Input Log Dates - Chapter 133

Published at 4th of May 2021 10:45:47 AM

Chapter 133: 133

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There's... a picture of mom and uncle.

but they're with another person.

I don't know who he is. He doesn't look like anyone else i've seen in the photos but there's alot of him... He looks really... scary. Mom and uncle were smiling but the other guy was just staring at the camera. He wasn't like mom, he wasn't like uncle, he looked bad.

I looked at the back to see if he had a name.

all that was written was "me, bro, and A"

A? what kind of name is A?

Oh and there's something really weird that they are all doing. They were holding up different fingers. Mom with 4, uncle with 6, an... A with 1.

I dunno what that's all about...



ps, i'm wondering when i get to see me in the photos!