Input Log Dates - Chapter 128

Published at 4th of May 2021 10:46:29 AM

Chapter 128: 128

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Where did mom put the food again?

i'm starting to get sick of the biscuits...

i'm even willing to eat the actual food, the rations?, again.

even if it's a weird... color.

I did i say what it tastes like? cause it doesn't taste good. At all. Its like eating waste!

i asked mom what's in it but she said she didn't know. Which is really weird! She knows everything but THAT! I remember one time when i asked her why we should eat if if we don't know what it is. She just told me i should eat it cause the 'main apartment' says so. She didn't give any bisucits that night because i didn't eat the goop!

She said it's because i was disrepecting the main apartment.

I don't know who that is. Or where it is.

She talks about that thing alot. Espically when it has to do with something i'm not supposed to do. Always saying how "the main apartment wouldn't like it."

I don't like them...

they sound like big meanies. They have so many rules that we must follow too!

anyway, i;m getting bored now so im gonna go take a nap.



ps it's gotten really quiet lately. i don't like it.