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Chapter 813: 813

Chapter 813: Chu Chaoyun’s Will

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When that strange sword light struck Di Wuque, it acted like a firestarter . Di Wuque ignited with a blazing flame . His aura, which had bottomed out, instantly soared .

Di Wuque pointed a burning finger, and his sea of consciousness surged . He used this fire to start storing up Mental Energy .

A seven-colored pagoda appeared above Chu Chaoyun’s head and sent out a divine light, directly trapping him within .

Chu Chaoyun swung his sword at the light barrier a few times, but nothing happened; he seemed completely trapped in there .

After sending out the seven-colored pagoda, Di Wuque stood in midair and said coldly, “You must be finding it strange that I am fine . The will of light and the will of darkness are not that easy to merge . Your so-called Everlasting Sword Dao is full of openings as well . Today, you are destined to die here . ”

Chu Chaoyun smiled faintly and said, “Indeed, the state of primal chaos is not perfect yet . However, Life without Limit is not as simple as you think . Do you think that by turning yourself ordinary temporarily, you can avoid it?”

Di Wuque’s expression changed slightly . Before he could react, an explosion occurred in his sea of consciousness . He took a few steps back, his face paling significantly .

Chu Chaoyun took this opportunity to swing his sword . The seven-colored pagoda immediately shattered and turned into a beam of light moving around .

The moment the pagoda broke, the cultivators of the other races all charged over .

It was for no other reason than trying to take the Rock of Origin in Chu Chaoyun’s hand . Furthermore, as Di Wuque said, this person’s state of primal chaos was not perfect; he was not as unrivaled as he appeared .

Shui Lingling gently drifted over to Xiao Chen’s side and said, “Don’t be in a rush to make a move . Be careful of getting tricked by Di Wuque . ”

Xiao Chen tilted his head to glance at the Shui Lingling’s exquisite and soft face and asked, “How exactly so?”

Shui Lingling shot a cautious look at Di Wuque and said, “That fellow knew from the start that that person was holding the Rock of Origin . However, he did not say anything . Clearly, he wanted to monopolize the Rock of Origin .

“After seeing that that person is harder to deal with than expected, he purposely leaked the news of the Rock of Origin . He even exposed that person’s weakness . He evidently wants to make use of the others to weaken that person first . ”

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Shui Lingling’s analysis might be meticulous . However, the tricks involved were even more complex than she thought .

“First Senior Sister is right . Earlier, Di Wuque also pretended to be injured . He intends to take advantage of the others at the end . However, I believe that this time, his own cleverness will foil him . ”

Shui Lingling found his comment strange and asked, “Junior Brother Xiao Chen, there is more to this?”

Xiao Chen smiled mysteriously and replied, “Just wait and see . ”

The cultivators here were all demonic geniuses who had comprehended wills . As long as Chu Chaoyun’s Life without Limit did not strike them, they were unlikely to fall .

Seeing Chu Chaoyun at a disadvantage, a few uncertain cultivators joined in, afraid that when they split the Rock of Origin, they would not get a share .

Aside from Shui Lingling, Yan Shisan, Ying Qiong, and Xiao Chen, the geniuses of the other races all joined in .

All sorts of bright lights appeared in the sky . Fiend Race Martial Techniques, Ghost Race Martial Techniques, Corpse Race Martial Techniques, and human race Martial Techniques all appeared one by one .

It was hard to imagine the strongest of the younger generation of the five races in the Kunlun Realm working together to deal with just one person .

This seemed rather strange . The person who attacked first, Di Wuque, currently had a pale expression and looked very weak, waiting at the periphery of the battle .


With so many geniuses surrounding him, Chu Chaoyun finally revealed an opening . The Fiend Race’s Tu Ze landed a palm strike on his chest, and a considerable force exploded forth .

This blow knocked Chu Chaoyun back a kilometer, sending him tumbling in the air . Then, blood leaked out of the corners of his lips .

Tu Ze laughed loudly and quickly chased after Chu Chaoyun . He said, “Screw your grandfather . Aren’t you very capable? This little lord’s palm strike broke at least three of your ribs . ”

Tu Ze moved very fast, pressing his advantage and leaving everyone else behind . When it looked like he would be able to catch up to Chu Chaoyun and grab the Rock of Origin, he could not help but rejoice .

“Bang!” Tu Ze seemed to crash into something . Furthermore, because he was moving so fast, the impact was heavy .

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This crash even broke Tu Ze’s nose, making him scream in pain . There was a saying “Do not celebrate too soon because things could still go wrong!”

“Many thanks for Brother Tu Ze’s palm strike . ”

Di Wuque’s voice resounded in the distance . He looked radiant and in high spirits, not appearing to be injured at all .

Furthermore, the white-haired girl, who had been missing from the battle up to now, suddenly blocked everyone’s path . The divine halberd in her hand turned into a wall blocking everyone .

Earlier, Tu Ze crashed into the wall with horrifying force . However, the wall had not budged at all, clearly showing how tough it was .

The crowd would not be able to break the wall quickly . These cultivators looked at Di Wuque and cursed; he had taken advantage of them again .

After getting knocked back by Tu Ze, Chu Chaoyun saw a bright multicolored light gathering above him before he could even stand up .

The seven-colored pagoda that Chu Chaoyun shattered earlier recondensed and gave off a bright divine light . Then it shot towards him .

Chu Chaoyun’s lips curled up . Despite facing this dangerous attack, he still seemed at ease .

“A thirty-percent will form of the will of light . I have long known that it would not be so easy to break it . ”

The light and the darkness in Chu Chaoyun’s eyes disappeared . The not-so-perfect state of primal chaos behind him also slowly vanished .

Replacing these two was a pure golden blazing flame . The instant the seven-colored pagoda arrived before Chu Chaoyun, the Heavenly Flame surged out, immediately encasing the seven-colored pagoda .

Di Wuque cried out in pain and directly fell from the heights . He crashed heavily into the ground and tumbled over after that .

When the white-haired girl holding up the divine wall blocking the various cultivators saw this, she quickly banished the divine wall and sent out a divine wind, blowing away the Heavenly Flame on the seven-colored pagoda .

After swinging the divine halberd, the white-haired girl grabbed the seven-colored pagoda and quickly headed to where Di Wuque landed .

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Di Wuque stood up with much difficulty . When he saw a corner of the seven-colored pagoda burned to ashes, he could not help feeling an incomparable heartache . He gritted his teeth and spat out two words, “Heavenly Flame!”

After dealing with the biggest problem, Chu Chaoyun clearly had nothing more to fear .

His gaze swept around, and the vast Heavenly Flame turned into many sharp arrows that shot towards the various geniuses who had wanted to fight for the Rock of Origin .

The golden flame arrows flew extremely fast . Several people failed to dodge in time and got hit . Their protective Quintessence shields burned away in an instant .

The various cultivators in the air started to panic . No matter what they did, they could not extinguish this flame . Whatever Secret Treasures they used caught fire .

They could not use their Quintessence shields to push the flames out, either . They could only wait for the strange flames to deplete their Quintessence and burn them .

Of these cultivators, Tu Ze was the most unfortunate . Earlier, when he crashed into the wall, he already suffered a headache . Before he could bring out his Quintessence shield, the flames consumed his clothes .

The flames burned his hair and eyebrows completely as he screamed in the air . When he saw that he could not extinguish the flames no matter what he did, he panicked and jumped into the divine spring below .

Fortunately for Tu Ze, after he dived into the divine spring, the flames on his body instantly vanished . However, all his clothes had turned to ash, leaving him naked .

Tu Ze lost all his hair, eyebrows, and even his spatial ring . As for his clothes, those were the first to go .

Soon, Tu Ze’s bald head sank into the divine spring; he was simply too embarrassed to show his face .

When the cultivators in the air saw that this divine spring was effective on the golden flame, they also jumped in quickly . Now, when they looked at Chu Chaoyun, no one dared to get in his way .

Just when everyone thought that no one would dare to attack, a white figure soared into the air and blocked Chu Chaoyun .

Naturally, Xiao Chen wanted to fight for the Rock of Origin as well, so he would not let Chu Chaoyun bring it away that easily .

As for the hard-to-deal-with Heavenly Flame, even though the others had no countermeasure against it, Xiao Chen was still quite confident . Furthermore, it was just a tenth of the Heavenly Flame . After Chu Chaoyun used it so much, there would not be much left .

Electrical light burst out from under Xiao Chen’s feet, and he arrived before Chu Chaoyun . He looked calmly at the other party and said, “Hand over the Rock of Origin . ”

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“Do you think that is possible? A Void Stone is not that easy to find . If I miss out on this opportunity, there will not be any others . ”

Chu Chaoyun held his sword with one hand, and the golden fiery light in his eyes flickered nonstop, ready to spew out at any moment .

A purple light and a white light appeared in Xiao Chen’s eyes, starting to spin slowly . He said, “Make a move, then . After not seeing you for two years, I am also interested in how much you have grown . ”

Chu Chaoyun smiled calmly and replied, “I’m afraid that you will be disappointed . I improved much more than you did . I already comprehended the will of darkness and the will of light half a year ago . In the end, I will be the one to defeat you .

“Furthermore, I already grasped more than fifty percent of my one-tenth of Heavenly Flame . Do you still dare to block it even now?”

Xiao Chen’s expression did not change as he retorted indifferently, “Why not?!”


Chu Chaoyun pointed with his sword, and the remaining golden flames in his eyes all spewed out . They turned into two flame dragons and charged at Xiao Chen, roaring as they did so .

Burning sounds came from the air . The flame dragons left a trail of black space everywhere they passed . They actually incinerated the air .

“What kind of flame is this? Fortunately, this person does not have that much of it . If there were more, no one would be able to stop him . ”

The cultivators in the divine spring looked at one another . They had not heard of such a strange flame before .

“This is Heavenly Flame . However, it has already been missing for many years and could not possibly recondense . If this was the complete Heavenly Flame, it would be able to burn even an entire small realm . ”

The girl in red from the Ghost Race looked at Xiao Chen in the air and frowned as she spoke .

Her listeners’ gazes did not leave Xiao Chen’s body, either . When they faced just a small amount of it, it had already been extremely problematic . They really wanted to know why Xiao Chen dared to hold his ground before so much Heavenly Flame .

Xiao Chen did not fluster . He stretched his hand out, and two beams of light—one white and one purple—quickly flew out of his eyes and chased each other . Then, they instantly formed a Taiji Yinyang Flame Diagram .

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