Input Log Dates - Chapter 242

Published at 4th of May 2021 10:39:11 AM

Chapter 242: 242

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>Server 1 is Online

>Admin B has logged on.

>Admin C has Loggded on.

B1: Oh thank fuck you're still alive C1. What the hell is going on?!

C1: Large breach. Mass scale. Can't talk long. D level is fucking gone.

B1: Shit no, was it the one they were disposing of?

C1: Maybe. Get A1. Get help.

B1: C1 what's going on?

C1: Hiding.

B1: What? From who?

C1: Preparing admin transfer. Can't talk. If

>C1 ha s logged off

B1: Shit are there infected on your level? Shit okay fine. I'll get A1.

B1: @A1 @A1 we need massive help! RIGHT NOW. A1 what do we do? The computers are down. Didn't the annoucement say somethinga bout a server breach? Fuck A1 what's happening?

B1: @A1 please respond immediately.


B1: Shit fuck. Don't tell me that it got you too. Fuck!

>B1 Has logged off.