Input Log Dates - Chapter 86

Published at 4th of May 2021 11:11:18 AM

Chapter 86: 86

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A4: Ho w Path et ic.

A5: A4! You're alive.

A4: No Th a nk s To Yo uT wo.

A5: hey!

A4: I'm S peaking The Tr u th . A2 Is W or th le ss. A2 Do es n't Kn o w Wh a t They' reDoing.

A5: Like you know any better! A2 is the only other person besides A1 who can work the main server. We can't just throw it away because they are in a sad spell right now.

A4: Do n 't youMean Th atTheyCa an't Do Th eir Job Right? Wh y We re They Ever Ma ade As AA2

A4: Y You Shou ld've Bee n A A 2. Th at's What You Wanted R i Ght?

A5: I....

A5: A4

A5: Knock. it. off. right. [email protected]@