Input Log Dates - Chapter 212

Published at 4th of May 2021 10:41:20 AM

Chapter 212: 212

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location: B level hallway

[loud panting and various curses is heard]

B2: [slowly starts to laugh] well ain't that a thing that happened? um?

C2: I'm sorry?

B2: What?

C2: I don't see what there is to laugh about with the matter at hand.

B2: Well aren't you the stickler.

B1: 2....

[B2 groans before sighing]

B2: yeah yeah 1. I got it. Here, let me check ya'll over.

[Sounds of shuffling]

C3: Don't-

[gulps before quiets down]

C3: don't. Don't touch them.

C4: What... What's going on?

C3: nothing C4. You're fine. She's fine.

[silence as B2 awkardly laughs]

B2: Al... Alright then. Um. Yeah! You're C6 right? Glad to see the face behind the words.

C6: yeah, [sniffs] uh huh. um.

[sounds of footsteps]

C6: pleasure seeing you in the flesh again B1.

B1: as to you C6. Let's all move away from the doors and hunker down somewhere yes?

C2: That would be advisable.

[light footsteps as a door opens]

B1: everyone file in. Let's do a recap after some rest.

>recording ends