Input Log Dates - Chapter 12

Published at 4th of May 2021 11:12:55 AM

Chapter 12: 12

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this stupid computer stopped working again

i think it's been 3 days since the last log date but i don't know!

the date opn this stupid computer began to glitch out after i went out of power

i don't know what the day it is

i don't even know what time it is!

it's not like this stupid bunk er got anything to tell me

i'm trapped in this,,, this concrete box!


i mean there's always the door...

if i go outside i'll be able to see what the time of day it is..

get some fresh air...




i'm not gonna go out

i don't want to see what's out there...

w what if i get attacked?

what if i see more corrupted?


... i swear the more time thatispend in this palce the worse i get

i swear i'm going in sane in this place.

the sooner i open this files the sooner i'll be able to get the code and figure out where the other building blocks are.

then i'll...


[email protected]@