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Published at 30th of June 2018 07:18:18 AM

Chapter 626

Chapter 626: Uncontrollable Emotions

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An Zixuan smiled and said, “Xiao Bai, Jiang Zimo, and Mu Xinya are all in the Kunlun Realm already . When you go to the Kunlun Realm, do take care of them when you can . ”


Xiao Chen felt surprised . He said, “I remember the three of them did not get into the top twenty, not attaining the Martial God Palace’s requirement . ”


An Zixuan explained, “That Martial God Palace is the human’s Martial God Palace . It is not the Fiend’s Martial God Palace . ”


Xiao Chen understood when he heard that . He said, “I definitely will . The three of them are my friends . Even if Senior did not say anything, I would do it . ”


After leaving the Myriad Fiend Palace, Xiao Chen heaved a sigh of relief . After thinking for a while, he headed for the headquarters of the Great Tang Nation’s Golden Roc Merchant Association .


Xiao Chen did not really understand the power of the Wanlong Merchant Association . He had to find someone he could trust to gain more information about their strength . Of all the people Xiao Chen knew, only Jin Dabao had a good understanding of the Wan Clan .


Flying in the sky, Xiao Chen rode an Azure Dragon image and traveled nonstop to the Great Tang Nation’s Imperial Capital . His Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art started to show traces of breaking through while he moved at his maximum speed . This development was a pleasant surprise for him .


Ten days later, Xiao Chen arrived at the Great Tang Nation’s Imperial Capital . However, Jin Dabao was not there . So he did not get to see him immediately . After spreading the word, he managed to find Jin Dabao three days later .


Xiao Chen never enjoyed beating about the bush . He went straight to the point and explained why he was here .


After the fatty heard everything, he squinted and laughed boisterously, “To think that little bastard has such a day befalling him! Damn it . He had snatched away a significant amount of business from this Fat Lord . ”


Seeing Xiao Chen’s unhappy expression, Jin Dabao quickly said, “A moment of excitement, it’s hard to control my emotions; my emotions got away from me . Old Brother Xiao Chen, don’t take offense at that . Let me tell you all about the Wanlong Merchant Association’s strength now . ”


Jin Dabao took a sip of wine and continued, “Now that you have advanced to Martial Monarch, you probably do not care about the Wan Clan’s Martial King experts . So I will not talk about them . The main thing would be the Martial Monarch experts hired by their merchant association . ”


The Wanlong Merchant Association had eighteen large branches in the Tianwu Continent . Each branch had two Martial Monarch experts . Their cultivation ranged from peak Inferior Grade Martial Monarch to Medial Grade Martial Monarch .


After all, the Wanlong Merchant Association was wealthy and had vast resources . It would be hard to find an early Inferior Grade Martial Monarch in their ranks .


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Just counting the Martial Monarchs in the branches, there were already thirty-six of them—much more than what the Heavenly Saber Pavilion had .


On hearing the fatty’s words, Xiao Chen felt quite astonished in his heart . The peak force in the Tianwu Continent were Martial Sages . However, there were very few of them .


There were billions of people in the entire Sky Dome Realm . If all the Martial Sages of the Boundless Sea, Ancient Desolate Land, and the Tianwu Continent were counted, the total would not exceed a hundred .


Relative to the vast Sky Dome Realm, Martial Sages were rare . Furthermore, they would usually be busy comprehending the Heavenly Dao; few of them would bother themselves with mundane matters .


Hence, in normal conflicts, the strongest cultivators that appeared would usually be Martial Monarchs . Martial Sages were pretty much a legend to most people .


Most people only heard of Martial Sages and had never seen one . In their eyes, a Martial Monarch was already a peak expert .


However, although the thirty-six Martial Monarchs were strong, Xiao Chen did not care about them . He would be fine as long as they were not Superior Grade Martial Monarchs .


Jin Dabao continued, “This is just the strength of the branches . Their true strength is located in the Wanlong Merchant Association’s headquarters, which has the Eight Great Guardian Deities . ”


“The Eight Great Guardian Deities are a group of eight Superior Grade Martial Monarchs . They are very famous and extremely strong . Once, a peak Martial Monarch bandit wanted to loot the Wanlong Merchant Association . The Eight Great Guardian Deities worked together and destroyed him in less than a hundred moves .


Eight Great Guardian Deities… Xiao Chen paid special note to this name . Then, he looked at Jin Dabao and said, “That should not be all their power . Otherwise, it would be impossible for them to suppress your Jin Clan for so long . ”


Jin Dabao took a big gulp of wine and replied, “That’s right . Rumors say that their Wan Clan has a Martial Sage holding down the fort . This is their greatest trump card . ”


After hearing Jin Dabao’s explanation, Xiao Chen had a better understanding of the Wanlong Merchant Association .


Most people only knew of the eight Noble Clans and the ten great sects of the Great Jin Nation . Unexpectedly, the Great Jin Nation still hid the Wanlong Merchant Association, which was as strong as the Noble Clans . In terms of overall power, they might even be stronger than some of the Noble Clans .


Thirty-six Martial Monarchs, Eight Great Guardian Deities, and a Martial Sage who stood at the peak . The Wan Clan was truly terrifying .


Seeing that Xiao Chen was about to leave, Fatty Jin hesitated for a while before deciding to tell Xiao Chen about Wan Feng . “Old Brother Xiao Chen, the welcoming envoy this time seems to be related to the Wan Clan . You better be prepared . ”

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Xiao Chen paused for a moment . Then, he shook his head and laughed bitterly . Just one Martial Sage already posed quite a problem for him . Unexpectedly, there was now the welcoming envoy .


However, Xiao Chen had already given his promise . He no longer had the opportunity to feel regrets . Even if there was a mountain of knives or a sea of fire before him, he had to go forward .


Jin Dabao watched as Xiao Chen left . His eyes squinted almost shut in a contemplative expression, and he muttered to himself, “The Wan Clan is not that easy to deal with . It would be hard to do so by relying on just Xiao Chen . ”


After a long time, Jin Dabao seemed to come to a decision . He told the manservant beside him, “Gather all the available Martial Monarchs in the Golden Roc Merchant Association in the shortest time possible .


“Also, invite Miss Su of the Heavenly Craft Manor . Damn it . This Fat Lord will bet everything on this . ”


“Roar! Roar!”


An Azure Dragon roared as Xiao Chen soared through the sky . He rode the Azure Dragon image as he flew nonstop to the Heavenly Saber Pavilion .


Traveling to the Ancient Desolate Land and the Great Tang Nation’s Imperial Capital took Xiao Chen nearly a month . He did not want to keep Ying Yue waiting too long, so he rushed at his top speed .


Cultivators with good eyesight might discover an Azure Dragon swimming in the sky ten kilometers up . It scattered all the clouds blocking its way .


Xiao Chen stood on the dragon’s head, his white robes fluttering in the wind . No expression was visible on his delicate face .




Suddenly, Xiao Chen felt like the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art was about to break through from Small Perfection to Great Perfection . It felt fantastic . Without him having to circulate it purposefully, the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art’s circulation method cycled automatically .


The Quintessence slowly flowed through the meridians . Occasionally, it would pass some of the minor meridians . Xiao Chen clearly felt the Azure Dragon below him growing excited . Its speed increased explosively, leaving small spatial cracks behind him .




A resonant dragon roar rang out . The Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art finally reached Great Perfection . The Quintessence completed a cycle and returned to the dantian . Then it started to circulate in the circulation method for the Great Perfection Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art .

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“Xiu! Xiu!”


Aside from the Azure Dragon image that Xiao Chen was riding, two more Azure Dragon images appeared at his side . Compared to earlier, his speed tripled, reaching Mach 8 .


After training for two months and failing to break through this bottleneck, Xiao Chen finally succeeded in such an unexpected and natural fashion . He felt that it was rather odd .


However, without those two months of training, accumulating a vast amount of experience, such a breakthrough would not have happened . In the end, it could simply be a matter of achieving success when the conditions were right .


“Azure Dragon Tail Whip!”


Xiao Chen revealed a joyful expression . He executed Azure Dragon Tail Whip, and the three Azure Dragon images moved at the same time . Their tails swung and struck Xiao Chen heavily .


“Hu Chi!”


An arcing azure beam of light flashed in the sky . Xiao Chen moved ten kilometers in an instant .


When Xiao Chen looked behind, a Xiao Chen still stood there ten kilometers back—an afterimage left behind as a result of the extreme speed .


The afterimage slowly faded and disappeared after three breaths .


Xiao Chen smiled gently and said, “Moving ten kilometers in an instant . I finally stand a chance at fleeing from a Martial Sage .


“However, the Great Perfection Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art exhausts too much Quintessence . In normal battles, I will only need one Azure Dragon . ”


When Xiao Chen returned to the Heavenly Saber Pavilion, he headed to where Leng Tianhe stayed . When he found Leng Tianhe, he paid his respects and informed him of his intentions .


“Senior, will you be willing to lend this junior the Divine Weapon?”


If anyone else made this request of Leng Tianhe, he would have been sent flying with a slap . The Divine Weapon was not something that one could borrow at will .


However, the person asking was Xiao Chen . Leng Tianhe could not help but contemplate the request . After a long time, he slowly said, “I can feel a Holy Seal in your mind . Since Liu Tianyu had given you this chance before, it would not be appropriate for me to reject you . ”




Leng Tianhe casually waved his hand, and the wooden box containing the Divine Weapon flew over . Xiao Chen stretched out his hand and caught the wooden box . He said softly, “Many thanks, Senior!”


With the Divine Weapon, Xiao Chen felt a little more confident . However, he hoped that he would not need to use it . It would be enough to brandish it to scare the other party .


Finally, Xiao Chen took out the inner vest that the Supreme Sky Sect had given him . This item was a defensive-type Superior Grade Secret Treasure that could raise his defense by twenty percent .


The favor of the Myriad Fiend Palace’s An Zixuan, Jin Dabao’s information, a defensive Superior Grade Secret Treasure, and the Divine Weapon Heavenly Universe Saber . Everything was ready .


Xiao Chen covered the wooden box containing the Divine Weapon with a black cloth and carried it on his back . Then, he took a deep breath and headed towards Saber City .




At an inn in Saber City, the Feng Clan’s Clan Head, Feng Tianming, and Ying Yue had waited for Xiao Chen for more than a month .


At this moment, the two were seated at a tea table . An ancient tea set sat on the table with an incense burner placed on the upper right corner of the table . The incense burner gave off a pleasing fragrance, raising one’s spirits .


Feng Tianming wore luxurious clothes, and his aura was withdrawn . He gently took a sip of tea and said, “Princess Ying Yue, we have waited for very long already . I think Xiao Chen won’t be coming . ”


Feng Tianming could not help his doubts . Currently, Xiao Chen had a great future ahead of him . He was the strongest of the younger generation, a King Grade True Dragon genius . After he ascended to the Kunlun Realm, he would reach Martial Sage at the minimum .


If Xiao Chen was more fortunate, he might become the second Thunder Emperor .


Why would Xiao Chen offend the influential Wan Clan, bringing suffering upon himself for the sake of a promise from four years ago? After all, Xiao Chen had not truly matured yet .


Ying Yue set down the teacup in her hand . With a faint smile on her beautiful face, she replied, “Relax . I understand him . And so did Feixue . Otherwise, she would not have endured this for four years for his sake . ”

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