Input Log Dates - Chapter 120

Published at 4th of May 2021 11:10:33 AM

Chapter 120: 120

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the reset is today!

i'm super excited i woke up extra early just to write this so i can tell you how excited i am!

every year we get to reset and spend the time outside talking to the other apartment members!

Mom never let's me go out but this time she said she'll actually take me.

and by actually i mean ACTUALLY ACUTALLy!

no one's supposed to be in the rooms anyway while the computer resets so she leaves me in the waste room but this time i won't need to be.

I haven't met anyone else except for uncle and i was hoping i make a new friend.

it gets really lonely down here espcially when mom is stuck on the computer.

maybe i'll even get to talk to them too!

i gotta go now but i'll update on you later

i'll tell you how it goes

bye bye!