, Xiao Chen thought he felt fear from the First Elder’s attitude; a fear of the Azure Dragon . Every time he verified that the Martial Spirit in his body was not the Azure Dragon, the expression on the First Elder’s face became more relaxed .

What secrets was this Azure Dragon Martial Spirit hiding?

Just then, Xiao Bai came out of the Spirit Blood Jade that Xiao Chen wore on the front of his chest . It looked all around for Ao Jiao; its anxious appearance was extremely adorable .

Xiao Chen looked at Xiao Bai and revealed a smiled . Every time this fellow came out, it looked for Ao Jiao . When it could not find her, it looked at Xiao Chen with pitiful eyes .

Xiao Chen knew that this fellow had gotten addicted to the energy it had eaten that day . However, Ao Jiao was sealed in the Lunar Shadow Saber . Xiao Chen did not know when he would see her again .

Thinking of this, Xiao Chen could not help feeling somewhat depressed . Without that young lass around, it felt like something was missing .

Hugging Xiao Bai, Xiao Chen began infusing some Essence into its body, circulating the Mysterious Nine Heavenly Revolution Transformation cultivation method through it .

He began doing this three days after he came back . The earlier the Spirit Beast started to cultivate, the better . Xiao Bai was a naturally born Rank 6 Spirit Beast . It would be a great support for Xiao Chen in the future .

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