Imperial God Emperor - Chapter 1009

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Chapter 1009: 1009

Chapter 1009, Fight against a Quasi-emperor

The moment Ye Qingyu snapped open his eyes, he saw the figure in a golden robe .

He did not know who the golden-robed figure in front of him was .

But he felt an extremely terrifying aura exuding from the other side .

This aura was not brought by powerful strength, killing intent, nor was it from the expression in his eye or other things . The feeling was very bizarre . Just by standing there he felt an uncontrollable fear, panic, and couldn't help but have the urge to kneel down and kowtow .


These two words emerged in Ye Qingyu's mind in an instant .

It was a feeling .

There was no need to speak, no need to ask .

Then, Ye Qingyu saw the Young Lord of the Sinful Pit .

The former arrogant successor of a supreme force at this moment had his head hung low, shivering like a frightened ostrich burying its head in the soil .

“You're awake?”

The gaze of the golden-robed figure shifted back from the [Immortal] word on the plaque of the main hall, looking at Ye Qingyu with a faint smile, and without the slightest anger .

Ye Qingyu nodded, inwardly on guard .

His yuan qi cultivation base had truly reached the Great Saint realm, and responsive ability was increasingly clearer . He felt an unprecedented danger was shrouding him, and a chilling sense of crisis was constantly provoking his sea of knowledge . Although a Quasi-emperor was high and mighty and that it was impossible for someone of the Great Saint realm to detect the intention of a Quasi-emperor, but Ye Qingyu could not think, besides the golden-robed figure being a Quasi-emperor, what other people could pose a threat to him?

The person in front of him must have come with bad intentions .

“You have just stepped into the Great Saint realm, your Yuan qi has not yet transformed fully, nor have you penetrated the mysteries of heaven and earth . If I were to kill you now, you certainly would not be convinced . ” The golden-robed figure spoke indifferently and frankly, “But I have other important things to do here and cannot drag this battle out for too long . In order to find you, I have already wasted sixteen hours, and waited two hours for you to break through, so now I can only give you another half an hour . Properly understand the mysteries of heaven and earth after stepping into the Great Saint realm, and half an hour later I'll send you on your way . ”

Quasi-emperor Mushan was very polite .

In his heart, Ye Qingyu was worthy of receiving such treatment from him .

After all, he was a peerless Heaven's prideling of the Human Race . He saw very clearly that, if Ye Qingyu doesn’t fall, in not too long of a time he might possibly even ascend to Quasi-emperor .

Ye Qingyu had an abrupt change of countenance upon hearing this .

It was one thing to feel danger and bad intention, but it was another to hear a Quasi-emperor say he's going to kill you .

“Could there be some deep hatred between Elder and I?” Ye Qingyu drew a deep breath and asked .

He gave an inward wry smile .

This was a Quasi-emperor .

Although in the past he had never had a change of expression even if Mt . Tai collapsed before his eyes, at this moment he felt doomed .

Quasi-emperor Mushan did not respond, drawing his finger across the Void . The water rippled and a mirror appeared, on which a figure was shown . The face was clear, like a real person had come out of the mirror .

Ye Qingyu immediately understood .

He turned out to be the older brother of the handsome youngster who he had killed in the [Tusita Palace] .

At that time, the subordinates of the handsome youngster also said that there was a Quasi-emperor figure behind them .

Then there was nothing he could do .

In the face of a Quasi-emperor, it was the first time that Ye Qingyu did not have confidence in himself .

“Thank you, Elder . ” Ye Qingyu bowed his head with a wry smile .

Operating the nameless breathing technique, he quickly calmed himself down and had completely given up the plan to escape .

Under the watchful gaze of a Quasi-emperor, if he were to run away he would die faster than fighting him directly .

Ye Qingyu gave a cupped fist salute, and began to observe his situation, understanding the tide of power of heaven and earth .

Now that he had left the Inner Saint state, the [Yuan Qi True-Self Doppelganger] had gone outside of the body . Both of his feet had stepped into the boundary of the Great Saint realm . His divine sense allowed him to clearly understand the profound meanings between heaven and earth, and he could feel that beneath the ground there was a vague and rhythmic mysterious pulsation . He could feel the cheerful singing as the water flowed, and the formation rhythm in each building of the [Dragon Palace] .

It was as though Ye Qingyu had gained a divine eye, able to see the bright or dark, the strong or weak invisible divine light expanding and shrinking in this space .

This strength and weakness were comparative .

And these divine lights were only seen in this bizarre state of the divine eye .

The buildings of the [Dragon Palace] were all strengthened with ancient formations, dazzling like a group of blazing flames . The stronger the formation, the more intense the divine light, like a living creature . The light around the Young Lord of the Sinful Pit was extraordinary, and the flames were several hundreds of meters high, like a big fireball; however, compared to Quasi-emperor Mushan next to him, it was several times worse .

At this moment, Quasi-emperor Mushan, in the divine eye of Ye Qingyu, was like a fire star, like the scorching sun, emitting rays of blinding light and blooming divine light that was enough to devour the entire [Dragon Palace] . It was so strong that Ye Qingyu dared not to look at him directly . Even with a glimpse, he felt a sharp pain in his mind like his sea of knowledge was about to explode .

Ye Qingyu did not dare to look again . He made good use of his time to understand the changes in his body, guiding the flow of yuan qi of heaven and earth, and feeling his integration with heaven and earth . This was the first priority after achieving the Great Saint realm, to completely transform the Inner Saint yuan qi into the yuan qi of heaven and earth . Only then could he really display the strength of the Great Saint realm .

Time passed by .

The tens of millions of pores on Ye Qingyu's body were frantically absorbing the yuan qi of heaven and earth . There were strands of white mist coiling up . Following the beating of the heart, the inhaling and exhaling, there were terrifying yuan qi surging like waves .

The Young Lord of the Sinful Pit had also been through this process .

But at this point, he too was astounded .

“This thing of the Human Race has just entered the Great Saint realm, but in a few moments he had already triggered the thunder of heaven and heaven, like a soaring tide . Even compared to many Great Saints, his essence, qi and spirit are beyond imagination . His luck is indeed invincible . As long as he completes the transformation of the Inner Saint yuan qi, he would definitely soar to the sky . I am already no match for him . If I were to encounter Ye Qingyu, not only would I not be able to seriously wound him, I would not even be able to escape for my life . . . ”

The Young Lord was more afraid the more he thought .

He was a peerless Heaven's prideling, moved unhindered across the world, and almost known to be invincible among the younger generation, but he was still far inferior to Ye Qingyu . His heart was filled with uncontrollable jealousy and resentment with this thought . But then he sneered inwardly, so what if you’re talented and invincible, would you be so lucky in front of a Quasi-emperor?

In a twinkling, half an hour had almost passed by .

Ye Qingyu opened his mouth and gasped .

Suddenly the surrounding water formed into a whirlpool invisible to the naked eye, which was the change of the tide and the law of power of heaven and earth under the control of Ye Qingyu . But the ripples within the [Dragon Palace] were not in the slightest affected . And Ye Qingyu’s body, after taking in a deep breath, suddenly expanded like a little giant, muscles bulged, bones flashing golden light, blood vessels protruding like dragons coiling around his body .

His body had absorbed the terrifying power of heaven and earth in an instant like a vessel .

This was also the strongest state he could achieve today .

Then, he slowly rose to his feet .

The [Cloud Top Cauldron] flashed out, spinning incessantly as it suspended above his head, releasing yellow mist . An aura that did not belong to the human world diffused out . Ye Qingyu’s strength had skyrocketed, and under his control, the power of the [Cloud Top Cauldron] multiplied several times, illuminating the Entire [Dragon Palace] with a golden glow .

“Huh? You have such treasure in your hands . ”

Quasi-emperor Mushan's eyes flashed .

He felt an ancient emperor aura from the [Cloud Top Cauldron], vague but vast and infinite, and could hold all things in the universe, which made him a little fearful .

No wonder he was the blessed child of the Human Race .

“Are you ready?” Quasi-emperor Mushan took a step forward .

Suddenly, an ear-splitting roar like a collapsing mountain and an indescribable aura assaulted his senses .

Even if his strength had soared, even if he had the protection of the [Cloud Top Cauldron], Ye Qingyu still felt that everything had darkened in front of him, then sparks sputtered in all directions, and he was almost suffocating, blood overflowing his mouth

The gap between a Great Saint and a Quasi-emperor was simply too great .

It was only one step but Ye Qingyu was almost severely wounded .

Without the [Cloud Top Cauldron], his muscles and bones would have been crushed to pieces .

Pff pff pff!

Ye Qingyu directly spurted three mouthfuls of blood onto the cauldron .


A huge magnificent sound reverberated . The cauldron, like a giant bell, produced a loud metallic noise, rippling the Void, and shook the power of laws at a frequency beyond the naked eye . Strange power surged, diminishing the pressure that was brought out with Quasi-emperor Mushan’s step .

“Ah . . . pff!” The Young Lord of the Sinful Pit felt a force coming at his face, like the dust of a hurricane, before he spurted out a jet of blood and was propelled hundreds of meters away, slamming into a distant crystal fountain .

Ye Qingyu frantically operated the [Cloud Top Cauldron] .

In the face of a Quasi-emperor, his incomplete sword domain, the God Emperor sword intent and all other methods were unable to withstand a single attack .

Only the power of the ancestor murals on the [Cloud Top Cauldron] might have the possibility to win .

“Ancestors please descend . ”

Ye Qingyu bellowed, spraying out mouthfuls of blood .

Under his frantic activation with yuan qi, the murals on the [Cloud Top Cauldron] had indeed began to move .

A tall and burly giant-like ancestor emerged from the first picture of a hunting scene amid mist and brilliance . The figure was ten metres tall, with body hair resembling steel needles, hair dishevelled, and was emitting intelligible low roars, like a fiendgod had come out of a primitive age . His body was slightly half squatted down, wielding a long stone spear in one hand, and after a brief pause, aimed the stone spear at Quasi-emperor Mushan and hurled it out .


The [Dragon Palace] quaked .

The Void was broken .

“Huh?” Lightning-like divine light burst forth from Quasi-emperor Mushan’s eyes . “It’s . . . this power?”