Input Log Dates - Chapter 191

Published at 4th of May 2021 10:42:35 AM

Chapter 191: 191

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>location: main hallway



C2: C1? C1! Open up!

[loud banging]

C2: C1! Please! [sobs] Open the door! [intellgiable sobbing]

[door opens]

C3: ...C2? Yo C2 come on!



C2: -let me go! Let ME GO YOU-[more screaming]

C3: You have to calm down! Stop!

C2: [unintellgiable screaming]

[door opens]

C6: ...guys...? What the fuck is happening now...?

C3: thank fuck, C6 grab them. We gotta make em-

C2: NO! Don't you touch me!

[sounds of hitting]

C3: urgh-shit stop it C2!

[door opens]

C4: what is this? A get together [giggles]

C2: You!

[more shuffling]

C3: SHIT! C2 Get off of them!

[C4 laughs as C2 punches them]

C2: What did you do to him?!



[C2 yells as they're pulled away]

C6: They're fucking mental!


C2: ow! why'd you throw me?!

C3: You stay the down you chuckle fuck this is for your own good. I swear i can't tell who's the insane one here!

C6: both of them fucking are! What the fuck is this?!

C4: [laughing before they cough] the end


C6: you shut the fuck up.

C4: Can't you... ah... [groans in pain] for a goodie two shoes they pack a mean punch... [coughs] what.... what was i saying again? [wheezes]

C2: you were in the middle of-[THUD]


C3: No! you calm the fuck down! And you! As much as i despise you, there is nothing good that will come from you expiring as well. So C6, you take care of-

C6: what? FUCK that-

C3: Did I ask for your comment? No! Now go get your med kit and treat their fuckign wounds.

C6: [unintellgible grumbling] fine. Come on you sick freak.

[sounds of shuffling and c4 giggling]