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Chapter 151

Arc 19: With Preparations, There is No Need to Worry

Chapter 151: The Dragon Knight, and The Raid

Even after some time passed since then, Sakura didn’t show any signs of regaining her memory . And yet not even one scar remained, all her injuries fully recovered, and her health situation looked good .

That reminds me when I tried to return her medal that she was carrying originally, she had a slight puzzling face . Nevertheless, because it was her only property, I told her to carry it for the time being . Perhaps it may be an indication of her background .

One time, I suggested going to the valley where I discovered her, but she refused saying she didn’t want to go . As she was half-dead there, is it because her body stuck with fear?

I have a feeling that she, for some reason, is trying to avoid recovering her memories by saying things like ‘not to worry about it’, or ‘she has no problem even if it doesn’t return’…

Unfortunately, I don’t understand since I haven’t experienced having an amnesia . But will a personality different from your own appear? However, that would rather be a case of dual personality rather than amnesia .

In a book I have read before, it has a setting wherein when the persona has a hard time, a personality called “A” may bring about a personality called “B” . “B” will have the bitter experience, and “A” itself will not . Somehow it feels like a defense mechanism that protects oneself by feeling like it was someone else .

Well, it’s no use to force her if she dislikes it . She may remember her memories before long .

When Sakura reached the point of being able to move around, she said ‘I would like to look around the country’ . There was no particular problem with that and I had assigned Sango and Kokuyou to her as bodyguards & watchdogs . (TL: lol like they can move by themselves)

It seems she is also going to the construction sites and the agricultural lands . Occasionally, I see her together with Lindsey . Are they getting along due to the two being quiet and taciturn types?

[That kid, she kept her composure even after losing her memories]
[Rather than calling it composure, it may be that she doesn’t even understand that feeling . She can’t remember what she used to be at all, and she can’t bring the feelings of grief out]

While I replied to our gardener Julio-san, I made holes everywhere in the courtyard and planted Sakura trees .

It is not like I’ve struck out an idea how to bring back Sakura’s lost memories, but I just wanted to transplant Sakura trees from Ishen in the castle . Though since it will be the winter season after this one, the blooming will be considerably further ahead .

It’s a little late to ask now, but will they really bloom? I think it should be fine as the climate in Ishen and the climate here are almost the same . Shall I ask Flora to make a new species if it’s no good?

It is not related, but I was thinking whether the image of the Sakura trees would change depending on the location . Although they bloom in March and April, Sakura trees symbolize the [Season of Farewell] for Western Japan and the [Season of Encounter] for Eastern Japan . Like during the time of something like of Graduation Ceremony or Entrance Ceremony .

In the past, when I went to play on the golden week to a relative’s place in Aomori (TL: place in Japan), I remember that I was surprised the Sakura trees had not bloomed yet .

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[Has Julio-san cared for Sakura trees before? ]
[No, I haven’t . But look here . This country leans a lot towards Ishen . I think I will be able to manage it somehow if I ask how to]

Ah, I see . There are definitely a lot of people from Ishen in Brunhild Dukedom like Tsubaki-san’s clan or the former Takeda’s retainers . Next, you can see the beastmen and demonkin here and there lately .

It also looks easy to do business or find jobs here because there is hardly any discrimination towards the other races in this country than in any other country .

[Shall I also plant Sakura trees on the way towards the town from the castle eventually? Won’t the rows of Sakura trees on the road side look beautiful?]
[That sounds nice]

I spent the morning with Julio-san while considering such matters . In the afternoon, I listen to the reports coming from Tsubaki-san .

[It seems the relations between Paluf and Rynie are heading in a good direction . It will probably not end up with something like a war]
[The King of Rynie is doing his best after all . It would probably be nice if they are connected by non-aggression treaty someday]

Tsubaki-san’s secret intelligence agents carry information from each country using the [Gate Mirror] that I gave them . Their activities don’t go to the extent of being called espionage, but it’s rather just the gathering of rumors and information in the cities .

There is also the matter of the Fureizu and Babylon, but that information is treasured . After all, I don’t know where from valuable information may come rolling in . It’s not like I particularly need to search information inside the royal palaces of the foreign countries . Based on what I have heard from the King of Belfast, I have understood how much each country was doing . Well, isn’t that natural?

[If I have to say what’s bothering me, it might be the unstable situation in Ishen]

I, who was a little worried about the matter regarding Sakura, have decided to hear the full details from Tsubaki-san . It doesn’t reach to the extent of having wars, but it seems she has heard about skirmishes starting between the feudal lords .

[There were nine feudal lords in Ishen namely: Date, Uesugi, Tokugawa, Takeda, Oda, Hashiba, Chōsokabe, Mouri, and Shimatsu . But Takeda perished due to the previous incident, and the power of Oda and Tokugawa increased . Hashiba joined with Oda; Tokugawa and Oda have a friendly relationship . It seems the power of Oda is one step ahead]

Would it turn like this in the end? In my world, it was Tokugawa who grasped the world . Was it [Oda who pounds, Hashiba who kneads and Tokugawa who eats the Mochi while sitting down]?

When I recall that solid build with the short mustache of Tokugawa Ieyasu-san, I got suspicious if history would turn out the same way . Well, it’s not necessary for every event in Ishen to go through similarly to the historical facts of my world .

I am worried about Ishen, but I will leave it alone for now . As expected, if Oedo will become dangerous, I plan to evacuate it even if it’s just Yae’s family .

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After I’m done listening to the reports from Tsubaki-san, I transfer to Babylon’s [Hangar] this time .

There are several units of the Heavy Knight 《Chevalier》 and the commanding unit, Black Knight 《Night Baron》 each stored in their respective garages . As for their ratio, there appears to be 9 Heavy Knight 《Chevalier》 for every Black Knight 《Night Baron》 .

It’s a ratio that’s easy to make by counting the numbers, but it takes a little more time to make the Black Knight 《Night Baron》 . As expected, greater skill is necessary to handle it since that’s a commanding unit . If it was easy to handle, it would be far superior to the 《Chevalier》 after all .

And right now, there are the Heavy Knights 《Chevalier》 that excel in defense and the Black Knights 《Night Baron》 that excel in offense . Also, there is another unit Rosetta and Monica are outfitting now .

A red knight with a slim shape design is standing in the garage that I’ve entered .

There are big wheels mounted on the tips of the heels on both legs as its defining characteristic more than anything else, and the large thrusters are attached on the back and on the sides of the waist . I called out to Rosetta and Monica who were doing the maintenance around the waist area .

[How long will it take?]
[I think we will be done by tomorrow ~dearimasu . However, Master, have you chosen a pilot for this guy ~dearimasu?]
[Since this fellow has been picky till now, he’s not suitable for mass production ~na . Not unless it’s the perfect person since this guy will know it ~ze]

If the Heavy Knight 《Chevalier》 is the defensive type, and Black Knight 《Night Baron》 is the offensive type, then this Dragon Knight 《Dragoon》 is a mobile type unit .

The only problem is that its armor is thin in order to fully utilize its mobility . The power of the unit itself is also low . Honestly, I am worried whether this unit can fight against the Fureizu . If a Behemoth is an opponent, it can be sufficiently used . So among the units that originally existed here, only one machine was manufactured, and there are only two units right now .

I tried riding it as a test, but it was awfully difficult to handle . After launching the heel wheels it seriously was very hard to keep the balance when I ran in high mobility mode . Fast things are fast though .

Besides, the unit was easily damaged when I lost balance and fell, probably due to its thin armor . I am not saying it was to the extent where it got broken, but it may break if it falls down a lot of times .

It’s a machine that’s difficult to use . The pilot’s skill is also required . And since it doesn’t have power as well, it can’t handle super-heavy weapons . How should I make good use of it? Ah .

That reminds me, wouldn’t it be able to lift a weapon made from Fureizu fragments which had its hardness tremendously raised by having accumulated magic power? It should be able to cut Fureizu if it is with that . I say “should” because I’ve yet to fight a Fureizu with such a weapon . .

If I give the Dragon Knight 《Dragoon》 a weapon similar to Yae’s [Transparent flower], I might be able to utilize that mobility in battles .

However, though, the Fureizu will become the materials…… I can make some with the stock I currently have, but I won’t be able to supply it as much as I like with that amount .

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When I returned to the castle again, Kougyoku came flying from the other side of the hallway .

[What’s wrong?]
『Information came from a scouting party . It’s a ruin similar to the ones discovered before on the solitary island to the west of the Sandora Kingdom』

If you say the “solitary island to the west”, then was it the time when we discovered Monica’s [Hangar]? Is it a hit?

[Its location?]
[It’s to the east of Lail Kingdom, the Knight Kingdom Restia . It’s in the abandoned remains located to the south]

The Knight Kingdom Restia? If I am not mistaken, isn’t the ruler called the Knight King? Isn’t the father of that person, the former king, a gold rank adventurer like me?

I am a slightly interested in that person but, I will pass it this time . If the ruins of Babylon there are the [Warehouse], then I will be able to strengthen the Frame Gears further . Perhaps I could also make my own airplane as well . That would be nice . My personal airplane .

What should I do this time? I moved with Babylon up until now, but I don’t need to go there with everyone expressively now that I’d learned [Fly] .

I conveyed to everyone that the fifth Babylon was found, and told them I was going alone . Everyone objected at first, but due to the speed of [Fly] and the fact that only a person like me with all attributes can enter the ruins at the site, everyone reluctantly approved . However, they had made me promise to immediately call them with [Gate] once I find Babylon .

Come to think of it, I have not yet told Suu about Babylon even though she has already become one of my fiancees . I also didn’t give her the engagement ring yet . I will give the ring later, but what shall I do regarding Babylon?

Would it also be okay to tell Suu? After all, she suggested [Let’s search for the castle in the sky!] when I showed her an Anime story before . I am a little worried as well whether she will tell the Duke of Ortlinde who is her father .

When I consulted with Yumina,

[Because Suu is a smart kid, I think it should be okay about this much . However, I am a little afraid that she gets engrossed and will suggest that she also starts looking for them]

That is possible . But, how do I say it, this kid has too much action energy . There is no problem if she has the ability to go with it, but since she will act recklessly without thinking of consequences……

Un, let’s keep quiet for a little longer .

I asked everyone to take care of Sakura, opened [Gate] and transferred to the border between the Great Forest Sea and Lail Kingdom where I had fought the behemoth before .

From there I flew towards the east in one stroke with [Fly] . The wind pressure was fully blocked with [Shield], and I kept flying in high-speed .

I temporarily stopped after flying for a while and tried to display the map . I think I have already entered the Knight Kingdom though .

[Mmm… . and . A little more southeast? All right . ]

I turned off the map, and when I intended to continue flying again, something strange showed up in the corner of my view . Is that… . . a smoke?

Something is burning . Is it fire?

[Long Sense]

I increase my sight distance to verify what’s going on . It is a town . The town is burning . The people are trying to escape, and the ones protecting them are the knights with splendid armors, holding their swords and taking a stance to face the enemy who is attacking the residents .

Towards the demon who has a crystal-like body, Fureizu .

[Naa… . !]

Can I say it was fortunate? The Fureizu currently present are not of the Intermediate level . They had a small size and it was the same as the small cricket type that I came across the first time .

However, there are many of them . As far as I can see, there are almost 10 .

It has a form that resembles Beetle . Not a Japanese beetle, but more like a Hercules Beetle .

There was a person who swung his sword towards that Kabuto type . Being dressed in a silver armour, with his wavering golden hair the knighrepelled all the Fureizu using sword flash, but only caused small scratches . Furthermore, those scratches had immediately regenerated .

[Don’t hesitate! Knights, let’s buy time to let the townspeople escape! You are not allowed to take not even a step back!]

It was a girl . Looking backward, she issued commands to the nearby knights . Even though she is about the same age as me, is she perhaps the leader?

While aiming at that girl, the horn on the head of Kabuto Fureizu extended and tried to penetrate her . The female knight instantly repelled it with her sword and rolled to the side avoiding it .

Oops, it’s not the time to watch that!

I canceled Long Sense, and in one go flew with all my power towards the town