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Chapter 846: 846

Chapter 846: Heavenly Secret Divination Disk

If Xiao Chen wanted to refine a King Grade Secret Treasure completely, he had to raise his cultivation realm further . He could not rush it .

Soon, the maidservant brought the Astral Cores over . Xiao Chen opened his eyes and thought for a while . Then he prepared to leave this place .

Many people had their eyes on this Dragon’s Gate’s warship . Someone might be planning to make a move on him .

So, Xiao Chen made his preparations . Just when he was about to leave, he suddenly noticed the auction item below . It was an extremely rare Saber Monarch Grass, which could improve a bladesman’s saber intent .

Xiao Chen immediately stopped walking and decided to bid for this Saber Monarch Grass before leaving .

Unbeknown to him, this last-minute decision opened him to some trouble that he could not get out off .


In booth 10, the white-clad old man whom Xiao Chen won the Dragon’s Gate’s warship from at the last second held a nine-colored disk as he continuously formed hand seals .

Nine different colors continuously spun around on the disk as mysterious energy poured endlessly into it .

The white-clad old man’s expression turned grave . He frowned very heavily, his wrinkles appearing quite pronounced .

“Ka ca! Ka ca!” Spots of light came out from the disk . Then, a scene appeared on it; it was the booth where Xiao Chen was .

The disk showed the pretty maidservant bringing Astral Cores to Xiao Chen . Then, he put away the Astral Cores, and she left .

“Ka!” The old man stretched his hand out and pointed . The lights on the disk gathered together and encased Xiao Chen . When the lights vanished, a green spot appeared on the disk, flashing continuously .

The white-clad old man relaxed his tense expression and released his bated breath . He said, “It’s done . I planted a strand of fate with my Heavenly Secret Divination Disk . Now, no matter where he goes, he cannot escape me . ”

The old man on the left side, who looked rather sinister, asked, “How come it took so long? Could it be that the other party noticed the strand of fate from the Heavenly Secret Divination Disk and guarded against it?”

The white-clad old man shook his head and replied, “That’s not it . The cloak he is wearing is rather strange . It seemed ethereal and slippery like a fish . I had to exert a lot of effort before I caught hold of him . ”

The old man on the right side said, “This fellow has a lot of good things on him . I wonder, which sect’s old monster is he?”

These three were inner sect elders of the Heaven and Earth Sect . The Heaven and Earth Sect did not have any racial prejudice and was very famous in the Profound Domain . They were a rather large faction, just slightly smaller than the sects and clans with Sovereign Martial Emperors .

The white-clad old man had an air of elegance and looked very righteous . As he gazed at the Heavenly Secret Divination Disk in his palm, he smiled coldly and said, “He is traveling alone . Even if he is some old monster of another sect, he can only die when he meets with the three of us . ”


In booth 28, Xiao Chen frowned slightly . He felt strangely restless, so he used his Spiritual Sense and checked . However, his expression did not change as he continued to bid for the Saber Monarch Grass .

The saber was a relatively unconventional path for cultivators, so Xiao Chen did not have many competitors . Spending two million Astral Coins, he successfully obtained the Saber Monarch Grass .

After Xiao Chen obtained the Saber Monarch Grass from the maidservant, he no longer lingered but quickly left the place . Although he had not detected anything with his Spiritual Sense, he kept feeling that something was off .

After leaving the Flourishing Heaven Pavilion, Xiao Chen looked around before following the crowd into the bustling street and out of the city .


“Young Master Huang, that person left from the side door of the Flourishing Heaven Pavilion . He left before the auction ended . ”

Sitting in an restaurant across the Flourishing Heaven Pavilion, a youth wearing embroidered clothes listened to the report from his two subordinates .

This youth was called Huang Bo . He was the son of one of the Medicine God Valley’s three grandmaster Alchemists . His talent for Alchemy was very good .

This time, Huang Bo came out of the sect with an elder to conduct a transaction with Ying Qiong . When he secretly sent someone to investigate, he discovered that Xiao Chen was just an Inferior Grade Martial Sage . Hence, wicked thoughts popped up in his head .

He intended to make a fortune in ill-gotten gains, behind the back of the sect elder he accompanied . Regardless of whether it was twenty-five million Astral Coins, a perfect Lunar Cassia Tree, or even the potential existence of a Peak Grade Immortal Spirit Ring, they were all things that could tempt him .

Huang Bo nodded and said to the two people beside him, “He is only an Inferior Grade Martial Sage . Given your cultivation as Medial Grade Martial Sages, you should be more than enough to deal with him . Make your move after he leaves the city . I’ll wait for your good news here . ”

The two left in accordance with their instructions . They each swallowed a Medicinal Pill, and their auras immediately vanished . When scanned with Mental Energy, they appeared like ordinary people .

What they took was the rarely seen Aura Restraining Pill . After consuming it, it could hide a person’s cultivation for two hours . Even if the person they were following discovered them, that person would not pay them too much attention .


After Xiao Chen left Leisure Feather City, he gently floated down and landed on the ground below . After getting his bearings, he started to make his way towards the Tianwu Domain’s Supreme Sky Sect .

Many cultivators were traveling on the broad road . Xiao Chen did not stop moving . However, he kept heading towards more desolate places . This made the two people cautiously following him reveal joy on their faces .

Once there were fewer people, they would be able to take action .

Suddenly, the two’s expressions turned stunned . They raised their heads and discovered that Xiao Chen, who was previously just right in front of them, had vanished .

“Whoosh! Whoosh!”

The two no longer hid cautiously . They rushed over to where Xiao Chen disappeared and looked all around .

“Strange, how did he disappear so fast?”

The two exchanged glances, feeling doubts in their hearts .

“Are the two of you looking for me?”

Suddenly, a voice came from behind the two . Their figures flashed as they quickly turned around . When they saw Xiao Chen, who seemed to have appeared from nowhere, wearing the Heavenly Sea Cloak, they were extremely shocked .

Under the hood, Xiao Chen revealed a faint smile . The two’s instantaneous movement exposed their auras, betraying their cultivation .

Just two Medial Grade Martial Sages and they want to make a move on me? How naive . All of Xiao Chen’s worries vanished without a trace .

While Xiao Chen was in the booth, he already felt that something was wrong . However, he simply could not detect what it was .

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He only realized what it was after he checked with his Spiritual Sense, upon leaving the city, and saw these two “ordinary people . ”

It turned out that he had experts who had taken Medicinal Pills to hide their cultivation on his tail .

Seeing that they were exposed, the two Medial Grade Martial Sages did not say anything . They both drew their weapons and charged towards Xiao Chen .

If this had happened right after Xiao Chen advanced to Martial Sage, he would have felt some pressure from facing two Medial Grade Martial Sages and would not have dared to be rash .

Now, as long as it was not a Medial Grade Martial Sage that had been stuck there for a long time, Xiao Chen had nothing to fear from regular Medial Grade Martial Sages . He had too many trump cards he could use .

He activated the sovereign’s bloodline in his body, which he had upgraded using the Rising Dragon Overlord Pill . A horrifying aura surged out . Instantly, a formless dragon roar resounded endlessly behind him .

Xiao Chen’s aura soared, and the two Medial Grade Martial Sages immediately felt tremendous pressure bearing down on them—as if Xiao Chen was an ancient sovereign overlord and not an Inferior Grade Martial Sage .

Instantly, the moves of the two faltered . Xiao Chen stepped forward, and the mountain-like aura pressed down further .

Vital Qi immediately surged, and Xiao Chen used the quickest speed possible to catch hold of the two’s openings .


The sound of bones cracking rang out repeatedly as Xiao Chen punched both Medial Grade Martial Sages in the chest . They flew back in the air, blood spewing continuously from between their lips .

“How can this be? We have Rank 1 Sage Bodies . A casual punch from him shattered our ribs!”

The two crashed into the ground, and a trace of horror appeared in their eyes . Xiao Chen was clearly only an Inferior Grade Martial Sage, yet his aura instantly pressured them .

Xiao Chen’s casual punch contained close to one thousand tons of force . Just hearing about it sounded terrifying .

Xiao Chen did not give the two any time to think . He pushed off the ground, and two small wings appeared around his shoulders, each of them leaving a slipstream in the air .

He was so fast that only a vague afterimage and two long slipstreams were visible .

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All of Xiao Chen’s Vital Qi surged out like a flood, gushing endlessly . A casual punch achieved one thousand three hundred tons of force . Occasionally, he burst forth with a force that came infinitely close to one thousand five hundred tons .

The sound of his fists tearing through the air was like startling explosions in the ears of the two . Their ears buzzed as ripples formed in the air . It even affected their movement .

Xiao Chen fought against two by himself and held an absolute advantage . They could not see his movements clearly and could only see two slipstreams zigzagging in the air .

He turned into a series of afterimages . As he attacked, his fist flickered . A few times, he forced back the two when they tried to flee .

Before the two reached a hundred moves, they were already vomiting liters of blood . They suffered grievous injuries and were so debilitated that they fell to the ground, never to get up again .

Xiao Chen stopped moving, and all the afterimages slowly vanished . He revealed his true self and said coldly, “With just your insignificant cultivation, you dare to have thoughts about my Dragon’s Gate’s warship? I really don’t know how to evaluate you two . ”

“What Dragon’s Gate’s warship? We are the Medicine God Valley’s people . You best let the two of us go . Otherwise, with the power of our Medicine God Valley, there will be no place left for you in the world . ”

The two people on the ground spoke endlessly, trying to use the Medicine God Valley’s name to pressure Xiao Chen .

When Xiao Chen heard this, his expression changed greatly . This bad feeling was not due to the Medicine God Valley; they did not know about the Dragon’s Gate’s warship . Their ignorance meant the enemy that made him feel restless was someone else .

“Haha! I did not expect that the one who won the bid for the Dragon’s Gate’s warship is actually a youngster . ”

A voice resounded in the air . Xiao Chen looked up and saw a white-clad old man slowly descending from the sky . He quickly looked around and saw two other old men sealing off his paths of exit .

Xiao Chen made a quick check of the three old men’s cultivation, and his heart immediately sank . Unexpectedly, they were all bona fide Superior Grade Martial Sages .

The white-clad old man looked at Xiao Chen and said, “Hand over the Dragon’s Gate’s warship and the cloak you are wearing, and I can spare you from death . ”

Xiao Chen carefully sized up the white-clad old man in front and then looked at the two old men in the other directions .

One looked sinister and wore black . He had a vaguely maniacal smile on his face . The other wore green and looked skinny; this person had a small goatee on his chin .

Xiao Chen memorized the appearances of the three and mentally evaluated their respective strengths . Now, he gained a rough idea of how to deal with this .