Input Log Dates - Chapter 248

Published at 4th of May 2021 10:38:38 AM

Chapter 248: 248

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B1 has logged on.

B1: @here @here

B1: Status update. Please. Anyone.

B1: @here @here.

>C1 has logged on

B1: C1! Thank fuck!

B1: how are you?

B1: how is everything?

B1: are you safe?

B1: Do you need help?

B1: can i do anything?

C1: B1 slow it.

B1: sorry i'm fine, i'm fine! are you fine though?

C1: My level's not... Situations not the best. I'll tell you that much. Has A1 responded?

B1: no. I don't know what's going on with the As.

C1: typical. fuck.

B1: What's going on on your end C1?

C1: . . .

B1: C1?

C1: I've got this B. Go take care of yourself.

>C1 has logged off

B1: C1!

B1: damn it...

B1: @A1, come on. Where are you

B1: @A1. @A1. @A1.

B1: . . .

>B1 has logged off.