Input Log Dates - Chapter 79

Published at 4th of May 2021 11:11:27 AM

Chapter 79: 79

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A5: What now?

A2: I... I don't know.

A5: Well don't we have something for situations like this? A protocol or even an evacuation plan?

A2: We did.

A5: and...?

A2: You read the logs. I can't move the lifts. Even if i could what good would it do. Anything below us is contaminated, the system refuses to do anything because of it. It's only a matter of time before we get infected.

A5: well can't we do anything about it?!

A2: A5, if we could then this... the lower levels... fuck everyone wold be cured. But that's not how it works A5! I-I don't know how to change the system. we'll be forced to rot and feed that mold...

A5: Hey! DOn't talk like that. It's okay we... We'll figure something out.

A5: let's just take it one step at a time. Let's try to come in contact with A4 okay? Maybe we can figure something out together

A2: [email protected]@