Input Log Dates - Chapter 141

Published at 4th of May 2021 10:45:16 AM

Chapter 141: 141

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It's really quiet.

I don't hear anything anymore.

i don't have the guts to close the door. But even then there isn't anything out there from what i know of. It's... more dirty than when i last remembered. All of this black goop is every where.

What even is this?

I tried to look for anymore food but the storage room.. It's covered by it. So i couldn't go in. I hope i can find some food soon, i'm getting really h u n g r y.

I've managed to remove the covers for my bed without touching the black stuff, so i'm just lying down on it. It's been so cold. I've been so tired and scared. I really hope this is just a dream. Do you think that if i sleep now, on my bed, that i'll wake up to mom tomorrow?

I don't like how dark it is

i don't like how quiet it is

i miss mom...

why won't the goop come off?

i'm scared.


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