Input Log Dates - Chapter 17

Published at 4th of May 2021 11:12:47 AM

Chapter 17: 17

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fuck the files

i don't care anymroe

if i really am the last one here then i will put down all i remember

i bet there isn't even buildin blocks left

so why shouldicare


i don't remember muuch of the details

that was up to a1 or even a2

but all i know is there is this thing

this infection

thi s m o ld

that has been circulating for as long as i remeber

it tears and grows along the nerves inside it;s host to the point where it begins to rot their brain . the process is messy and is said to have excruiciating pain to the ppoint where people became frantic and at times manic.

i didn't think this was real until... it happend.

it started wtih the b level suddenly getting blocked from interacting with the lifts. i didn't know why a1 banned them but now i do, they were the first to get infected. i don't know how though. i thought people just don't get mold anymore. we take so much precautions to ensure that there isn't even a speck and yet...

i don't know why a1 didn't say anything about it.


hold on.

the banging is back.

i'll complete this after the bangging ends

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