Input Log Dates - Chapter 24

Published at 4th of May 2021 11:12:38 AM

Chapter 24: 24

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the room's completely bla ck now

it got to the li ghts

the mold's been taking over the room

i need to figure out how to get out the room now.

i've gotta

i have to

that's what got a1

the mo ld got to their room

it sealed the door

they said that touching the mold made it stick to them

that's why they couldn't be with me

they couldn't leave the room.

it ate them a l i v e

i just

i need to get the other locations first.

i'm so close

i've gotten to the logs just days before i left

no time left

i've got

i must ttl ee aa v e

[email protected]@