Input Log Dates - Chapter 162

Published at 4th of May 2021 10:44:08 AM

Chapter 162: 162

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>Location: Room C2.

[sounds of ruffling before a short exhale of breath]

C2: uh... Okay hi um...

[more ruffling sounds]

C2: A1... [sighs] A1 told everyone to stop using the community notes and log dates. I don't... [laughs] I dont know why the hell they want us to do it but what can you do. It's A1. Uh....

[clicking of a keyboard is heard as C2 hums]

C2: They didn't really say anything. Most of the computers now are... um... well it's like they're in hibernation

[chuckles before sighing]

[more clicking before an audible pang indicating an unusable action on a computer.]

[more sighing]

C2: can't even see the old logs. [hums] I'm not... I'm not quite sure what to think of this to be honest. A1 said that if we need to communicate with each other then we can leave the rooms. I'm not too sure what... like I don't know what they're planning.


C2: I wonder what they saw?

>end of recording.

>recording time: 1:[email protected]@