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Published at 16th of June 2019 03:13:48 PM

Chapter 51

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just like anime whitebeard got pierced by someone of his crew who has pink hair, then he hugged him and make him realise that was sen Goku trick and he is like his son .

. . .

"that bastard how dare he humiliates me" behind some big ship a blond giantess was remembering how josha undress her in front of the whole world just because she tried to step on him, but not only he did that, he told her to she is big girl and not to cry, he hurt her pride as elbaf warrior .

"I'll make him pay " As she finished wearing her clothes she starts walking toward the battlefield and what she saw made her mouth wide open,

the giant squad was all on the ground crushed, not only that, the cruellest admiral Akainu was kneeling down while josha was holding a lightning sword, two admirals saved akainu while josha didn't get affected by the ice .

that moment she realised he went easy on her she will make him pay, never mind, just fight the white beard pirates .

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. . .

kizaru was holding den den much As he was speaking " go ahead with the plan"

*sound of earth moving * every one turned around to see an army of people that look like Kuma, Army of pasifista leading them a fat boy .

"ah uncle we are going according to the plan " that fatty said as he ordered a pasifista called px0 to shoot light beams toward pirates which mad great explosion .

"what a power " the pirates shocked as they saw the power of one pasifista, how about the army .

"pasifista, attack"the fatty ordered, and the army start shooting like crazy, many pirates died .

Josha saw this and rejoiced, the chance to raise his reputation came .

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he held a kunai and threw it to where the pasifista were standing .

the kunai was flying with height speed and when it was between the pasifista, «flying Raijin level 2» josha transmitted instantly to that kunai .

when josha got between them he raised his hand «inferno style » ten Spears made from black flames surrounded josha and pierced through this pasifista when any black flame spear cut through a Kuma it would go to the other Kuma .

*Boom* pasifista blew one after other and none survive except the original .

that moment sen Goku felt all his plans were broken up .

" what happened "everyone questioned while looking to the explosions

in the middle of the explosions a young man was walking slowly, he was wearing a long black leather jacket under it black shirt and black pants, his hair was moving with the winds .

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" it's him, bounty hunter josha "josha was the star of the war that got everyone focus .

" I didn't see him moving at all "Kizaru and Aokiji was looking at him but when he threw that kunai he vanished .

" that brat, give him three years and he will take my title "white beard smiled and felt happy that josha was their ally .

[ding reputation points +50 . 000

+60 . 000 . 000 sp]

sen Goku got angry as held the speaker

" Forget about white beard, everyone attack josha " he gave his orders and asked everyone to attack him, and all dashed to josha

"attack me, are capable enough " josha said as he unleashed a little of his conqueror/royal haki toward the marines, he conquered thousand devil world and each time he conquers his haki got stronger, in one piece not even the red hair haki is strong like his .

everyone fell down, even those strong-willed kneeled including sen Goku and the admirals but not garb .

"he can use royal haki, he has the calcification to be a king "Marco and everyone changed their look to josha

" weird guy, thank you "Luffy from far thanked the guy who said he is here to have his fun .

. . . .

" all left now is you " josha walked slowly to the execution platform looking to the three admirals and Sengoku .

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