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Chapter 922: 922

Chapter 922: When the Kun Peng Spreads Its Wings, It Hates the Heavens for Being Too Low

These soldiers did not seem like materialized images . When looking carefully, one would notice that these soldiers had different beards . Their armor was bloodstained, and they held their weapons up like they wanted to swallow up Xiao Chen .

When the Kun Peng spreads its wings, it hates the heavens for being too low!

Xiao Chen’s face sank, and he used his most tyrannical punch to clashed with that move . He wanted to see just how large the gap was between himself and a grandmaster-level Martial Sage .

A vast shadow appeared as Xiao Chen turned into the Kun Peng spreading its wings and taking flight .

Miserable cries resounded, and the soldiers charging forward exploded into mists of blood scattering everywhere .

The two clashed in the air . The middle-aged man was like an absolute overlord sweeping through the place . Xiao Chen was like a Kun Peng Holy Beast soaring into the sky . The moves of these two were extremely ferocious and did not use much technique .

Thunderous sounds echoed in the surroundings . The summit below could not endure the shock . With a rumble, it turned into crushed rock and rolled down the mountain .

Xiao Chen took a hundred steps back . With each step he took, space shook intensely .

The middle-aged man’s body trembled slightly . He did his best to circulate his Quintessence and negate the energy of the Kun Peng Fist . A strong wind blew around him, making his clothes and hair all flutter wildly .

The Profound Water Sect’s Ji Zong, who was watching the battle at the side, was mildly shocked . What is going on? Could it be that he can knock back even a grandmaster-level Martial Sage?

Amid the sound of the wind, the middle-aged man did his best . However, he still recoiled in the end . He revealed shock on his face . Unexpectedly, he failed to kill Xiao Chen with this move, and he even wound up taking a step back .

Xiao Chen vomited a mouthful of blood, and his complexion turned pale . He used his right hand to wipe the blood away . Then, he stared straight at the middle-aged man and smiled . “Haha! The gap is not as huge as I thought . It looks like I was put into a sorry state with the earlier punch only because you had the initiative . ”

“How stubborn!”

The middle-aged man became irritated . Scarlet light from the surroundings entered his body . In a burst, he arrived before Xiao Chen and threw another punch .

Xiao Chen materialized Flawless Four Seasons . In the end, his opponent crushed the Spring Saber, Summer Saber, and Autumn Saber . Only the Winter Saber managed to last for a moment .

The two exchanged moves with great intensity . Xiao Chen’s opponent kept knocking him back, causing his complexion to drain entirely of blood . The brutal energy of the Army Killing Fist tore his internal organs .

If Xiao Chen’s Firmament Body Tempering Art had not reached Consummation, his internal organs would have all shattered, unable to hold out any longer .

The hemp-robed old man smiled and said, “Brother Feng, since when did it become so difficult for you to deal with a Medial Grade Martial Sage? More than twenty moves have passed already . ”


The middle-aged old man was utterly outraged . He no longer held back . When he used the Army Killing Fist, even the mountains and rivers trembled . Scarlet light shot into the sky, and the pressure on Xiao Chen increased severalfold . However, after glancing at Mister Qin’s position, Xiao Chen clenched his teeth and endured .


Xiao Chen had only that one thought . No matter what, he had to kill this Mister Qin . Even if the Medicine God of the Medicine God Valley were to arrive personally, he would not be able to save him .

“Xiao Chen, weren’t you very arrogant earlier? Why are you being beaten like a dog now? How about you show us the arrogance you showed at the Merfolk Race?” When Mister Qin saw Xiao Chen barely holding on in the battlefield awash in scarlet light, he was exultant .


The middle-aged man sent out another punch and knocked Xiao Chen back in a pathetic state . Xiao Chen’s blood-stained white robes together with his pale complexion gave the impression of extreme weakness .

The middle-aged man laughed coldly as he followed up with three consecutive punches . “Ka ca! Ka ca!” The right hand that Xiao Chen used to clash with him gave off cracking sounds .

Beaming with joy, Mister Qin shouted, “Brother Feng, leave him alive . I want to slap him to death . ”

Mister Qin’s figure flashed, and he rushed towards Xiao Chen at lightning speed . He feared that the middle-aged man would beat Xiao Chen to death .

The middle-aged man retracted his fist and stood up straight . Then he surreptitiously shook his right hand, which was suffering from piercing pain; he was happy to stop as well .

Mister Qin raised his right hand and looked at the almost dead Xiao Chen, who was within reach . He said, “No one ever slapped this old man before . Back then, you sent me flying with one slap . Today, I will slap you to death . ”

A beam of divine light descended from the sky and entered Xiao Chen’s body . His left hand gave off a golden glow . This long-awaited opportunity had finally arrived . Deities Descending, which he had kept in reserve until now, suddenly burst forth .

“Slap me to death? I think it should be me slapping you to death!”


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A resounding slap echoed in the surroundings . Xiao Chen’s golden glowing hand arrived first even though he moved later, landing on Mister Qin’s right cheek .

Mister Qin revealed an incredulous gaze, shocked to discover that he could see behind himself . Before he could understand what happened, his thoughts froze and cut off .

The sudden change in the situation stunned the middle-aged man and the hemp-robed old man . How could the feeble Xiao Chen explode forth with such strength?

“You are seeking death!”

The hemp-robed old man reacted, murderous intent appearing in his eyes . An enormous Quintessence hand instantly formed in the sky and plunged to the ground, trying to smash Xiao Chen to death .

“Damn, this is serious now,” the middle-aged man cursed as he charged over again .


Just at this moment, the hemp-robed old man’s spatial ring suddenly blew open . Boundless starlight spilled out together with the Big Dipper Banner radiating light in three different colors .

Like a fountain, the spatial ring spewed out all the other things it contained into the surroundings as well .

Xiao Chen vomited blood . When he saw the starlight and the Big Dipper Banner shining brightly, he laughed loudly . “Big Dipper Banner, you have not disappointed me . Indeed, this was worth all my effort and investment!”

The tremendous force generated when the spatial ring exploded caught the hemp-robed old man off guard . It knocked him flat, and the Quintessence hand shattered .

Xiao Chen stretched out his hand and snagged Mister Qin’s spatial ring . Then he grabbed the Big Dipper Banner .

Surging Astral Energy gushed out . The lights of Massacre, Death, and Ruin made the starlight appear unfathomable .

Using the banner pole as a spear, Xiao Chen thrust it forward, clashing with the fist light that the middle-aged man sent out .

At the instant of contact, Xiao Chen’s wrist trembled, and the banner on the pole unfurled . Boundless starlight immediately burst out .

The seven Astral Pearls radiated resplendent starlight, forming a complete constellation . The energies of Ruin, Death, and Massacre moved together with the starlight .


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The middle-aged man took ten steps back, and blood leaked out of a corner of his lips . His eyes filled with shock . This constellation was a Big Dipper that contained three states . He had never heard of such a thing before .

Xiao Chen smiled faintly and raised the banner . He pulled over all the Astral Coins, Medicinal Pills, Astral Cores, and divine materials in the air, the accumulations of a certain grandmaster-level Martial Sage .

“Damn it! How dare you snatch my treasures!”

Seeing Xiao Chen raise the banner and take away most of his treasures, the hemp-robed old man raged . He sent out a palm strike, and a huge burning hand smashed down .

Xiao Chen did not even bother looking at the treasures he obtained . He simply tossed them into his Universe Ring . Then, the Astral Banner fluttered, sending out a beam of starlight .

The beam pierced through the Quintessence hand the hemp-robed old man condensed, instantly shattering it .

At this moment, Xiao Chen felt his body overflow with energy . The abundant Astral Energy in the Big Dipper Banner was actually able to refill his exhausted Law Energy .

He swung his right hand, and with his powerful recovery ability, the broken bones there healed almost back to normal .

By wielding the reborn Big Dipper Banner, Xiao Chen gained somewhat of an advantage . As the banner fluttered, it blocked the attacks of the middle-aged man and the hemp-robed old man .

When Ji Zong saw this, he was stunned silly . He wondered how much divine material was infused into this Astral Banner for it to be so powerful .

Furthermore, it had the three states of Massacre, Death, and Ruin . Even the Big Dipper Banner in the hands of the Big Dipper Palace’s Palace Lord would not be as powerful as the one Xiao Chen held .


With a thought from Xiao Chen, the killing Qi in Dubhe shot out together with the starlight . The surging starlight immediately turned scarlet .

The Astral Banner fluttered, and the sound of massacre spread for five kilometers in all directions . Only one sound remained, one word—kill!

The moment the word “kill” came out, it shattered both the middle-aged man’s and the hemp-robed old man’s Martial Techniques .

The Big Dipper Banner spun around, and the scarlet light withdrew . Then, the Death Qi in Merak surged, and the starlight became pitch-black . All the sound in the world formed one word—die!

With this word, the Martial Techniques of the two got shattered again . This outcome startled and infuriated them .

When the black light scattered, Xiao Chen raised the Big Dipper Banner and charged over . The Ruin Qi in Phecda turned the starlight gray-white, forming the word “ruin” at them .

When the word “ruin” appeared, rumbling echoed as many mountains in the vicinity crumbled . Cracks appeared on the skin of the middle-aged man and the hemp-robed old man; blood leaked out of these cracks .

“You are seeking death . You are just a mere Medial Grade Martial Sage, and you dare be so arrogant!”

The hemp-robed old man became utterly enraged . His forehead opened up and spat out a flaming palm-leaf fan . Flaming clouds filled the skies above for fifty kilometers around .

The middle-aged man’s expression turned sullen . A scarlet military token appeared on his palm . When he pushed his palm out, an enormous mountain floated above his head .

At the appearance of the military token, squadrons of soldiers mounted on heavily armored warhorses manifested . The might of the vigorous soldiers scattered the clouds above .

When Ji Zong saw this, he quickly turned around to lead his fellow disciples away, not daring to linger any longer .

This time, Xiao Chen was really in trouble . A grandmaster-level Martial Sage could already bring out the full might of a King Grade Secret Treasure . Once they brought out their Secret Treasure, the fight would be completely serious .

It would not be an exaggeration to describe such a battle as earthshaking and upending the world .

On further thought, this development meant that Xiao Chen was actually powerful enough to force two grandmaster-level Martial Sages to use their King Grade Secret Treasures .

The light of the Big Dipper Banner slowly dimmed . When it disappeared, Xiao Chen’s heart sank . He was in trouble now .

Earlier, he had been having a lot of fun and had not held back at all . Hence, he ended up exhausting the Astral Energy in the banner .

“For you to be able to force us, the Demonic Brilliant Two Elders, to use our life King Grade Secret Treasures, you can be proud of your death!”

The hemp-robed old man snorted coldly and grabbed the flaming palm-leaf fan . He waved it gently, and a strong, fiery wind formed nine hundred and ninety-nine flaming tornadoes, each one a kilometer wide . Then, these flaming tornadoes headed for Xiao Chen .

A sea of fire appeared before Xiao Chen as a blazing light soared into the sky . The might of just one wave was already so much . The full power of a King Grade Secret Treasure was truly scary .

The middle-aged man formed hand seals and shouted a command . The scarlet military token above him flashed with light . The massive army charged forward together with the flaming tornadoes .

As the warhorses galloped in the air, they created rumbling sounds that traveled for fifty kilometers around . The ground trembled intensely, cracking in many places .