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Chapter 2: 2

Book 2 ch 2· Mysterious creature .

In their minds appearance of women is a very feminine thing - .

They can not wear pants higher than knees . For them it's like a person wearing only underwear walking on the streets .

Hair should be tied properly, and of course there is nothing like going out alone .

However, the boy before their eyes insist to be a woman wearing those clothes, it's strange from every point of view .

The two knights apprentices instantly blinked and looked at the mysterious creature .

Certainly, the outline of the body draws a mellow curve . The figure is also different from that of a man, it is plump and soft .

While carefully observing the girl, she was picking the hem of her clothes with look “it's 1000 yen cheap clothes anyway” .

As a result, the white neck line was shown, and the two boys diverted their eyes breathing hardly .

When they were still living in their parents’ house, they've seen mother up close and when In town they saw the ladies walking on the streets . Had a conversation with a girls around the same age, but it was the first time they met such defenceless girl .

Why was she alone in the forest, what kind of strange clothes she wears, not even one question was answered, but Winsel understanding his mistake  rushes out from dressing room dragging her with him .

Boys seemed to notice girl gasp, from Winsel forcefully taking her, timidly as if asking for help gazed in our direction . I lowered my head and closed the door of the dressing room .

In silent dressing room, two boys experiencing the same thing opened their mouths .

Because wanted to ask a lot about the mysterious creature they found .

And after all of this, it seems that the girl named Sakura started to work at a dormitory where Ruiz and Vias were living .

That day the two of them went straight from the bath to sleep, without telling about the girl to anyone else .

When they came to the cafeteria, to have breakfast, there was mysterious girl, with hair tied up, diligently washing the dishes .

Ruiz first got surprised, and realized by watching her back standing there .

In a hurry searched for Vias, but couldn't find him .

Looking around the dining room while being confused, someone was gossiping about her while whispering .

Winsel appeared in the dining room when surprised voices "Female? You kidding me" began to die out .

This is a cafeteria for boys who study as knights apprentice, and usually the teachers like Winsel are eating in another room . But why come here now?

From the early morning, the figure of the demon instructor appeared, boys who were surprised at his behavior followed him with eyes .

Everyone glanced at each other in commotion,weather someone had done something to cause this .

However, Winsel called out name


The name sounded foreign .

Boys understood that it must be the name of a strange women in the kitchen .

The girl raised her head after hearing her name . Wiping wet hands with a towel, rushed to Winsel's side .

Wenzel kept a tough face and waited for the girl to come next to him .

With light and fast footsteps, black hair bouncing fluffy .

'I wonder if it was just a matter of my crazy mind, that I felt a fancy sweet scent . '

Ruiz didn't understand himself .

Anyway, where on earth are girls like this one? She looks a bit nervous receiving curious gazes from everywhere, lowering her head .

Ruiz stared at the girl thinking that “She bows her head a lot,isn't she . ”

Now that he thinks, she really looks like a girl . Winsel overlooked the boys slowly . The backbone of boys also grows unknowingly .

“Her name is Sakura, she will be working at dormitory from today onwards .

. ” – greetings Sakura ”

” Yes,please take care of me . I will work hard from here on . “And bowed down

More noise and whisper started to rise .

The condition to work here, is to be a women more than 50 years old and having menopause . But Sakura no matter how much she looks, not ven 25 . Perhaps, even about the same age as Ruiz, about 12 or 13 years old .

Therefore, it should be impossible . But…

Ruiz could not understand why, and catched a glimpse of Sakura's eyes looking at him

Her smile looked dazzling, and Ruiz unexpectedly diverted his eyes . Finding the boy that had left his childish features in past . It was the 3rd prince of this country who is 15 years old, stretching a big smile .

Long silver hair, a proof of the royal family . It is tied with a black satin strip . He enjoyed himself looking at Sakura with those eyes . He waves his hand at her, and receiving a deep bow .

Probably, that prince must have done something already .

The prince who haven't done anything in his life, has eccentric character .

Leaving normal life here, he seemed like a selfish child who couldn't clean his room properly .

Four years have passed since Ruiz entered here, but during that time prince had made problems three times .

There is basically no difference in attitude depending on status here, but the selfish Prince sometimes exceeds the authority when being instructed by the teachers .

Ruiz thought that prince who was smiling happily right now,is definitely not a good person .

He respect him for overflowing talent, but what he was hiding under that light smile was ominous .

So Sakura started working at Ardergart dorm's . At first it felt strange that she was cooking, doing laundry, cleaning, with her small figure . Working just like any other women, and soon she became familiar with the dormitory and boys .

Within less than half a month since she came to the dormitory, the boys totally acknowledged her as a fellow or family member .

Sakura was really a strange creature . Not pretty, shy and with no manners .

Girls usually hate insects, bad with scary stories and like sweets .

Usually he didn't feel strange being asked by older woman to clean his room properly, but now the feeling is ticklish like worm chocolate .


After  about 10 months passed since Sakura started to live in a dorm, that day came . — War .

Women wept to the teachers who had a tough expression on their faces .

Sakura looked lost,her hands were shaking in fear .

I thought that her words “Do not get hurt, don't pick food” not suitable for this place, but it was a warm feeling that shook boy's hearts .

“We have to go without delay, maybe even find a brides before we come back!”

"Wh . . What?" Sakura looked puzzled at someone’s words

“You too, make a girlfriend soon!” While laughing,boys took off . In order to protect what they wanted to protect, it was a step of determination .

Boys gathered here,were given their respective roles . Third prince and the son of the Duke are excluded of their status, as expected . I could not see their figure anywhere .

However, I was certain, they are human beings who can not change,and cannot argue to their roles .

As a result, within a month, before the most boys accomplished something,war concluded .

Although most of us were asked to do chores, the boys were tired of uncomfortable and tense life, and were extremely pleased to return to the dorm .

They decided to buy something for women who had always worried for their return,for women preparing warm and delicious meals all the time .

Even though they were a small, they participated in the war, although they were just children, they earned money .

Using it that, Ruiz purchased sweet snacks that sold in stalls, beautiful candies, ice cream that smelled of roses, returned to the dormitory feeling at ease . Anticipating the reaction of aunties for their presents .

Winsel greeted them at dormitory entrance .

The demon ought to look over all of them and once they have tied their lips, he smiled for the first time .

“You have done well coming back home!”

Boys hearts got warm at that single word . Some boys actually dropped tears, and Winsel stroked their head with a bitter smile .

Although it was slightly violent, the lump in the throat also went down, to the unexpected kindness of the demon instructor .

Winsel looks at everyone like a father would .

“Now, it's meal time! I bet no one ate their full for whole month . Today it will be a lot of tasty food”

Boys got excited from his words, and sniffed the tasty smell coming from dining room .

Ruiz looked forward to meeting aunties, that were like mothers to him, and sister-like Sakura .

[TN: aaaaah! it was so cute > . > how Ruiz went to buy sweets for ladies )) I think if they work in dorm, they don’t have a lot of spare money for candies . I know how it feels when you have no money and someone give you a present! That’s just amazing feeling, and from young boy too . Shotacon translator . (>* . *)>]

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