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Chapter 774: 774

Chapter 774: Acting in Full Force

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The talisman spun around gently, radiating a faint might in all directions and forming a vague ball of light .

Unfortunately, before the glow of the Divine Lightning, Xiao Chen’s shocking talisman seemed rather dim .

States were formless, but wills had form . For a state to advance to a will, most people would recreate the weapon they were accustomed to using .

There were also powerful talents and demonic geniuses with strange thoughts, who would boldly mold their will into legendary beasts such as Phoenixes, True Dragons, qilins, the golden crow, or rocs .

However, such legendary beasts had one big problem: they had vanished long before the Martial Epoch . Although there were stories of them, these still provided very little information . It was also hard to differentiate what was true and what was false .

Without having seen the actual being itself, even if one were talented, the formed will would still lack some spirituality .

Xiao Chen, however, was different . Although he did not know what grade the talisman in the clump of light was, he had no doubt it was at least Divine Grade .

If he could subdue such a talisman, he would have an easy time heavily injuring a True Dragon when he released it . The master of that talisman had to have been a peak existence during the Immortal Epoch .

Creating such a talisman must have needed a lot of divine blood from Divine Beasts . Furthermore, it probably required all sorts of treasures to complete it . Even after everything was gathered, creating it in less than a few hundred years should be impossible .

Xiao Chen was likely the first in the Martial Epoch to use the talisman to give form to his will . Even people of a higher cultivation than him would not be able to stop his brilliance .

When they clashed, Xiao Chen will definitely be the one with the last laugh .


After resting for a long time, Xiao Chen looked at the talisman in the sky and gently called it back . The will talisman immediately turned into a beam of light and entered his forehead .

The instant the talisman returned to Xiao Chen’s sea of consciousness, his aura changed, releasing a formless might .

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Now, even if Xiao Chen did not do anything, if someone with a lower cultivation got near him, they would feel a mental pressure .

If Xiao Chen glared at these people, they would feel fear in their hearts .

This response was the might of a will . Back in the burial ground of Dragon Burial Mound, the Thunder and Lightning Palace’s An Junxi shocked everyone present when he released his will of thunder .

Whether deliberate or not, An Junxi’s will affected those within its range and stunned them for a moment .

It was hard to imagine how the five Fiend cultivators, An Junxi’s specific targets, had felt at that time .

If those Fiend cultivators had known that An Junxi comprehended a will, they would not have attempted to snatch the Dragon Bones from him .

“Haha! Xiao Chen, congratulations . Back then, Sang Mu was the youngest genius to comprehend a will in the past ten thousand years . Even so, he was already twenty-five years old . Now, you are only twenty-two, and you already comprehended your will . Probably only the geniuses from the Ancient Era can match up to you . ”

Ao Jiao gently floated down, sincerely happy for him .

Xiao Chen said calmly, “Now, we are in an age of geniuses that comes once every ten thousand years . The peak of the Martial Epoch is upon us once again . There are many geniuses out there . With the size of the Kunlun Realm, someone even younger than me might be comprehending a will . ”

Ao Jiao smiled slightly . “Stop acting humble . Oh, yes, what is the form of your will? How come I’ve never seen it before? I’ve also never heard of people shaping their will into such a form . ”

The form of the will was critical . For the most part, it would decide the quality of the will, affecting its combat prowess .

Generally speaking, most people would make their will take the shape of the weapon they used . That way would increase its offensive power as well as boost the might of their Martial Techniques .

Cultivators with stronger talent would shape their wills into living creatures, giving the will a certain spirituality . Some even created a new life and used it as an incarnation of themselves .

The strong demonic geniuses aimed even higher . With incredible boldness, they would try to give their wills the forms of the legendary Divine Beasts . However, the difficulties and challenges they faced were high .

The Three Holy Lands of the Tianwu Domain had a particular advantage in this area . Their Martial Spirits were legendary Holy Beasts belonging to the category of Divine Beasts . They had a much easier time shaping their wills into Divine Beasts .

However, not counting the fallen Dragon’s Gate, there were only three Holy Lands . Their Holy Beasts could only be used as a reference . After all, most cultivators had ordinary beasts or items for Martial Spirits . Under normal circumstances, these forms would just provide an augmentative effect or storage for Quintessence .

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Xiao Chen’s will was not a weapon, a Spirit Beast, or even one of the legendary Divine Beasts . Instead, it was a talisman that no one had seen before .

When Xiao Chen heard Ao Jiao’s question, he felt it was strange . He asked, “Did the Thunder Emperor see the true form of the Divine Lightning back then?”

Ao Jiao shook her head and replied, “No . Back then, Sang Mu only just advanced to Martial Sage . The small world within the clump of light was too vast . Using his perception, he could only see thousands of dragon-shaped lightning . He did not get to see the true form of the Divine Lightning . ”

Her explanation dispelled Xiao Chen’s doubts . He had relied on his Spiritual Sense and risked many dangers thousands of times before he got to see the true face of the Divine Lightning .

However, having seen it, he was now sure of one thing: this Divine Lightning was not an artifact of a Martial God .

The existence of Martial Gods remained a mystery . This “Divine Lightning” did not prove anything .

After Xiao Chen gave a simple explanation of why he shaped his will into such a form, he started to familiarize himself with the changes in his strength after comprehending a will .

Ao Jiao smiled faintly and resumed cultivating . This place was very useful for her to recover her strength, so she could not waste any time .

Xiao Chen checked his Heavenly Sage Laws . He still had a hundred of them; the number remained the same . However, due to the will, they had thickened .

Initially, the Heavenly Sage Laws had been just as thick as a pinky . Now, they were a thumb’s width . The Divine Lightning’s baptism of the will seemed to have affected the Heavenly Sage Laws, making them more resilient .

As the Heavenly Sage Laws danced, they felt full of power . They even carried the might of the will .

If Xiao Chen were to fight the Xuan Clan Senior Elder from the last time, his Heavenly Sage Laws would be able to overwhelm that Xuan Clan Senior Elder’s Heavenly Sage Laws, mercilessly crushing them all .

Xiao Chen had another six months before his duel with Bai Wuxue . With Bai Wuxue’s talent, it would be impossible for him to stagnate .

After thinking for a while, Xiao Chen decided not to rush out . Instead, he would cultivate bitterly here and improve his Quintessence . He would use the unique environment here to solidify his cultivation .

Concurrently, he would comprehend the Thunder Steps Movement Technique he obtained from Mo Lingtian .

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The first time Xiao Chen saw the explosive increase in movement speed when Mo Lingtian executed Thunder Steps had piqued his interest considerably . He believed he had much to learn from this Movement Technique .

He also had to find time to learn the Heavenly Roc King’s Kun Peng Fist well, even though it had only one move .

Furthermore, there was that dark-side core painting piece, which he had not purified yet . Before he left, he had to take time to do so . As for when would he absorb it, that could wait .

Three months might seem like a lot . However, when considering all these objectives, he did not have much time .

The only thing was that Xiao Chen did not know that the Silver Moon Spirit Fox Race did not intend to let him off . The moment he went out, there would be three Inferior Grade Martial Sages waiting for him .

The dense white fog hung heavy all year round . No one had ever heard of someone walking out from the depths of this place in the past ten thousand years .

What caused people to get lost in the lake remained a mystery that made this Misleading Fog Lake forbidden land very famous in the vast Fiend Domain .

Throughout history, several Sovereign Martial Emperors had come to investigate this place . However, after they entered ten kilometers, they no longer dared to proceed .

These Sovereign Martial Emperors could sense something in the center of the lake that completely surpassed a Sovereign Martial Emperor—perhaps the legendary Martial God or an absolute expert from the previous epoch .

These were not things that they could afford to risk themselves to investigate .

At the lakeside, the three Xuan Clan Senior Elders leading the several dozen Xuan Clan half-Sages idly chatted in low spirits .

Although the First Elder, Xuan Ming, had ordered them to stand guard here for three months, everyone knew that he had done so just to appease the Clan Head’s anger .

Even a Martial Emperor would get lost in Misleading Fog Lake, unable to find their way out . How could an insignificant half-Sage succeed? If he actually came out, the feat would shake the entire Fiend Domain .

“Haha! Xuan Feng, you are really capable . You can’t even capture an insignificant half-Sage, causing us to waste our time here for three months . ”

There were three Xuan Clan Senior Elders here . Aside from Xuan Feng, who had fought Xiao Chen previously, there were Xuan Ye and Xuan Shui . The one speaking now was Xuan Shui, who was always at loggerheads with Xuan Feng .

The several half-Sages behind them were also very displeased . However, due to Xuan Feng’s status, they could not say much .

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The Xuan Clan had certainly invested a lot in this mission . It had stationed forty half-Sages and three Martial Sages there for the sake of killing Xiao Chen .

Such a force was equal to activating a third of the Xuan Clan’s power . It looked like Xuan Yu’s death truly angered the Xuan Clan’s Clan Head .

Unfortunately, Xiao Chen hid in Misleading Fog Lake, preventing this strong force from doing anything aside from waiting . They could not disobey their orders and leave as they pleased .

Xuan Feng barked, “Xuan Shui, what do you mean by this?! I already endured it when you mocked me in front of the First Elder . Now, you are trying to mock me again!”

Xuan Shui glared back and countered, “Am I wrong? If it were not for your weak strength, how could that brat get the chance to flee into Misleading Fog Lake? Why else would I have to waste three months here?”

The fight with Xiao Chen had already thrown Xuan Feng into extreme depression . Having long been angry and frustrated, he roared, “If you are so capable, then how about you charge in there and bring out that brat’s head?!”


With the argument heating up, Xuan Ye had no choice but to play peacekeeper . He said, “Alright, stop arguing already . When the sun sets today, the three months will be up . That brat is dead for sure after entering Misleading Fog Lake . At least we will be able to give the Clan Head an account . ”

“Senior Elders! There seems to be some movement in there!”

Just at this moment, a Xuan Clan half-Sage at the back suddenly reported, feeling somewhat uncomfortable .

The three Senior Elders stopped speaking and looked in the direction he pointed . They only saw the fog on the surface of the lake parting as if a formless sword flew through it .

“This is?”

This sight stunned Xuan Feng . Suddenly, a bad feeling stirred in his heart .

The fog in front parted automatically . The figure that Xuan Feng did not want to see the most appeared . This figure had delicate facial features, loose white robes, long black hair, and a pair of boundlessly unfathomable eyes .

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