Input Log Dates - Chapter 145

Published at 4th of May 2021 10:45:08 AM

Chapter 145: 145

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since i stop sleeping

i'm just gonna write whenever i go back to bed.

I'm trying to stretch my legs out and walk around the room for a bit. I don't want to forget how to walk...

So today

i'm going to go up to the door and look up and down the hallway. I... I'm tired of being sick. And waiting. I'm tired of waiting for mom to come back. So i'm going to go at least see what's at the end of the hall

wish me luck!











i ran as fast i could to the bed.

i didn't think

i didn't thin k that someone would be down the hall

they... they weren't moving

their skin was

their body

it didn't look right

they were sitting at the end of the hall

they're watching me

i haven't stopped shaking

why were they looking at the door?


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