Input Log Dates - Chapter 249

Published at 4th of May 2021 10:38:36 AM

Chapter 249: 249

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Location: B2 room



B2: is this on...?


B2: fuck what is happening... I can't believe this is real...


B2: does the red light mean it's on?

[clears throat]

B2: This is B2 of Building Block O. Currently all computers are down and thus here i am... [quietly] talking to nothing.


[footsteps before the bed creaks]

[distant sigh]

B2: [distantly] that's probably not even working huh? why am i trying here anymore. It's not like... It's not like this will help us out right? Maybe 5 is right... We might be doomed.


B2: [another sigh] I just... I'll have to just keep this up. 1 needs me to keep this up. I'm sure they are bursting at the seams... I can't even get a read on 4 so who knows. But i just gotta... I just gotta keep this up un til everything is fixed. Someone needs to be strong here. Can't have everyone falling around me.

B2: I wonder how the others are doing... What is the A level doing. Are they getting these recordings? Does the Main Apartment know yet?


B2: i'm scared of what they'll do if so..

>recording end