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Published at 16th of June 2019 03:14:02 PM

Chapter 37

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"He, he, revived everyone "Nina and emperor mouthes was wide open, how did everyone back to life, seeing that every one revived the soldiers were checking their selves in disbelief didn't they just died a moment ago, the palace that was ashes turned back .

what shocked Nina most was Josha change, he got a little bit taller his hair which used to be short is tall now he is celestial King peak .

" Imperial emperor can you hear me " josha send a telepathic message .

"josha is that you " the emperor heard the sound and asked .

"listen I want you to take everyone away as far as possible "

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"you can count on me "

"And where is Princess Sarah, I don't see her anywhere "

"I sent her in mission yesterday she should be back in two hours "

"that's a relief "

"Hey, why are you asking about my daughter" did this josha did something to her .

"well as you can see, soon you will be a grandfather "

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"you . . . . just back alive and we will have a good talk " the emperor got shocked by the news and didn't want to argue with josha but this isn't the right time,

he channelled his energy to cover the palace, Nina and every soldier and flew with high speed away .

"do I know you, " josha said to Azazel with a cold face .

"you don't know?" Azazel shocked after all these years he didn't recognize him, wait he look different and younger then he smirked, this must be other time where his foe is younger .

"to you, it may be decades later, but to me, it was hundred thousand years ago " Azazel looked to the sky while remembering the battles they had .

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" in the immortal realm, I used to be overload on the sky lands, the demon race was the ruler and I was their king, but all changed " as Azazel was speaking josha realised that this one must be from other time since he didn't ascend to the immortal realm yet .

"it changed the moment you came, We had a battle that lasted for a week"

"we were fighting a glorious battle, that what I thought until, until"

"YOU SAID IT IS BORING AND IT DOESN'T WORTH YOUR TIME, AND YOU SEALED ME AWAY IN SOME DEVIL WORLD" he yelled, he thought he was facing the greatest battle in his life but then he realised that his foe was just playing with him and could beat him at any time .

" that time I only sealed you because you was no danger, but this time you are going to die, "josha said with a cold voice as he activated Amaterasu and black flames covered Azazel .

" Do you think you would seal me if you could kill me, hahahahah, today I shall get my revenge from you "he smiled as the part that was covered with black flames separated from his body and he regenerated in a second

josha in a mile second appeared next to him and held Azazil mouth

" you talk too much, shut up and fight, "he said as he threw him to a mountain

boom Azazel crushed to the mountain and made a huge hole .


" to be honest I was using less than only one% of my power, let me show you the true terror" Azazel smirked and with a wave from his hand the mountain destroyed all .

Josha still looking to him with a very cold face .

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