Input Log Dates - Chapter 163

Published at 4th of May 2021 10:44:01 AM

Chapter 163: 163

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>Location: Room C3

C3: hey hey i'm C3 coming at you wi-no. That's dumb.... uh...

[sounds of shuffling]

C3: [distantly] how the hell do you use this thing....?

[more shuffling]

C3: alright... okay... uh i think that should've restarted it... [laughs] Uh hi! I'm C3 and this is my first recording. A1 sent a message to all the computers sayin something about how we're not allowed to communicate via the server anymore.


C3: to be honest i don't really care about it. Didn't really use the community logs and all that. If you want my opinion? I think it's great. That means there's a lower chance that C1 or C2 will contact me to go ahead and dispose of someon again.

[Sounds of shuffling before the voice grows distant. Presumably on the bed now]

C3: After the first outbreak shit's hit the fan. Hopefully this lil communication thing won't lead to something bad... Well i'm heading to bed. Night. C3 out.

[light snoring]

>Recording max stopped.

>Recording time: 60:[email protected]@