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Published at 16th of June 2019 03:13:00 PM

Chapter 100

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Josha entered the castle with red eyes, Not only the snake died, but its blood is missing .

he would demand an explanation .

Enpo just followed behind .

As josha entered the second floor he saw the bees commanders with a pale face .

"Father you are back " Sasha came as she saw Josha .

"Mm, what happened, " Josha asked .

Sasha starts telling him everything happened and how Beesara got prisoned .

"You did a good job " Josha patted her head, she stored the blood of that snake so he can complete his mission .

Beerara saw Josha and her eyes flashed with some hope .

she came to Josha and kneeled .

"You are an alchemist, Please help her " Beerara start begging Josha .

Josha frowned, why the hell he would help her again .

"I beg you," She said while She is crying .

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Josha frowned again, why the hell are you doing this . Do you want to make me look like the bad guy?

"Stop, begging your enemy is the greatest shame," Josha said trying to her .

"Please . . save her, when we asked her why she did save you then, she said that she will kill whoever talk about this again" Beerara begged again .

Josha frowned and turned to Sasha .

"Is this true?" He said using his spirit sense .

" Yes, when I found you, you were heavily injured and unconscious " Sasha replied with her sense .

" she asked me to get you in, and as I putted you in her bed, she starts healing you "

"But they don't have any medicine, then how" Josha got curious .

"She . . . She opened your mouth" Sasha's face turned ugly but she continued anyway " she put her nipple inside your mouth and fed you her honey " .

Josha face turned pale, and he was wondering why there is a honey flavor in his mouth when he woke up .

*Sigh* He is human and has some conscious .

he isn't trash who leave his back to those who helped him .

" Dry your tears" Josha stopped beerara and took a pen and paper .

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Beerara stopped as she saw Josha was drawing something .

"Go and collect these herbs fast " Josha threw the paper to her .

"huh? but why" beerara dazed .

" and I thought you are smart," Josha said with a frown .

"Thank you " Beerara understood and flew out .

"Are you really going to help her, She may beat you after she regains her health? " Sasha asked, why would you help a potential enemy .

"Well, I'm still human after all " Josha sighed, even though he saw the darkness of the cultivation realm, but he can't turn his back and become something he used to call trash .

"Human, hah, Master was right " Sasha sighed, Josha will do what he wants without thinking logically .

"Anyway congratulations on reaching the peak of celestial King " Josha start talking with her .

"I could breakthrough to the celestial emperor, but this will call my lightning trail " Sasha wanted to but she isn't ready yet to face the lightning trail .

"Well, I have a trick that can help you " Josha said .

"Really, but it's impossible to challenge the heaven " Sasha wanted to believe so .

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" Did you heard about Mangekyou Sharingan?" Josha said as he showed his Mangekyou .

Sasha amazed as she saw it .

there are two ways to awaken mangekyou Sharingan, first, you kill someone close to you, Seconde someone had already awakened it give his to you .

"plane this " Josha took two Sharingan eyes from his storage .


"Don't worry I'll do it quickly " as Josha said he quickly took her eyes off and planned these eyes .

then he channeled his Sage chi on her eyes .

Sasha opened her eyes and felt some anger that Josha did it mercilessly .

"Great, Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan " Josha praised her as he saw a flower shape in her eyes but he saw her angry face .

"Mm," She was holding her tears .

"Don't be angry, Now, the Lightning trail won't be a problem "Josha did this for her own good, but she still very young .

"But" Some tears getting out of her eyes .

"Hey you can do this now, " Josha said as he used susano .

Seeing the susano she stopped .

"Don't get sad, this is very strong defense and attack, not even the lightning can break it, try to use it now" Josha patted her head .

"I'll tell Mom when we back " Sasha harrumphed then she tried to use Susanoo .

green aura covered her and start morphing to bones making a giant skeleton, then this bones covered with some strings and morphed to upper body humanoid .

"So this is susano," Sasha said as she was trying to control it, it is so easy .

"Want to try, " Josha said .

"Mmm," She Noded .

Josha raised his arm and opened his palm he wanted to see lightning sage skill .

«lightning bolt », a lightning bolt flew out From his palm and hit toward Sasha .

Sasha covered her eyes quickly and when she opened them she saw that Susano still protecting her .

"Wow, it's really an ultimate defense "

"Now, hurry up and face your trail," Josha said and she got out quickly, now the lightning trail is no problem .

beerara came back quickly while her breaths are fast .

"Here , I got them all " beerara handed the herbs to josha .

"Good " Josha said as made an azure lightning fireball out of his hand .

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