Input Log Dates - Chapter 11

Published at 4th of May 2021 11:12:56 AM

Chapter 11: 11

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it seems that the computer is finally trying to die out on me,

just today the key board stopped working half way through code breaking causing me to lose all my progress. it s ee ms l ik e there's s till some glit ches;

i've already done 5 other logdates and each one doesn't work!

i swear if this one doesn't work i am going to go mad.

i don't even know why i bother

i'm gonna end up dying here in this stupid bunker with these stupid ,land critters who'll feast on my expired body and i'l l be fo r gotten from history.

n o one will remember poor old a3 as they la y there mo lding.

the on ly people who'll even beging to remember is this stupid fucking cio m puter!

i 've already been here for one full cyc le and i don't know wha t i'm accomplish ing by doing these damnlog dates

i just want e verying to go back to th e way they were!

i miss a4

i miss a6

i miss b eing with the other 5!even a 1


i ; m done ...

th is beetter work this time

ps: the sh ift and caps lock key is n ot working this time. and and aparently the back space at times.

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