Input Log Dates - Chapter 192

Published at 4th of May 2021 10:42:28 AM

Chapter 192: 192

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>location: C6 room

C6: sit down. Shut up.

[footsteps as the bed creaks]

C4: it's so dark in here.

C6: wow you just noticed? how fucking bright you are.

C4: stuck in darkness and sheltered away from the world. How do you manage?

C6: C4-

C4: It makes you wonder how much of the real world there is out there when you stew in such darkness. Do you know that you exist right now? does this moment even-

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C6: C4!-

C4: -exist? Or is this just another trick your mind's playing on you because of what you've been seeing?

C6: Shut up!

[More shuffling before sighing and footsteps]

C6: why are you doing this.

C4: what do you mean? [giggles]


C6:... that. Acting this... crazy.

C4: Crazy is a word that to some, means the end but to others the begining.

C6: urgh... why do i even bother. Hold on, move... There. Keep your head up.